Jupiter in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Creativity in art, education, sports and everything related to children. Their children are usually lucky, they are promoted to honor and recognition. Interest in philosophy and religion, establish themselves in school and graduate. Their affairs are often related to the stock exchange, deposits, education, art, entertainment. You are a merry fellow and a gambler, throwing yourself into the game with joyous selflessness. Whatever is causing your love or enthusiasm at the moment, you are ready to give up everything else for it. You love sports, recreation, gambling and can treat life like entertainment. Your children or creative pursuits bring you a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

If there are children, then the relationship with them is stable. A person has great abilities for advertising, self-realization in the field of arts. This is a man of big heart. Passion for grandiose entertainment, extravaganzas, mysteries. He loves large productions, large forms (for example, opera and ballet, not chamber art). Tends to be unbridled in love. For men, this position of the planet is a sign of Don Juanism (if the rest of the map does not contradict).

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Maecenas. This person seems larger and fatter. He is impressed by the role of Santa Claus bringing gifts to children. And in his life there will be many opportunities to be generous and to make others happy; the question is, will he want to play a similar role: in addition to elementary envy (why them, and not me), he, especially with the defeat of Jupiter, can be tormented by arrogance: who are they to give them gifts? This position of Jupiter gives the greatness of the role (and wealth) in comparison with the personality, which at a low level a person is completely unable to survive and decisively identifies his images intended for others with himself personally. Jupiter gives a sense of belonging, and a kind of constant invitation to play a significant role in any situation, for example, a wedding general. But one must work on this role and, being in it, give, not take, which is the meaning of this position of Jupiter in the house. With harmonious aspects, this person is loved, he can (if he wants to) decorate any society and fall in love with anyone, than he is inclined to abuse. The tense aspects of Jupiter place high demands on the environment: it must be respectful, attentive, and applaud or faint with delight all the time. The elaboration consists in transferring the exactingness to others to the images of “I”, their careful finishing and preparation in relation to each specific case. This position of Jupiter potentially gives a lot of sublime feelings, thoughts, Divine love and indulgence, which a person should not take personally, but, if possible, broadcast to the world.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is a godly and fortunate attitude. These people make good teachers and counselors. Prone to prayer. They can make good investments. Few children are to be expected. Good fame accompanies them; they have great personal charm.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Labor and ability in the field of art, teaching, sports. Propensity to work with young people. With a calm Jupiter – happiness in love; with a bad one – the nature of a gambler, loss in love, in the game, in financial enterprises.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conscious person. The position of Jupiter in the 5th house suggests that you seek to project outward an aura of cheerful generosity, good-natured optimism, social aplomb and, most of all, naturally wise mind. As in the case of Mercury, thinking is emphasized here, but it is less pedantic, less verbal, and more generalized, focused on figurative understanding. As in the case of Venus, there is social grace and natural tact, but these qualities are less peaceful and more enthusiasticly expressive. You have a keen sense of what appropriate social behavior should be, and you also enjoy magnificent social rituals. The trap is overconfidence – not going into detail about your style of acting, but relying on your talent to take you out. The task is to fully use your charisma, which, it seems, was given to you from birth: romance, giving love. Your courtship rituals are smoother and smoother than other people’s. You don’t feel the risk of rejection very clearly, as if your confidence is as strong as a concrete wall. Your love is extravagant, you are just swimming in a sea of romance. Love is the experience of many, the experience of “we”. The trap is the separation of performance and reality; although outwardly love relationships develop easily, sometimes you promise more than you actually do. The challenge is to let love flow out of you, let it flourish in the outer world of personal relationships. The creation of love is a natural, free act of self-expression, an opportunity to express oneself outside. Love play pleases you, you look forward to it and anticipate the physical sensations that it gives you. You are somewhat indiscriminate in the choice of partners, because you are more interested in the pleasure obtained from courtship than in the reaction of a loved one. The trap of this good-natured relationship is that you can take a lot for granted in the way you supposedly accept your love, while the challenge is to comprehensively “exploit” every opportunity to express your sexual creativity, create a fun performance. Jupiter is a symbol of expansion, and here he symbolizes expanded expression, increasing in size and more and more dramatizing every creative action. You are probably not very satisfied with one or two creative actions. The options for synthesizing old forms into something original in this case are so numerous that you, perhaps, will casually, at an amateur level, be superficially interested in a variety of areas of creativity, grabbing it from here, and this from there, sometimes creating a completely new category of artistic expression. A trap is a useless extravagance, while a task is a deliberate, purposeful drama. You are a born team player, a person who is able to fully integrate into the group and eventually become its captain. You value any socially usable aesthetic form, but in the art world you are more of a commentator than a participant. A powerful premonition of good luck pervades the symbolism of this position. You are confident in victory, and this belief, thanks to subtle intuitive factors, often bears fruit – you get to the right place at the right time, but it can lead you to fall if you rely too often on Lady Luck, not paying attention to details. not working with them. The challenge is to use your natural talents to gracefully triumph by describing to other people how amazing life’s gambling can be, and in the process strengthening self-confidence and social position.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person loves everything grand and everything creative. His interests are extremely versatile and varied. He adores sports and children, acquires many love relationships, is successful in financial transactions, and is successful in gambling. He may have a large family and many children, which will lead him to indescribable delight. Lucky as a teacher, publisher and entertainer. When energy is used negatively, it becomes extremely bold, overly sensitive and overly restless. She loves to create in art and innovate in education. She has a special inclination towards young people, and therefore often becomes a school teacher or curator for minors. His children are lucky, they can rise to honor and recognition. The person performs well in school and receives a good higher education. Communication with a wealthy and well-arranged partner in life is not excluded. Love is more likely to bring happiness than disappointment. Loves entertainment, loves art, willingly deals with the stock exchange and deposits. The defeat of the planet threatens speculation failure and ruinous investment failure. Sometimes such a person takes on too much and as a result is left penniless. Decent and obedient children help such a parent and comfort him in every way. Usually such people become successful investors and gambling financiers. They gravitate towards meeting professionals and establishing relationships with wholesalers. Their character is sociable, and their demeanors evoke sympathy from others. These are born businessmen with a penchant for adventurism. Gambling accompanies every step of such a person. Success always finds him unexpectedly. Recognition in a high official position is possible, luck in administration and diplomatic work is not excluded. Such a person will almost certainly acquire a hobby. He tends to marry for love. Despite his adventurous character and some recklessness, he clearly controls everything that happens around him, since a lot of things fit into his field of attention.


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