Jupiter in the 2nd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Efficiency, striving for development, which would lead to earning money and acquiring property. Often on business, these people are associated with land holdings, food, hospitals, psychology, education, fundraising, travel and publications. Wealth, material well-being, well-being are very important to you, and you will never choose a profession that would not be promising and would not give you opportunities for growth (including financial). You are very generous and sometimes careless with money; You do not cling to them, but want to spend in pleasure to make your life rich. Everything that concerns money, you do by and large – whether you earn it, spend it or waste it; You can collect beautiful, valuable items (art, jewelry, etc.).

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

It is important for a person that the things he has purchased are expensive, durable, so that they are valued in society and can be boasted of. He gives preference to things of foreign production – “imported is always better.” Dimensions are especially important. Doesn’t trade for little things. He will choose the largest and most expensive car out of three. The problem: how to dispose of a large amount of funds, where to spend (including life energy). It is important to find channels for energy drainage. Usually high social status of parents (if Jupiter is not affected), good home education.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The self-esteem of a Christmas turkey is much higher than that of her friends. In general, Jupiter gives an expansion of the spectrum of manifestations of the house in which he stands. In this case, this means a large number of various manifestations of the external world, which in general, if there is no strong defeat of Jupiter, treats a person favorably and is inclined to bring gifts; a person will at times have a lot of money, or at least ways to make money, but he is inclined to spend it just as widely. It is natural for him to live in luxury, but (especially when working out) it is also natural to work, enriching and decorating his world. This person is inclined to look at various manifestations of the external world broadly, especially those that do not greatly affect him personally (it should be noted that this is a rather rare feature); his general ethics are usually consistent with the social, and it is difficult to expect non-standard values from him (unless, of course, Chiron or Uranus is in the II house). This person appreciates abundance, generosity, does not like poverty and squalor – at the level at which he is, and in accordance with the sign where Jupiter stands (and II house). For example, with Jupiter in an air sign, a person appreciates the wealth and feast of thought, in the water sign – emotions and experiences, in the earthly – things and practical achievements. With the harmonious aspects of Jupiter, a person is constantly lucky, the environment is favorable and generous. In case of defeat, it is also lucky, but all the time it is somehow wrong, and the balance between man and the environment is greatly disturbed, there is a risk of becoming a parasite or due to excessive external pride, conceit and devote his life exclusively to superficial self-affirmation at the expense of others.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

The owners of such an arrangement can make money thanks to their knowledge. They have a good marriage partner to help them through difficult times. They are talkative, it is difficult for them to control their language. They are prone to prayer, can interpret books on law or philosophy, and usually enjoy the joys of family life.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Efficiency, ability to make money, wealth. With a strong defeat by Neptune, money immediately disappears. Often on business, these people are associated with land, food, hospitals, teaching, publishing, or travel. With bad aspects – the desire to take for granted and take on too much, hence the debt.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-esteem. Jupiter’s position in the 2nd house indicates that self-judgment is associated with optimism and social success. Optimism reinforces positive well-being. The more opportunities for social expression you use, the better your life. However, exaggerated self-esteem leads to frustration, because the challenge is not just to feel good, but to turn the ease of social contact into real, earthly gain. Lady Luck is always with you, but you do not need to get attached to her and depend on her whims. Property here becomes an arena of opportunity. You receive gifts, but they are unlikely to be the result of “lucky destiny”. They come to you thanks to your well-developed intuition and equally well-developed social relationships. You need to take advantage of social relationships to acquire property and be generous with personal property. Do not hold on to it, do not cling to it, because the challenge is to understand the fundamental truth of the old adage: “What comes easily is easy and is gone.” Money. The accumulation of money is associated with a positive attitude and the wide development of skills and abilities of life in society. These qualities should be freely used and not restrict the growth of your social position, increase the possibilities of self-expression in the social spheres of collective life and work. The trap consists in squandering personal funds, resting in a deep sleep on laurels or hoping that fate will give you an inexhaustible waterfall of money. Objective -: to create a continuously expanding network-like basis of interactions by constantly investing in society funds coming to you. In the case of the position of Jupiter in the 2nd house, as in the case of Mercury, one can speak of a mental orientation in work. However, mentality is different in that it is essentially conceptual rather than analytic; knowing the whole state of affairs is more important than solving specific problems. As with Venus, there is a tendency to follow the path of least resistance when solving problems. This position of the planet is great for working in networks that have a network structure, because you have an inclination towards social types of work and surpass other people in motivation, organizational and management skills. The task is to avoid obstacles like water. Do not allow yourself to get bogged down in a swamp or to be blocked by a dam, for the psychological feeling of free movement is decisive for you. Whistle as you work Sensuality. Your sensory experience is all-encompassing and deep. Touch is seen as a way to connect with other people, and the resulting enjoyment is clear evidence of your involvement in social work together. You feel lightness and ease, naturalness in handling your body. This can lead to a passion for athleticism; movement can bring you refined joy. There is a predisposition, as is the case for Venus or the Moon, for eating fine food for purely sensual pleasure, and respect for social rituals of gourmet or food history. You do not miss a single physical stimulus for pleasure, for in this case the moral limits are very weak, but this can lead to the trap of falling into extremes and an unhealthy tendency to use your body to take advantage of other people. The task is to fully find out about all the ways of self-expression that contact can reveal, but to do it in such a way as to ennoble oneself.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person succeeds in solving financial issues, since he is able to do a lot from almost nothing. Aspect favors any professional activity, especially if it is related to banking, travel, trade, import-export operations and insurance. The people around him consider this person attractive and sweet, a kind of innate optimist. When the planet is defeated, he turns out to be unnecessarily wasteful and can get into financial difficulties due to the wrong attitude to money. Busyly striving for development, providing great earnings and increasing property. Often, the work of such a person is associated with land tenure, food production, educational psychology, travel, publications and fundraising. The dangerous thing is that he takes a lot for granted, and therefore tends to take on unnecessary responsibility. The affairs of such a person are full of unforeseen expenses, and therefore he should not go into debt. The chances of financial success and wealth growth are great. Can successfully cooperate with the government and initiate large commercial projects. Earning is possible while working in the field of law, education, literature, science, banking and religion. The aspect favors the accumulation of property and the growth of wealth, contributing to happiness and good luck in money matters. There is a desire for luxury, sincere friendliness and a desire to treat everyone in a good way. When the planet is defeated, you have to work hard in order to take a proper position in society. There is a tendency to engage in economics and financial transactions. Often such people turn out to be the owners of a good voice. It is very dangerous for them to try to earn money by dishonest means, especially when the planet is defeated.


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