King of Cups

King of Cups
King of Cups

The King of Cups is the fourteenth card and is about a king but deals with emotions.  This card is a balanced card and it shows water and a scepter.

The King of Cups represents good thoughts and being mature.


The past with the King of Cups is that you will have an argument and you will refer to someone that you used to be close to, most likely a male figure.  These events that happened in your past that were traumatic will still affect you today.  You have to understand you are very mature emotionally and you think about a choice where you acted with good sense and didn’t follow your negative emotions.


The King of Cups in the present represents that you have to make had decisions in your life.  The best thing to look at is that you will make choices like an adult rather than just jump into the choices without thinking.  You can come in contact with someone that will help you and someone that will show you things.  Listen to them and pay attention to what they teach you.  Your feelings cannot control you.  Make plans that influence you externally.


The future of the King of Cups is a position that allows people to come to your rescue.  They will be a partner or a friend and will help you with all things in your life.  This will be someone that is older than you and this can give you balance and help you make good choices.


In your job, the King of Cups will be there to help you impress people.  You will impress your boss and you will do things that will please them.  You will show them who you are, and this will help them to be happy.  Take care of yourself.


In love, you will see good signs.  You will find someone new that you never expected to meet, and they will be very smart and mature.  You will look up to them and you will grow in your relationship.  The card will represent who you are and help you to make good decisions in your life.  Make a choice to do action instead of just using words.


The health of the King of Cups is a good card to pick if you want to be healthy.  If you haven’t been going to the doctor like you should, now is the time to go.  If you have a good diet and are active, good, if not then you should do these things.  If you desire things try to find balance.


The spiritual part of the King of Cups is a compassionate card.  This means that you will look at your life and see if you can balance it.  You will have a period of time that is calm and where you will be happy and content.


In the revere, the King of Cups shows emotional maturity and you can handle the situation without being greedy or ignorant.  You will have new experiences and will not hurt other feelings.  You have to control your jealousy, anger and hatred when you are around people.  Don’t be uncertain about what you feel.


  • Mature
  • Compassionate
  • Generous


The element of the King of Cups is water.

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