Jupiter in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Interest in experiences in the spiritual realm. With the help of prayer and meditation, they try to get to the bottom of the truth. Deep empathy with those in need. Helping people brings them satisfaction. They often work in large hospitals, nerve clinics, universities, churches, preferring to act in secret. You are attracted to community service, service. You donate your time and energy to charities or to ministry and assistance to those who are somehow disadvantaged. Your generosity and unselfishness will bring you and other people a lot of good.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– speaks of a person’s ability to complete a job, to give a meaningful ending to any activity. If the planet is well aspected, social obligations are honorable, associated with charity, gratuitous gifts, then a person fulfills them with dignity. If Jupiter is spawned, then the obligations are too heavy and it is impossible to fulfill them – this is one of the factors of severe punishment. A person is disturbed by the inadequate assessment of his achievements by those around him, he unconsciously begs for praise, hides his ambition. It seems to him that he is underestimated. If Jupiter is very strong and overwhelmed, the person thinks he is being overrated. As a mental illness – megalomania. In a past life, he lost his privileges. Self-analysis is facilitated by contacts with foreign cultures and cultural values. Alone, it expands consciousness. A sick conscience. Moralizing.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Hangover in someone else’s feast. Jupiter in the XII house is a symbolic ruler. This person is in a very peculiar position: he can benefit others, help people and generally please the world, only being in a (psychological) prison, not participating in the general joy. It is not that the world is grateful to him for his self-sacrifice, but expressions of gratitude do not reach the person or do not please him, in a strange way, his vanity hardly even tickles. At a low level, a person does not understand what a disinterested service or help is, and regularly finds himself in the position of an unfair, out-sided fate, but generously rewarded with human ingratitude, which leads to self-isolation and general anger. The study goes along the path of overcoming false self-sufficiency, pride and arrogance, and selfless help to people, opening new ways and opportunities for them. This will be especially needed by various unfortunate, rejected, seriously ill and infirm. On the path of such charity, which at first will give a person very few personal joys, except for a general feeling of correctness and the proper breadth of his activities, he will gradually learn to perceive the help of the Absolute, which will first touch his wards (which should not be envied) and then himself, opening a person has channels of creativity and wide paths of internal development, and then external activity, but the latter will be insignificant in comparison with the work that a person does in an invisible way to others, in particular, directly in the egregor. At a high level, a strong flow of grace goes through this person, they will confess to him, even if he is not an official servant of the church. His mercy and compassion will have no boundaries, and his prayers will always reach the Lord.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This disposition gives the person dissatisfaction with their financial situation. Indicates burdensome responsibilities towards children, interest in spiritual learning, love of privacy, and excitement in secrecy from others. These people perform pious deeds, especially in the last stage of life, which ensures a good future birth for them; but they are not necessarily strict in their religious behavior. By their mindset, they may be prone to expressing dissatisfaction.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

They often work in hospitals, charities; churches, monasteries, cooperate with the clergy: helping people brings them satisfaction. With good aspects – the gift of making friends out of enemies. With bad ones, they themselves become “clients” of charitable organizations, friends, etc.: they are warmed up out of pity. With a good Jupiter, in difficult times, they receive the support they deserve from previous deeds.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. Fantasy means freedom, liberation from the shackles of personality. It is also the road to wisdom and truth. Trap – your dreams may not be implemented into reality, remain a source of illusory optimism, while your real life will be plunged into darkness. The challenge is to see in imagination how people’s lives can evolve, and then work on introducing the necessary and useful fantasy into everyday life. Defocused intuition. Intuition works through conceptual thinking. You see patterns of thinking, giant puzzles, described by a single formula. The streams flowing through the collective imagination of humanity appear before you in the form of pure ideas or laws of life. The more people you interact with, the more you connect to the intuitive channel. Outsiders activate new channels of understanding, open up new ways of seeing life for you. New social structures fuel your enthusiasm. Visit the ruins of ancient cultures Feel the presence of civilization. However, avoid the trap of oversimplifying reality and presenting it as a set of moral rules. Remember, life is more than philosophy. The task is to let the higher forces guide the development of your knowledge. Elimination or solitude. You can live a fabulous life, but nonetheless, you need privacy to keep in touch with it. Solitude is essential to rejuvenate your interactions with people and life. The topic of religion is very important to you, and you are able to dive deeply into the study of spiritual issues. The trap lies in leaving the unreal world of ideals and desires. You are able to exhaust yourself with thoughts of how wonderful life could be, without doing anything to rearrange it, imagining more about yourself than accepting yourself as you are. The challenge is to use loneliness to get in touch with the most amazing aspects of life and, having renewed faith, return to the world ready to improve life. In a sense, each of us is imprisoned in the human ego; we are the concentration of life energy in a temporary container. You are more susceptible to constipation of your cell than other people. Offering help without relying on profit allows you to feel the transparency of this cell. The trap lies in helping groundlessly, in offering the leftovers of modern philosophy without any pragmatic assistance. At times, you are very opportunistic in providing help, only offering it when it is convenient for you to help. The goal is to demonstrate your faith in other people and effectively convey the idea that there are no insoluble problems. In past lives, you may not have fully understood the essence of social interactions, and this powerful pattern has been carried over into this life. Perhaps in past incarnations you made promises, entered into agreements, but did not treat them with respect. You benefited from other people, or they exploited you. Now you need to learn how to communicate so that no one is offended. There are also incarnational patterns for abstract thinking. Misperceptions of the teachings have made you mentally eccentric. As a result, you could become a spiritual seeker looking for the manifestation of the divine in miracles. You need to understand how to implement this experience, test it in the harsh conditions of life. Harmonize hopes and dreams with more stringent pragmatic requirements. Let your idealism shine, but do not forget the Hindu admonition: “If you see a guru walking on the road, kill him, because he is not a guru.”

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is constantly under excellent protection, as if guarded by a guardian angel. He is kind and hospitable, loves to provide anonymous services and covert beneficence to others. Strives to be needed, knows how to get out of any unpleasant situation. Always ready to help others. He is deeply dependent on other people. Success comes to him in adulthood. Aspect is conducive to poetry, dance, research, medicine, acting, and public affairs. With the wrong use of energies, an excessive tendency to pleasure, suspiciousness and fussiness are manifested. Such a person shows a pronounced interest in psychic experiments. He is mystical and intuitive. Through meditative self-knowledge in solitude, he seeks to get to the bottom of the truth. Likes to donate to those in need. Deeply empathizes with the suffering. Helping people brings him deep satisfaction. He prefers to work in large hospitals, neurological hospitals, church institutions and universities, and always acts behind the scenes, away from the eyes of others. Has the ability to turn enemies into friends. Frank, sincere and humble. When the planet is defeated, neurotic tendencies, idealistic daydreaming and a martyrdom complex are noted. With negative character development, such a person is prone to parasitism. Often falls under the care of charitable and religious organizations. When the planet is defeated, he likes to go into the world of dreams, does not know a sense of responsibility. Not capable of productive creative work. Such people take ancient wisdom and esoteric teachings very seriously. They excel in chemistry and occultism. They prefer a secluded environment, close proximity to nature and frequent contact with animals. Friends tend to support them quietly, as if gradually. These people are very attractive and often longevity. Often they meet in the most wonderful way with benefactors, sponsors, patrons of the arts. They can succeed in the secret, secret service. Often they immerse themselves in the study of philosophical and religious problems, deal with the problems of education. They are often interested in literature, music and ballet, tend to research the mechanisms of secret politics and culture of other countries.



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