Jupiter – Uranus conjunction


(Natal. Jupiter → Natal. Uranus)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Propensity to take risks, adventures; adventure; haste; Sudden, impulsive, abrupt changes; intransigence, opposition, confrontation; radical decisions leading to major changes; excessive love of freedom. The positive side is the struggle for independence, freedom, independence, justice. Jupiter in harmonious aspects and conjunction with Uranus Foresight and intuition are the properties of these planets. Foresight reaching clairvoyance, a prophetic gift; broad, intuitive mind; humanity, generosity, justice. Striving for freedom, foreign relations, contacts, travel, business contacts with foreigners. Abilities for science, philosophy. The negative side is a lot of independence.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Provides extraordinary opportunities for development. They receive income from the introduction of new methods, support from an unexpected side, often from strangers. They often go on a trip unexpectedly. The possibility of education, profit in scientific fields is open to them. Interest in new progressive or occult forms of faith, the power of positive thinking, yoga, astrology. They do not really like traditional forms of doing business, they act at their own discretion, differing in originality and ingenuity. Generous to friends. They incite others to disobey. In politics, they stand for reforms, new political views, against traditional forms of behavior.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of Jupiter: Standing on the shoulders of giants, make sure they don’t slouch over. At a low level, conjunction with Jupiter gives the Planet a keen sense of its own worth. A person sincerely thinks that all his manifestations in the relevant areas are extremely important and significant; here he has tremendous opportunities, and everyone, realizing this, should help him and serve him disinterestedly. Indeed, this aspect potentially gives a large expansion of the principle of the Planet and at times luck not deserved by personal efforts (especially with a strong Jupiter), for example, high patronage. The danger here lies in the fact that a person is inclined to perceive these possibilities as given, as if it could not be otherwise, and in the purely egoistic aspect of joyful consumption; elaboration consists in realizing their responsibility for any Jupiterian gifts and opportunities as group values, and their most effective and creative distribution. The conjunction of Jupiter means an intense invitation to the egregor, and a person (karmically) must not only consume the gifts, but also enter the egregor and do the necessary work with it (or in it), or give the opened channel to a suitable person. For example, the conjunction of Jupiter with Mars means that a person will have a lot of energy coming from a wide variety of sources, but also a strong temptation to spend it chaotically, thoughtlessly and ineffectively, although he himself will subconsciously believe for a long time that any of his active actions are flawless and brings grace in its purest form. At a high level of elaboration, this person opens high energy and spiritual channels to others (in general, the conjunction of Jupiter is an aspect of the preacher). The conjunction of Uranus: The greatness of what he has done is such that it can only fit into mania. This is not an easy aspect, because in the spheres ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Uranus, a person, whether he wants it or not, from time to time becomes the guinea pig of the Absolute, whose paths are inscrutable, especially at the beginning. In general, this is a very strong aspect, and if a person manages to adapt to the rhythm of fate in the areas controlled by the Planet, and learns to read or at least pay attention to the signs of karma sent to him, he will not only save himself (and others) from many troubles, but also will show an extremely unconventional vision of the world, and, perhaps, almost brilliant ideas will visit him. Unfortunately, he will most likely greatly exaggerate their value: these diamonds need to be cut, after which a diamond of much lighter weight remains. If the connection is severely affected, then the load on the Planet may turn out to be unbearable for a person, and in the corresponding areas it will be difficult for him to remain in a socially acceptable space, i.e. many of his ideas and actions will be completely incomprehensible to other people, and the shadow of a psychiatric hospital will rise over the person … You need to learn to ground your fantasies and smooth out acute states, for which it is good to load the harmonious aspects of the Planet or its dispositor, and, as usual, the study of Saturn and the development of respect for external reality (study of the X house), as well as a sense of humor (study of Chiron ). With harmonious aspects to the Planet, this connection is most dangerous for those around, especially for those who activate the Planet; at the same time, it is with them and for them that his unexpected ingenuity, flashes of ideas and energy are manifested.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Extraordinary development opportunities. Income from the introduction of new methods; support from an unexpected side, often from strangers. Unexpected trips. Interest in occult sciences, yoga, astrology. Generous to friends. They incite others to disobey. They stand for reforms, new political views.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: the desire for change, etc. through this – the attainment of power. With a favorable mutual influence, such a combination provides a means by which a person will preserve and strengthen his independence, and at the same time dictates unconventional patterns of behavior. In case of negative influence, a person considers himself to be the “navel of the earth” and expects to be worshiped as God.


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