Ketu in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Diligently cultivating the fields of practical training, do not forget to sow them with the seeds of spirituality.This person respects and keeps the traditions of personal social ethics preserved from the past, the specific rules of moral behavior of an educated and cultured person, etc. It seems to him that it is this moment that realizes the connection of times and prevents the spiritual degradation of society, and he himself, as he or she elaborates the knots, tries to follow the established moral foundations of society, and perceives their violation very painfully. It is quite old-fashioned also in terms of the process and the means of practical training, which in the old days, he thought, was almost ideal. On the contrary, with regard to group social ethics and spiritual education, in particular, the ideal of creating “I”, the person is very modern, interested in the latest ideas and trends and is not inclined to their preliminary careful critical analysis. He is attracted by the latest psychology, especially the problem of restructuring the psyche with the expansion of consciousness, strong spiritual experiences, etc. In the inner life, development proceeds on the basis of stable programs of the subconscious, serving the processes of practical learning and social communication (here it is difficult for a person to learn new things, although some techniques that are characteristic and understandable as if from birth work perfectly), in the direction of the development of new (purely subconscious) principles of creation and mastering the ideal of ā€œIā€ and generally expanding consciousness, spiritual growth and religious perception of reality. Here a person can achieve a lot (details will show aspects of the North Node) if he is not hindered by dogmatism in methods of practical teaching and the principles of specific social interactions.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is a good position of Ketu, indicating decisiveness, a reserve of vitality, the ability to overcome the resistance of opponents. There may be a physical handicap related to the hands, the early loss of a brother, or mental concerns due to rumors or scandal. This should be a strong and courageous person, somewhat overly idealistic. Relatives help him; if other factors in the table are the same, then a fairly long life can be expected.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

The personality is remarkable, unusual, respected and admired by fellow citizens for his abilities or achievements. Problems or strife with brothers, sisters. If the III house is Gemini or Virgo, a person will lead mainly a spiritual life, far from worldly desires and concerns. He will have a deep mind, understand complex problems that seem insoluble to others. A person is strong and kind, ascetic, gifted in one form of art or another, including the art of communicating with people. Author of books. A pleasant voice.


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