Karma and miseries of men


Since ancient times an individuals experience of suffering, aversion, misery is associated with harm.  The pain has always been related to mental and physical level and often found in leading to deterioration and decay with multiple complexities.  In adverse situations time has always been a passage that led men to misery through age and morbid situations.  Ancient Vedic seers have ascribed this to fruits of Karma (resultant cycle of cause and effect).

They devised various methods to figure out the origin and causes of human miseries that are influencing invisible forces in the current life cycle and find remedial measures.  Vedic astrology is one of the time-tested tools to identify, foresee, seek relief and apprehend the misery.

Learned practitioners of Vedic astrology can trace and foresee falls and human miseries through natal horoscopy (chart based on birth data of individuals) on a timeline.  Prashna or horary, a branch of Vedic astrology that exclusively deals with questions on any subject based on the chart erected at the time of query, supported by various omens during consultation and pronouncement, directional indices of querent, flame of the lamp, breath of the astrologer and many others factors contribute in unfolding minutest details and find remedies. Prashna method or horary astrology is often employed after finding vulnerability to miseries in the nativity, on aligning with the primary natal data or is applied directly.

This branch of astrology works on the principles of predictive natal astrology, however the applications at the interpretations vary greatly, reach and identify beyond the common means and assess through the state, positions and dignity of planets by their assumed forms that relate to divine, semi-divine, demonic or evil forces and influences.

Ancient seers have categorized the misery causing agents under six heads, parted their wisdom through timeless classical texts and described as under:

  1. Afflictions due to deity, anger of devas (Benevolent supernatural beings)
  2. Evil eye or Dhristi badha
  3. Wrath of Serpents (fury of serpents)
  4. Parental, elders, preceptors & Brahmins (custodians of Dharma through self-abnegation, priests of fire)
  5. Troubles from ghosts or Preta badha (spirit of dead, departed person)
  6. Abhichara (invocation of negative energies, employing charm or spell for malevolent purposes).

Afflictions due to deity, anger of devas

One of the common causes of human miseries is caused due to afflictions due to anger of deities.  The root may have single or multiple causes that may be disrespect to deity by depriving what is due to it by way of gifts, pujas, and offerings that collectively become a debt.  The same debt is rolled down to the generations in resulting in untold misery, failure, waning of luck.

Misappropriation of any mineral wealth such as gold, silver or copper, lands, trees, plants or using the servants or animals of the temples for personal purposes tend to cause anger of the deity.  Commercial exploitations of any kind properties of the temples, occupying temple lands other than serving or assigned purposes.  The other causes include polluting, desecrating or breaking the images or statues of the temple or places of worship.

The assumption of various forms of planets and sub-planets include recognition of the deities, associated demonic or evil spirits that are controlled by these bodies, the primary recognition tool is to locate the dispositions of planets in zodiacal signs and their association through the lords of respective signs, afflictions, exaltations, debilitations and their aspects.  Understanding of various forms of planets is ascribed to the parting of ancient wisdom by various seers through celebrated classics.

Planets assume various forms in different signs as Sun takes form of Parasurama within the exalted stretch of Aries, Yakshee in Taurus, Vishnu in Gemini, Snakes in cancer, querents family deity in Leo, Avatars of Vishnu in Virgo, Bhadrakali in Libra, Lord Shiva in Scorpio, male Gandharva & Yakshi in Sagittarius, Gandharva and Yakshi in Capricorn & Pisces. Pishacha and hunters deities in Aquarius.

All the heavenly bodies represent different forms at various slots of zodiacal signs and their transit through Nakshatras (lunar asterisms) at the time of query or birth makes the representations sharper in contributions.

Following planetary states/combinations indicate afflictions due to anger of devas:

  1. Malefic in the 12th house from the lord of house of harm.
  2. Lord of harm occupying 4th house or vice versa.
  3. Lord of harm occupying the sign of lord of 4th house
  4. Presence of Sun or Moon or their conjoining the house of harm
  5. Lord of 4th house occupying the sign owned by lord of harm

Solutions in dealing with anger of God or devatas is through a complex and time consuming exercise, that requires multiple applications and in-depth analysis of all the disposed planets and their direct and indirect influences on other bodies.  Specific remedies are to be chosen based on identifying the transit and disposition of angered divine force after identifying its presumed form. The solutions include gifting of idol, mantras, worship, construction/restoration/renovation of the temple, feeding or presenting of oil, gifts, clothes, remedial offerings, performance of divine dances, oblations, invocations, ritual offerings and dedications (tarpana) and music/devotional songs.  In addition to any of the single primary solution a supplementary pacification measure needs be followed

The secondary measure includes worship of deity, distribution of rice & water to poor, illumination and fire sacrifice, undertaking festivals and performing ceremonial dances, feeding of Brahmins and offering ornaments, free feeding people and in some cases undertaking feeding of the socially deprived classes.  This additional pacification measure needs to be followed upon identification of the lord of the sign in which the angered divine force is posited at the time of Prashna.

Evil eye or Dhristi badha

The troubles that originate from the evil eye or dhristi badha have origin in the wrath of Rudra (fierce and destructive form of Shiva, commonly associated wind or storm and hunt) that caused 26 spirits comprising of 18 mahagrahas (great spirits) and 8 laghu grahas (light spirits). These are further categorized as aggressive and passive and distinguished for three different motives in attacking the victims.

Ancient Vedic treatises have indicated that the types of people that are vulnerable and their places of attacks.  Men in disappointment, sick, unclean, over joyful, attractive, mentally weak, lone wonderers in night, fearful, exhausted and fatigued by sexual indulgence, ruined in wealth and deserted class are easily susceptible to these spirits.

Women anointed with perfumes and oils, in confinement, engaged in sexual union for the first time in puberty, under influence of intoxication, physically exposed, in pregnancy, lonely women in streets – specially at the intersections of highways, during menstrual cycles, engaged in immoral acts, highly sensual and fatigued by acts of sex are prone to fall prey to these spirits.

Usually these spirits attack men and women in caves, spots of amusements, rocky regions, hill tops, forests, gardens, summits of mountains, banks of rivers, sides of wells, river confluences, whirls, cowsheds, vacant houses, isolated places, cremation grounds, ruined temples, near treasure troves, outskirts of villages, at the places of worship of female deities, palatial mansions and places where people engage into acts of sex.

The motives of attacking persons are to (1) to consume oblations (bali), (2) to enjoy (kama), and indulge in sex and mediums of intoxications and  (3) to destroy (hanthu) the victim through driving the soul by causing death by employing various means, such as causing accidents, death through self inflicted injury, suicide, provoking others in violence and getting killed in the act.

All the planets and sub-planets are allied to these spirits through governance and give a clear reference to its association with specific spirit in Prashna chart at the time of query.  It helps in finding the cause, place of attack. For instance, Venus is associated with Yakshee, Matrus and nagas.  Likewise, all the 26 spirits are associated with all the recognized heavenly bodies.

Following planetary states/combinations indicate evil eye or dhristi badha:

  1. Lagna or lord of Lagna is aspected by lord of House of harm, in addition to this aspects of Saturn and Mars should also be considered.
  2. Lord of 7th house is occupying the house of harm or its conjoining the lord of house of harm, or mutual aspects.
  3. Lagna is occupied by malefic and Saturn occupies 7th house while Moon is under malefic aspect.
  4. Lagna is in a movable sign with a malefic while Mars is in the 7th house.
  5. Association of lord of house of harm with lords of 6th or 8th houses.

Persons affected by evil eye or Dhristi badha are easily identified through clear change in the their behavioral patterns. Such changes vary greatly depending upon the influencing spirits, a few of them relate to sudden over indulgence in sex, alcohol & drug abuse, death wish or attempting to injure self, increase in appetite – especially desire to consume meat, turning violent or exhibiting provocative nature, increase of activity during nighttime.

Bathing and anointing body with scented perfumes many a times in day, extreme fondness for flowers and perfumes, hating Brahmins and divine scriptures, laughing and weeping alternately for no reason, talking much without any purpose or on any specific subject, men getting irritated with women, terrifying animals, mocking at physicians, remains in addiction of sweets & curds, climbing hills or trees, aping others, incoherent in speech, collecting white garlands, flowers or wearing white robes, plunging into deep waters, jumping off trees, hillocks, jumping into fire.

A stronger beneficial planetary transit or change in major periods (of planets) regulates the victim in overruling the evil effects.  Wearing specific gemstones in order to bring strong counteracting planetary vibrations and worship of specific deity (based on the Prashna chart) are of greater help in getting rid of ill effects.

Wrath of Serpents

Innumerable ancient texts have explained the effects of wrath of serpents in systematic destruction of wealth and problems related to progeny, blindness, health and sufferings through generations and various life cycles.  Scriptures mention of Nagas divided into 4 classes as heavenly, divine, earthly and hidden and are assigned different functions in guarding palaces, bringing rainfall, draining rivers or guarding treasures.

Wrath or curse of serpents comes in many ways in killing or destroying the eggs of serpents, felling or setting fire of trees near their dwelling places, breaking their anthills, blocking their regular paths by engaging in construction for human dwelling or any other purposes.

Following planetary states/combinations indicate wrath/fury of serpents:

  1. Disposition of Jupiter as lord of house of harm in 6th ,8th or 12th house while these houses happen to be kendras of Rahu or of Gulika.
  2. Rahu occupying the house of harm, if the association is further linked to Sun then the cause is divine serpents, moon indicates the reverse.
  3. Conjoining of Rahu and Mandi or Rahus occupation of 5th, 7th or 9th house from Mandi.
  4. Mars occupying kendras of Rahu.
  5. Conjoining of Gulika and Saturn, or Gulika singularly occupying kendras of Rahu.

Remedies for fury of serpents should carefully be made based on various observations.  Sarpa bali, installation of image of respective Sarpa devata, dedication of Chitra kuta stone, conducting Sarpa samskara or tarpana over the dwelling places of serpents, arranging devotional music, singing and dancing, planting of trees, offering /or installations of images of snakes made of gold, silver, copper are a few remedial measures in overcoming the afflictions of wrath of serpents.

Parental, elders, preceptors & Brahmins curses

Harassing parents and elders by way of physical assault, threatening, abuse and mental torture when alive and not performing annual ceremonies for the deceased can result as their curse.  Parental, preceptors, elders and Brahmins curse makes one remain without a male issue and its effects can also influence next birth cycle, obstructs prolongation of the lineage of the family, especially when the men remain in the state of power and wealth.

Following planetary states/combinations indicate curses of Parents, elders, preceptors and Brahmins:

  1. Lord of 6th house in 9th house or lord of 9th house in 12th house
  2. Sun and Moon occupying the 6th house or conjoining 6th lord.
  3. Sun or Moon occupying the house of harm in the sign or navamsa of Mars.
  4. Malefic presence in Leo or Cancer, being the sign having located in unfavorable position from lagna.
  5. Evil planets occupying the house of harm in association with Jupiter or in the sign owned by him.
  6. If the house of harm happens to be Leo or Cancer and subsequently Sun or Moon occupying these signs or having the presence of Mars therein.

Corrective measures include performing annual ceremonies for the dead and seeking reconciliation and pardon if parents, elders, preceptors or Brahmins  are alive.

Troubles from ghosts or Preta badha

Men and women who died without their wishes fulfilled wander in the world and haunt the living. Spirits of pregnant women (owing to the omission of ceremonies while formation of the embryo) are known to cause havoc as they operate with multiple magnitude of maleficent impact. Similarly, persons died in violent accidents, suicide, and capital punishment through improper funeral rites haunt the living.

These spirits are often localized or hover around the vicinity at the place of their death or stay closest in the secluded area, abandoned homes and in certain trees. These spirits attack and possess certain vulnerable class of people and bring sickness, depression, cause change in behavioral pattern, death of the children in the family, miscarriages of pregnancies, bring ruin and poverty.

Following planetary states/combinations indicate troubles from ghosts or preta badha

  1. Gulika occupying the house of harm.
  2. Gulika occupying the sign or Navamsa of Mars or being associated or aspected by him.
  3. Gulika being associated with Saturn or Rahu by way of aspects or conjoining.
  4. Gulika being associated with 4th house or its lord.

Gulika in the Prashna chart plays major role in understanding the cause, time  and place of death of spirit.  Various planetary combinations reveal whether the spirit is of someone within the family or foreign.  Caste, age and sex can also be ascertained with careful analysis of the sign in which Gulika is posited, its amsa and by association with other planets in the chart. Remedial measures include Kshetra pindas, tilavahana followed by feeding of Brahmins.


All miseries that are listed above are caused due to known or unknown involvement of the affected individual himself, whereas Abhichara is a left hand path practice under Vamachara (Tantric in orientation) that is caused by the humanly acts directed by enemies.  This involves invocation of negative energies, employing charm or spell for malevolent purposes.  This practice can inflict harm in two passages known as Maha abhichara and Kshudra abhichara.

Maha abhichara is route to attack and destroy the victim causing imbalance in Tridoshas (combination of three basic principles of energy, or biological humor, that comprise life), thus affecting the health and bringing death. Khshudra abhichara is to cause exile, dissentions, ruin, lunacy and death of victim.

Following planetary states/combinations indicate Abhichara

  1. Aspect of lord of house of harm on 6th house or vice-versa.
  2. Conjoining or interchanging of lords of house of harm and 6th house.
  3. Lords of 6th house or house of harm occupying their own houses.

Position of Mercury and strength of 6th & 8th lords need to be assessed to distinguish type of spell (Maha abhichara or Khshudra abhichara) used on the victim. Caste, physical stature of the enemy, whereabouts, and details on his accomplice can be found through the chart. Motive of the enemy, relationship with the victim, placement and form of the Kshudra (incanted articles) can also be known through minute observations involving Rahu, Ketu, Gulika, Mandi and Saturn by their occupied signs and positions.

Counteracting the ill effects of the mantric machinations involves calculations to locate the zodiac sign or spot that receives aspect of any of the 7 planets.  The spot is found by adding longitudes of lords of lagna and 6th house. In case if the resultant spot/sign does not get any aspects then 10th house from Arudha lagna should be marked to check the aspects or associations.

Corrective measures involve performing suitable homa (offerings into a consecrated fire) such as Aghora Rudra Bali (Sun), Kapala homa (Moon), Bhuta marana/Khangaravna/Krittika Bali (Mars), Charka homa (Mercury), Prathikarabali (Jupiter, Saturn), Bhuta marina bali (Venus).  The choice of offering is made after determining the planet that influences the spot by aspect.