Jupiter in the 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Optimism, sociability, love for the bright sides of life. They are honest, trusting, affable and supportive, therefore they are popular and loved. They usually graduate to arm themselves for their tasks. Providence always saves them, often at the very last moment. They always have clear religious and moral convictions. You have an optimistic outlook on life, and you give the impression of being cheerful, confident and broad. You strive to support and help people, and your generosity and lack of pettiness makes a very good impression. You consider yourself lucky and, perhaps, feel that in any situation you can get out of the water and avoid negative consequences. You are prone to excessiveness and you lack a sense of proportion, and sometimes caution.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person sees many possibilities around. From his point of view, everything is developing for the better, progressing. Great optimist. This leads to carelessness, to a too complacent mood, trustfulness, lack of criticality and self-criticism. He finds meaning in everything, considers himself a mentor and really sees further than others. Patronizing manners, feels superior to the environment. Exerts pressure on others, proving his right of primacy. He radiates strength, enthusiasm, love, he himself requires love and admiration, he is susceptible to flattery. As a rule, they are tall, overweight, and have large facial features.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A kindly condescending monarch ascends the throne. This position of Jupiter gives general indulgence, breadth of soul and excellent conceit, especially if Jupiter is not severely affected; in the latter case, it will be hypertrophied. A person will have a variety of interests, including those in other cultures. Aptitude for foreign languages is likely, especially if Jupiter is in an air or water sign. In general, religion, culture, philosophical generalizations will attract a person, he will want to master them; perhaps he will insert foreign words or quotations from various authors into his speech. Most likely, it will be interesting with him, at least in the first phase of acquaintance, and love at first (or second) sight will occur in his life more often than it should be according to statistics. It is easy for this person to adapt in any place and society; as a rule, he is welcome everywhere (with a strong defeat of Jupiter for a short time), which can lead to the surface and a tendency to lick off the most accessible layer of information and energy from any situation, and then move on to the next. Karmically, this position means the need for a lot of work to expand the capabilities of the individual and the position of gatekeeper or herald of egregor or several, successively replaced during life. Working out gives a person from whom there is a flow of grace in all directions, but everyone thinks that it is addressed to him personally; however, jealousy usually does not arise.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These are courageous, healthy people; they live long, beautiful themselves. They are good teachers, philosophers and parents. Usually they have strong religious inclinations, they know the scriptures and laws. May have employees or followers. They are tall or full.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Optimism, sociability, friendliness, cheerfulness. Over the years – “a professor’s appearance”. With good aspects – a leading position in the humanitarian field (science, teaching). Providence always saves them, sometimes even at the very last moment. With the strong position of Jupiter with the aspects of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – prophecies regarding the future of humanity. With bad aspects – a tendency to be overweight, effeminate, an exaggerated opinion of oneself.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-expression. The position of Jupiter in the 1st house indicates the latitude, the feeling of “enormity” of the natural manifestation of personality. You are sociable and generous in spontaneous expression, hiding almost nothing and increasing in size almost everything. The breadth of expression can be combined with depth or simply extravagant; Oftentimes, you fall into the trap of exaggeration. You are very social in nature and use almost all situations of self-expression in a group. You feel more comfortable when you are near the audience; they increase the natural vitality of your expression. Often times, you will find yourself projecting a positive self-image onto others, even when your inner world is in a state of depression or when you are in a pessimistic mood. Challenge – Let your personality cultivate optimism. Natural personality. Jupiter’s position in the 1st house is characterized by ease of expression. The face in this case is intelligent, positive and generally victorious, although defiant posing and calculating opportunism can sometimes cloud the image. Your name-label says: “I am social and friendly, open and honest and very wise. Trust and believe me, even if I exaggerate my own importance. ”Self-awareness. You become aware of your inner self, radiating generosity, social conscience and a positive, philosophical view of the world. You are best aware of yourself in a social or group setting, but even when you are alone, you often “pretend” to be in the presence of other people. This behavior is like preparing behind the scenes of a stage, rehearsing your role, because this process creates your self-awareness. You probably spend a lot of time researching the public sector, and as you embrace the diversity of philosophies, your self-awareness grows. It doesn’t require you to work almost on schedule on wise texts, just let it happen. Enthusiasm and light, iridescent perception of the processes taking place in society connect your inner and outer worlds. Inhibitions, restrictions or pessimism disconnect these worlds, and inflated ego and lighthearted exaggeration blur the border between the worlds, the result is missed opportunities and unfulfilled promises. Other people tend to trust you; do not destroy their trust. The task is to radiate cheerfulness and fantastic social consciousness, without pretending to anything. Let your prospects unfold naturally, naturally; do not distort them. Life. If Jupiter is in the 1st house, then all vitality indicators are positive; you have a large, regenerative vitality, but there is a marked tendency to seek unnecessary pleasure and a specific tendency to obesity, as well as vulnerability of the regulators of body growth. An extremely important and sensitive organ is the liver. As in the case of Venus, you must be mindful of moderation in everything, however, most of all in life you want to receive extensive stimulation; so vast that nothing could extinguish it.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is a lighthearted, optimistic person with a broad outlook on life and adoring travel and nature. His kind and clear character attracts others who are always ready to offer him their help. He is logical, quick-witted, witty, loves sports in which he can achieve remarkable results. Has good manners and amazing vitality. This is a very executive and obliging person, who does not want to cause trouble for anyone. With the wrong use of energies, indulgence of one’s own weaknesses, impatience, a tendency to excessive pleasures, laziness, wastefulness and excessive completeness are manifested. This person is very sociable and joyful, he always pays attention to the best sides of life. He is very popular in wide circles and is loved by many because of his honesty and gullibility, friendliness and benevolence. His self-confidence inspires confidence in those around him. Over the years, he becomes stout and visible, acquires a reputation as an authority figure, reaches the pinnacle in religious and philosophical research, plays a leadership role in the humanities and tends to occupy important positions in universities. Such a person strives to obtain higher education in order to arm himself with everything necessary to solve his problems. In life, as a rule, he is lucky, as if the gods favor him. Even at the very last moment, but fate turns to him a bright side. He is distinguished by clear religious and moral convictions. A harmonious planet testifies to the gift of prophecy and the ability for spiritual leadership. The misuse of energy leads to a pampered luxury life and an exaggerated self-image. There is a tendency to exaggerate and promise more than can be fulfilled. He is a cheerful, noble, loyal, fair and reasonable person, always hoping for the best. He is majestic, sincere, humane, courteous and friendly. Possesses pleasant manners and involuntarily inspires others to sympathize with him. Usually his life is very happy. He is endowed with administrative skills and is able to take leading positions in the fields of politics, business and pedagogy. Holds with dignity, inclined to reasoning and broad views of things. He is distinguished by self-control, decisiveness and conviction in his own rightness. Can be lucky as a banker, doctor, judge, theologian, lawyer, or high-ranking government official. When the planet is defeated, he is inclined to take positions of a subordinate character – from an office clerk to a cashier in a store. He is distinguished by free-thinking, honesty, the ability to secretly help others and a sincere desire for fame and honor. The growth of his well-being is practically steady, he acquires a large number of children and many good friends. Likes to be friends with priests and legislators. His optimism is almost always justified. The defeat of the planet is fraught with hypocrisy, failure, poor health, he is fenced off from family life and passion for pleasure. Such a person has a developed sense of self-esteem and a wonderful sense of self. His cheerful disposition and bright mind contributes to successful spiritual expansion and expansion of the spiritual horizon. He tirelessly develops as a person, acquiring more and more spiritual and material values. His life is full of many happy accidents. Reason and judgment are fused together and constitute inherent wisdom from birth. The character is merciful, sympathetic and kind.



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