Jupiter in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Deep love for philosophy, religion, higher education, a strict moral code and philosophical principles by which they build their lives. They are addicted to any modification of thought, including law, religion, philosophy and higher education, good teachers, work successfully in universities. People are tolerant and sincere. The work is related to publishing, reports, teaching, travel. You are very inquisitive and very interested in distant lands and a way of life and thinking that is different from yours. You have a strong desire to travel around the world, to see and feel it – and the more, the better. Also you are very interested in studying philosophy or religion. You thrive on your connection to other cultures – vastly distant, either geographically or ideologically.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives almost unlimited possibilities of knowledge. The person has strong abstract thinking. He is able to cover many problems with his mind’s eye, draw conclusions, extract morality, process large layers of experience, find a place for each thing. Easily gains credibility due to its foresight. Intense travel for. border. A person shows love for other cultures, literature. He is very religious and has the gift of persuasion. Missionary. Leader in science and art. Teacher, priest.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The ideal of humility transcends the essence of elitism. Jupiter is the symbolic ruler of the 9th house. This person wants to do a lot in life; at a low level, however, these actions are thought of mainly as consumption, for example, the attitude “it is impossible to sleep with all women, but you should strive for this” (under Jupiter in the 9th house in Scorpio). Here abundance is often the ideal, but the ideal of “I” in relation to a person is indulgent and kind, and an abundance of demands on oneself is characteristic only with a significant study of Jupiter in the 9th house. At the middle level, the ideal “I” expects a large number of deeds and accomplishments from a person (which exactly, aspects of the IX house will show), but each specific failure or failure is met with rather condescending, which should not be abused. With the afflicted Jupiter, spiritual arrogance is possible, when a person apparently demands a lot from himself, and despises others for the weakness of their ideals and a low spiritual level in general. There are many spiritual teachers, they teach different philosophies and comprehensively expand a person’s consciousness, which he really likes, and spiritually teach others even more. There are really great potential opportunities here, but they need to be realized by constant work, penetrating deeply into foreign cultures and mastering other philosophical and religious-philosophical pictures of the world; however, the temptation to be superficial and to replace interest with curiosity remains for a long time, and it will be difficult for a person to explain why this is bad. A great love of travel to distant countries, with a strong Jupiter, it may be an important part of human life.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This position of Jupiter indicates an astute and principled person, educated in the fields of law or religion, traveling overseas and getting the opportunity to preach what he has learned (or she has learned). These people are financially wealthy and have students or children. They are truthful and can become influential teachers or be an example to society.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

With good aspects – trips to distant countries, broad education, foresight, the gift of prophecy (forecast). With the bad – fanaticism, narrow-mindedness.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conceptual structures. Jupiter’s position in the 9th house suggests that you learn and teach with equal enthusiasm, often combining both in a lively dialogue. You see other people’s thoughts as deposits that need to be exploited, as you realize that everyone knows something of value. You are progressive, but you are acting in the mainstream of tradition, and from time to time you are captured by mental clichés. Philosophy, ethics, religion or legislation are synthesized in the process of an incessant search for the ideal generalization. You throw new ideas into the kettle where the mental soup is brewed to experience how the flavor will change. Unfortunately, some people are unable to appreciate your treatment of their knowledge, acquired by sweat and blood, as with semi-finished products for your mental kitchen, and as a result they may be offended by you. You are the chef of the mind, but before plunging headlong into the preparation of your own “culinary masterpiece”, appreciate the dish that each person offers you. Fight with pomp and avoid the pitfalls of the battle for justice or mental superiority. The challenge is to humbly admit that the source of wisdom is life, not knowing everything about everything. A cultural perspective. Travel in any form is a pleasure. You use every opportunity to expand your cultural knowledge. You want to contemplate the development of the world, captured in the history of its regions, you very deeply feel the influence of group consciousness, exerted anywhere in the world. Finding a universal trace of culture wherever a person has ever set foot will delight you. You feel most at home when you study, and you learn best while exploring the world. You notice the guiding principles in every event, in every kind of life experience. Thus, the whole world is a classroom for you. And as a result, any learning is just a stimulator of the work of your fruitful mind. You can be a farmer or a professor, but regardless of your social role, at heart you are an intellectual, a philosopher by nature; your training will take place no matter where you are or what you do. Learning is your greatest pleasure, your most natural means of expression, so indulge yourself. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn. The search for truth. You love to talk about the truth, philosophize, build one hypothesis after another, and move from scanty information to the most extensive generalizations. In fact, it is these generalizations that suit you best. You are majestic in communicating the truth to people. But the question arises: do you at least understand what you are reporting? Don’t be fooled by the trap of brisk wisdom. The fact that you are able to convince others does not guarantee your true maturity. Eloquence is not the same as a “golden” mind or heart. You have a gift. Don’t overuse it. Don’t get hung up on mundane things. The challenge is to become sophisticated and refined. Truth is the end product of evolution, an ideal society. In your ideal society everything would be allowed, nothing would be prohibited, except, of course, pessimism. Each person would be self-confident and interested in sharing their optimism with other people who would have the quality of all-round receptivity. An atmosphere of honesty and decency would prevail in business and politics. Limited, narrow views would not count towards broader visions. Everyone would have to respect the ideological views of other people without conflicting with them. As the ruler of the world, you would be like the philosopher / king of Plato, wielding wisdom that is the product of perfect insight.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Loyal, patient, ambitious, keenly interested in religion and philosophy, loves living abroad, has great relationships with foreigners and is always eager to travel. He tries to get a higher education by all means. Shows great aptitude for languages, literature and publishing, gravitates towards teaching and oratory. The negative sides of nature are arrogance, arrogance, narcissism. Shows deepest interest in metaphysics, cultural history and philosophical concepts. He builds his whole life in strict accordance with the chosen moral code. He studies with interest any mental constructions from the field of law and the humanities, successfully works in universities and private schools. He strives to accumulate as much knowledge as possible, and only when the planet is defeated does he have no opportunities for this due to laziness and indiscipline. Often such people become ministers of social security, or hold important positions in the church hierarchy. They are very soulful and emotionally warm, but the tendency to extremes in the choice of worldview positions makes them narrow-minded and limited. Great intuition, foresight, success and honor in charitable and missionary work. Frequent prophetic dreams, interest in international life. Calm and optimistic character. Such people love to speculate about higher knowledge and often imagine themselves to be its owners. They are genuinely loyal to the idea and can be fortunate as artists, scientists, judges, priests, and public relations specialists. Their marriage is usually beneficial and auspicious. In ancient times, this aspect was associated with “the favor of the gods and kings.” With the wrong use of energies, they are prone to living beyond their means, claims exceeding all possibilities, non-repayment of loans, insolence in business and failures in contacts. These people are always frank and condescending, they are distinguished by a philosophical mindset and a wonderful ability to navigate the future. They are prone to strong spiritual expansion, healing and occultism. They rarely lose, as they intensely anticipate the future.



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