Jupiter – Pluto conjunction


(Natal. Jupiter → Natal. Pluto)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Foresight and enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, expanding personal horizons, excellent business qualities, ability to organize, manage; popularity, success, the ability to win sympathy, the ability to subordinate and command; the ability to rule; aspect of wealth. The negative side – in the absence of spirituality – the desire for personal enrichment. Jupiter conjunct and tense aspects with Pluto. Power, authoritarianism, self-assertion, adventurism, tendency to illegal or illegal actions; danger of loss of reputation; struggle for power and popularity. The positive side is the ability to fight and win, to achieve success; authority, respect, strength, power, energy.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Determination, ability to achieve common human goals. Very high concentration, can cope with a high level of consciousness. They practice yoga, meditation, healing, clairvoyance, and prophecies. But with what result – the aspects to the connection and the general horoscope will say. The possibility of spiritual regeneration, develops the qualities of leaders. Good for judges, for those who need to figure out the motives of people’s behavior.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of Jupiter: Standing on the shoulders of giants, make sure they don’t slouch over. At a low level, conjunction with Jupiter gives the Planet a keen sense of its own worth. A person sincerely thinks that all his manifestations in the relevant areas are extremely important and significant; here he has tremendous opportunities, and everyone, realizing this, should help him and serve him disinterestedly. Indeed, this aspect potentially gives a large expansion of the principle of the Planet and at times luck not deserved by personal efforts (especially with a strong Jupiter), for example, high patronage. The danger here lies in the fact that a person is inclined to perceive these possibilities as given, as if it could not be otherwise, and in the purely egoistic aspect of joyful consumption; elaboration consists in realizing their responsibility for any Jupiterian gifts and opportunities as group values, and their most effective and creative distribution. The conjunction of Jupiter means an intense invitation to the egregor, and a person (karmically) must not only consume the gifts, but also enter the egregor and do the necessary work with it (or in it), or give the opened channel to a suitable person. For example, the conjunction of Jupiter with Mars means that a person will have a lot of energy coming from a wide variety of sources, but also a strong temptation to spend it chaotically, thoughtlessly and ineffectively, although he himself will subconsciously believe for a long time that any of his active actions are flawless and brings grace in its purest form. At a high level of elaboration, this person opens high energy and spiritual channels to others (in general, the conjunction of Jupiter is an aspect of the preacher). Pluto’s conjunction: In pursuit of a person, rock does not set itself the task of catching up with him. In the spheres ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Pluto, a person will feel the breath of fate; with a strong energy, this breath is felt by those around him, especially those who activate the Planet. The meaning of this fate is to cleanse and renew the principle of the Planet in the form as it materializes in the fate of a person, which is determined not only by the rolling card, but also by the person’s personal choices during life. At a low level, it will seem to a person that in the spheres ruled by the Planet, he seems to be guarded by misfortunes and irrecoverable losses, and here he really should develop humility and learn to work on the higher vibrations of the corresponding currents, otherwise the most unpleasant consequences can await him (with a harmonious Planet and the map as a whole, they often overtake not him, but his immediate environment). The peculiarity of working out the conjunction with Pluto is that Pluto never believes that a person is sufficiently pure, and in the spheres of life where the principle of the Planet is active, a person will feel it well. Elaboration here is expressed in the change of tools that Pluto uses: a trash can and a tank, a broom and a scoop, or a brush and tissue paper. At a high level, this aspect gives a deep penetration into the existential problems of the house, where the connection stands, as well as the spheres ruled by the Planet, the ability to very finely work out its principle and the ability to solve large karmic problems in the corresponding areas with minor influences.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Determination, great concentration of will, loyalty to universal human ideals. They practice yoga, meditation, medicine. With what result – other aspects and the general horoscope will say. Good for judges, in general for those who have to guess the motives of people’s behavior.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: the combination of the incompatible – the Olympian god and the god from the underworld, which can coexist only for the sake of striving to achieve absolute power and become the “supreme judge”. At the same time, if necessary, he will subordinate the world around him to the imperious hand of the sole ruler. In some cases, a person may think of himself as the bearer of “inevitable justice.”



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