Ketu in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The collective knows its members too well. This person appreciates and respects the traditional forms and types of group work left over from the past, established types of relationships in non-focused groups (circles, charitable societies, reception ceremonies, forms of group rest, holidays, etc.). In such forms of group activity, as well as traditional, historically established ideas about true friendship, he sees the connection of the social present with the past and the basis for the future development of society. On the contrary, in new social movements, he pays the most attention to those that present opportunities for personal self-expression with the help of various new roles and images of “I” that the personality is mastering. In other words, he is worried about what the new person will be like, he is looking for him in modern plays, cinema, on stage, or simply in a new fashion for clothes. In inner life, the main programs of a person’s subconsciousness are those that support his behavior within the framework of an unfocused collective, or, more broadly, within a collective, the purpose of which the person does not currently feel. The new, most actively created programs of the subconscious relate to the performance of certain roles and the creation of various self-images (details will show aspects of the North Node). Thus, a person’s development proceeds on the basis of his strong orientation towards group work, towards expanding the possibilities of personal creativity.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Classical texts point out that such a person will satisfy his ambitious aspirations, that he is kind at heart, participates in charitable activities and worries about his children. In my experience, add to this the presence of bad company, disruption of family ties, stomach and hearing problems. These people have the power to practice spiritual disciplines and influence others.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Success in business, good earnings, prosperity. Friends are strange people, or not very good relations with them. Or they constantly have to help out. The character is kind, there are many good features in him. Education, mind. If the XI house is Gemini or Virgo, life constantly opens up new favorable opportunities for a person. Friends are good, smart: a circle of people with highly scientific, humanitarian, non-traditional interests (yoga). The elder brother is a high-ranking person or a scientist who helps a lot in life.



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