Jupiter in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Optimism and intelligence. Striving to gain broad knowledge in the field of religion, philosophy, education, publication, communication, travel. Rather conservative thinking, traditional attitude to the existing culture, love of travel, interest in social problems and religious forms of written and oral communication. You love to learn and have an active, impatient, insatiable mind that encourages you to travel and explore the world – the more the better. Your reading range is wide and you can excel in your studies. You can be in a teacher-student relationship and can stay in school for many years, continuing to study as much as possible. You connect easily and could be a good, inspired teacher. Activities in any area of public relations, including networking and dissemination of information, are also very suitable for you.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

There are many sources of information, and if the planet is not affected, the information is reliable. The problem is its excess. If Jupiter is harmonious, then the person is well versed in the incoming information, chooses the most valuable. The growth of consciousness in everyday communication. A person has a large selection of means of communication, especially long-distance. Foreign correspondence. Lots of short trips. Meeting with a teacher can be life-changing for him. Brother, sister, neighbors provide moral and material support. Abilities for languages, for pedagogy (popularization of knowledge).

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A good practical teacher is a gift from God, commensurate with His requirement to learn conscientiously for himself. Jupiter in the 3rd house in a symbolic confinement. This person has many acquaintances, and people often fall in love with him at first sight, even from a distance (for example, through a TV screen). Here, confinement is expressed in excessive abundance in any situations of the third house, whether it be social contacts, study or relations with relatives, which does not allow concentrating on anything specific and carefully working out. A person is always invited to visit, or they themselves constantly come to him, but the interactions are superficial and often do not bring satisfaction, although with sextile to the II house there will be many opportunities to make money, in any case, to effectively participate in the exchange of goods. Social ethics, until it is worked out, is lame and gravitates towards the principles “who are lucky is right”, and also “it is better to be healthy and rich than poor and sick.” Working out makes it possible to bring happiness and open up new opportunities to the entire social environment; without it, especially with harmonious aspects, the temptation to concentrate happiness and new opportunities on oneself remains. The defeat of Jupiter gives abstract social complexes, especially the Napoleonic one: the feeling that all people (according to my common genius) owe something to me, but for some reason do not want to give. A person is drawn to learning, he is interested in a lot, and there are excellent general abilities (it is still preferable to rely on the teaching style determined by the position of Jupiter in the sign). The figure of the teacher is very important, he is perceived as an ideal that came down almost from heaven, or as a benefactor who opens new paths to life. This places great responsibility on the teacher and opens up unlimited possibilities for subsequent claims and reproaches, the true meaning of which is the projection onto the teacher of one’s guilt for carelessness and superficiality in teaching. The teacher’s image will fluctuate between the practical and the spiritual, and this can only be sorted out with age. Students love teachers with Jupiter in the III house for the breadth of their souls and knowledge and usually forgive them excessive narcissism, which, nevertheless, should be got rid of. Here God and the devil are very close in the soul, and you need to carefully distinguish between them.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These are people of a philosophical nature; they may be highly intelligent. However, few are able to establish good relationships with others. They can be gifted writers, have a good marriage partner, ability in the field of jurisprudence, maintain acquaintances in high strata of society. Their relatives are kind to them. Classical texts point out that these people can be caustic, impractical and ungrateful.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Optimism, intelligence. Striving to gain broad knowledge; thinking is rather conservative, the attitude to the existing culture is traditional. Good analysts, critics, political commentators. With bad aspects – excessive gullibility, although for the most part without serious consequences.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. Jupiter’s position in the 3rd house shows that environmental stimuli and movement in it are natural and easy to digest. You really want to enter a social environment, to join teams or groups. You get great pleasure from the work of your nervous system and similar pleasure from it. comprehensive exploration of any environment. The expansion of perception, which Mars is so persistently occupied with, is so natural here that it happens almost imperceptibly. If Mars is like a sports car with a rigid suspension, then Jupiter is more like a luxury car, just as fast, but with better suspension. As a result, the speed often grows imperceptibly and detailed information is often lost. The task is to notice everything, to assimilate everything without losing anything. Concrete thinking. Your rational mind is sanguine and expansive. It weaves individual strands of information into a new and more comprehensive whole. This emphasizes the creation of a pattern, which sometimes becomes more important than information components. Striving to achieve a single overarching vision can lead to disregard for the rules of logic, and sometimes even to their complete disregard. So the trap is to see the forest where there are only a few lonely trees. The challenge is to have your brain create a new whole from a huge amount of data, but make sure that the creation of this integrity is driven by logic, and not by the desire to simplify understanding. Curiosity. Your curiosity takes the form of wanting to know everything. The good thing in this case is that any thing that interests you will be considered from various angles, for every answer generates new questions. It’s not very good that you can forget what you are researching. The goal is to share your research with others so that they can take advantage of your findings. Socialization is one of the most important consequences of primary education. The child has the necessary temperament, which gives him the opportunity to learn how to successfully interact with people in groups. If this learning is encouraged, the child will acquire the skills of sufficiently skillful expression of the natural feeling of goodwill and, thus, he will be more willingly accepted into the world of social interactions. Perhaps the learning process at all stages of life will be easy enough; mastering concrete thinking will go hand in hand with confidence and aplomb, or worse, there will be a tendency to speak too loosely, not caring about social consequences. Often you talk about the general, about categories or principles, and not about something specific. This position is characterized by the scope of the energy of Mars, which is not directed anywhere, although the speech is often loud, but it is diffused, and not purposeful. A born politician, you are able to talk about your worries in any situation, and on occasion you may want to do just that. Truth is important, but you are well aware that it can be presented in different ways, and in the end you will try to try all the ways to present it.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person does well in literary, communication and educational activities. He is quick-witted and carefree, practical and reasonable, distinguished by the lofty ideals and developed intuition. He is in excellent relations with relatives and receives a lot thanks to the fact that he disinterestedly distributes everything he needs to others. Anxiety and mobility of the mind prevent him from doing routine work. When the planet is defeated, talkativeness, fussiness and a tendency to go to extremes develop. Optimism is combined with intellectuality, a desire is expressed to obtain the most widespread knowledge in the field of religion, philosophy, education, communication, travel and publications. Thinking is very conservative, the existing culture is perceived from traditional positions. Often such a person is forced to be on the road for a long time. Such a person shows a pronounced interest in social issues and written monuments of spiritual literature. An excellent analyst, sensitive socio-political commentator. Relationships with relatives are balanced if the planet is not affected. Development of excessive gullibility and carelessness is dangerous. With severe aspects, the risk of accidents increases. The mind is philosophical, refined, bright and full of compassion. The individual is kind, thoughtful, fair, tactful, sincere, confident, polite, sociable and reasonable. Accuracy and responsibility in handling correspondence, publications and exchange of opinions are noted. Enviable thoroughness and grace are shown in speech and writing. Can adapt to the conventions of generally accepted ideas prevailing in society. Income can be obtained from journalistic and literary activities, from travel and teaching. Sometimes such people become impractical idealists, mindless autotolsters, or dependents of their own relatives. Usually such a person is well-mannered and receives an excellent education. He enjoys material well-being, which is guaranteed by his generous relatives.



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