Jupiter in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

As a child, a person received too much attention and got used to permissiveness. With age, he gets painful life experience. It is necessary to overcome unnecessary pride and not to expose yourself too almighty, because this attracts consumers, sycophants and bribes as partners. You need to be very careful in getting tangible expressions of appreciation. Life is often worn out. Benefits through inheritance, insurance, general finance. Inclination to work for a funeral supplies firm, on the tax board as financial intermediaries. You succeed in dealing with other people’s money or property – either if your job is involved, or if you receive funds from a marriage or business partner. Inheritance (material or psychological) from a marriage or other close partnership will greatly benefit you.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Man seeks to change the cultural environment; serves as a catalyst for new trends in culture. Inclined to mysticism, occultism, draws knowledge from secret (esoteric), hidden sources. Often receives large sums of money in the form of wills or public funds. If “everything is fine” in the 7th house, then the person has a rich spouse. Affected Jupiter – the loss of a mother or a break with her (Any patron is in danger). Danger from foreigners, from large animals (horses, bulls, tigers). Situations conducive to self-transformation are the process of acquiring knowledge, philosophical disputes, staying abroad, any encounter with a foreign culture. This position of the planet in the chart is found among astrologers, among people associated with practical magic, occultism.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Doom has wide edges. With the harmonious aspects of Jupiter, significant changes in the life of this person (marriage, steps in a professional and social career) will be furnished with fate with great pomp, velvet tablecloths and timpani. In general, this position of Jupiter means that death in one egregor (VIII house) is always birth in another (also VIII house), which joyfully meets and invites (Jupiter). Even with the struck Jupiter, a person may well be guided by the proverb “there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped”, if, of course, his pride would allow him to such a passive view of fate. The fact is that in this case a person will have a strong temptation to consider himself as the main and only lord of his (and someone else’s) karma, especially in acute and borderline situations and situations, when unexpected opportunities and abilities will really open up. It is necessary, however, to understand that they are the essence of the manifestation of the opening channels into new egregors, and not his personal happiness and property, and are intended not so much for him as for others who are in a difficult situation and need his help. Psychological crises are often associated with the problem of exaggerated self-esteem and increased demands for the world and one’s destiny. It is necessary to understand that the soul is never guilty before a person, although sometimes it goes into difficult trials in this incarnation, but only he himself can be guilty before her, and guess what exactly. This person is a natural informal leader, usually fits well into the team and can adjust its ethics, naturally expanding the capabilities of the team, for which he is highly respected. With a strong Jupiter, speculations with respect and power are possible, which, if defeated, can end in a loud fall to the very bottom, where, however, a person will not stay long. Such people are always needed, especially when creating new teams and in times of crises. This person will have an intuitive understanding of how widely magic has launched its hands into human affairs, and if he wants, he can deal with any of its sections, at a high level – its philosophy, capabilities and fundamental limitations.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This position usually indicates who is in a subordinate position. The life of such people will be long, and death will be peaceful and calm. There is a stain on their reputation, the character can be pretentious or insincere. Marriage may lack stability and are prone to liver disease or undiagnosed disease.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Benefits through inheritance, insurance. When Jupiter is struck – legal disputes. With a slight defeat – a quiet natural death.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Union. The position of Jupiter in the 8th house suggests that you have many opportunities to gain the personal appreciation generated in partnerships. You can achieve union with almost every person, because internally you are open to this state. Contacts can often be ephemeral, but they are powerful nonetheless, and you must allow yourself the luxury of absorbing self-esteem in every interaction. The trap is the inability to develop a deeper intimate relationship with the person. The challenge is to realize that the world is your shell. Transformation. You strive for development and change with an enthusiasm that is unmatched by the symbolism of any planet in the 8th house. However, there are traps here too. You may be overwhelmed by a simplistic view of change: the more, the better. Since you, in essence, are not the owner, you do not consider it necessary to sacrifice anything. Since you are not “attached” to anything, why should you give up on something? Oh, it isn’t. What you need to give up is your pride. Ego death means exactly this to you: the sacrifice of excessive pride. The challenge is to choose true humility over false pride and not feed your ego behind a falsely humble mask. The liberation achieved in sexual union seems to be the most natural process in the world. You achieve it effortlessly because your sensitivity to the virtue of sexual relations is strong and well developed. Any sexual contact should captivate and captivate you even more. If this does not happen, then you become bored with your loved one, you turn into a disinterested observer, and soon you start looking for more exciting sexual relationships. There are two traps. First, you can place high demands on sexual relations that are difficult for your partners to achieve, and as a result, they may recoil from you. Secondly, you really want to be free, and you are able to get rid of your loved one, striving for intense intimacy. Don’t get loose too quickly; this will sacrifice transformative efforts. The challenge is to let the experience of fusion provide you with real wisdom. Undoubtedly, you treat sexual relations with healthy curiosity and pleasant surprise, unless otherwise indicated. Focused intuition. Your intuitive radar covers the entire space at once. You scan it looking for something interesting; your psychic sensitivity extends far beyond the narrow limits of what you extract in another person. You may be fascinated by the meaning of messages coming from outside of human space, but you need to distinguish between true messages and occult nonsense. The trap is squandering resources, believing that only your intuitive vision can point you to the “right” solution to problems. Do not dismiss a specific job; all-round dependence on your premonitions can fail in a critical situation. The challenge is to use your intuitive radar to get in touch with your higher self, reflected in other people and carrying your true wisdom. Shared property. Your attitude to wealth is opportunistic. You cannot meet too many people or have too many friends if you want to be rich. The trap is missing out on some opportunities just because they require you to work hard. Why make an effort when interaction, communication with people is much more entertaining? Remember, favorable plans and inexhaustible wealth are two different things. The challenge is to develop a truly philanthropic attitude towards your wealth-related connections. The world is truly your “shell”, but remember to dig up the garden every time you harvest. This “taxation” keeps you happy and the happiness of the world.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is skillful with money and always has a lot of favorable opportunities. He is adept at handling other people’s funds through banking, accounting, or management. His life is duty, and death is calm. He forms a correct and calm attitude to life and death. Money comes to him from a partner or by inheritance. He is highly emotional and characterized by strong sexual instincts. The misuse of energies makes him wasteful, disrespectful of other people and prone to forming erroneous conclusions. The main benefit comes through inheritance, insurance, and corporate finance investments. Legal disputes related to taxes and inheritance division are possible. Often such people become financial intermediaries. They show interest in the afterlife, and therefore are able to communicate with the dead in a mediumistic way. They have been successful in investigating occult problems. They rarely have nightmares, more often dreams are of rainbow shades. They firmly believe in the truthfulness of prophetic dreams and all kinds of signs and foresight. The premature loss of relatives and friends is possible, and in case of severe damage to the planet, confiscation of property or the short life of children. Often such people are accompanied by success in pursuing esotericism and astrology.