Jupiter in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Achieve goals through friendships and group activities. You have many friends who are generous and helpful. You are lucky in working with teams, organizations – those who share your ideals. You will achieve more if you join forces with others – in clubs, public organizations or associations. Social improvement or helping your community is very important to you.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives the strength of faith in a better life. People with this position of Jupiter are the pillars of public opinion, the renovators of culture. They pin great social hopes on their children, have an intellectual connection with them. V man’s strong generous patron friends. His idea of an ideal society is complete abundance, the flourishing of culture, all cultural institutions, the victory of good and justice. Great opportunities in forecasting. If Jupiter is unaffected, then the forecast is correct.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

If there are no problems or grief with friends, then they simply do not exist. This person in the group attracts attention; sometimes it even seems that he takes up twice as much space as the average member of the team. With Jupiter slightly affected, this person is a common hope: he always manages to find a way out of a difficult situation within the group, new ways of its expansion, sources of income, internal strength and enthusiasm. He is characterized by broad views on the problems of the group, generosity, condescension to comrades. On the other hand, he is not left with the feeling that he is somehow superior and better than the other members of the group. With a harmonious Jupiter, this is expressed in cordial indulgence, and usually does not cause a sharp protest. The defeat of Jupiter in the absence of elaboration gives an emphasized arrogance, self-affirmation at the expense of comrades and attributing all the successes to oneself, and the blame for the defeat – to the rest. The study goes along the path of realizing one’s capabilities and personal duty to the team, which are much higher than the person initially thinks (in particular, more than the average member of the team) and responsible work in the group. This person can see the distant goals of the group and form its ideals, using great authority and even greater love of the collective, but they need to be honestly earned, and not demanded in advance. The same applies to relationships with friends, which will be many, perhaps even too much. A person needs to understand that friends are not only his entertainment and joy, but also a duty, as well as a channel through which, provided that the relationship with them is correct, happiness and additional opportunities go.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Money comes easily to these people. Their words are listened to, their children bring them happiness, they have a chance to hear individuals who have achieved self-awareness. They keep their money in banks and are quite prudent in this regard. Classical texts note that such people are fearless and live long.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Achieve goals through friendships and group activities. Often – members of societies, commissions, initiatives of a humanistic and educational nature. With bad aspects, the motive for friendship and participation in humanistic activities may be personal gain.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Participation in the life of groups. Your social sensibility is so spontaneous that groups around and around want to get you to their place. Often they themselves come to you, and not you go to them. Opportunities like these are not easy for you to realize because they challenge you to earn recognition and approval and take the chance to expand your social horizons. In fact, the real pitfall is the idea that if you’ve been called in the past to join the group, you’ll be called in the future. Don’t miss out on opportunities that are real. Suitable behavior. A feeling for appropriate behavior is given to you by nature, it is almost like a sixth sense. You seem to instinctively know how to act in almost any social setting. You are interested in what other people think, but probably not too much. At its best, criticism slips off you like a duck’s face, but beware of the complacency trap. Everyone squints smugly from time to time, and you are no exception, so be patient with the inappropriate behavior or indelicacy that sometimes brings you suffering. The challenge is to let your gentle social feeling make the lives of others more comfortable and thus strengthen your position in the group. Friendship, social circle. You form friendships easily. You understand and accept people, which allows you to be a good friend, and you hope that other people will similarly understand and accept you. You are willing to be friendly even in a difficult situation, and this is passed on to people who, in turn, respond in kind. But this only happens when they are confident that you are revealing your best qualities. Your social circle is a barometer. If it is large and full of life, it means that you are successfully working with natal Saturn (typo? Jupiter?). If he is weak, or you are in isolation, then you are caught in a trap. Either you ignore your Saturn (?), That is, you do not make enough effort to maintain friendly contacts, or you work so hard to solve the Saturnian (?) Mysteries that you have no energy left to feed yourself with pleasure. Relax and enjoy your friendship. You find yourself repeatedly involved in the work of creative organizations. Knowing how to anticipate the course of group thought, you influence the results of creativity, and at the same time you are recognized as an invaluable source of insight for the group. Leading the entire creative process is enjoyable, it makes you happy. Your creative role is to be a source of enthusiasm for the group, to open up development prospects for it, to renew the life of the group. Acceptance of love. The feeling that you are loved is based on the positive vision of you by other people. This primarily relates to your wisdom. When your wisdom is recognized by others, you feel loved. However, if you are treated like an ordinary person, then you will not acknowledge the presence of love, even if it does exist. You want your ego to be stroked. When your lover admires your spontaneous self-manifestation, then you feel that he or she loves you. If the relationship is tense, or restricts you, then this feeling disappears. When relationships with people expand the circle of social contacts, you feel loved. If possessive interests are strongly manifested in these relations, then the feeling of increasing isolation destroys love. When your honesty is not questioned, then you are in the flow of love. However, any mistrust or accusation about the purity of our motives or actions is resentful. You don’t like being tested. The challenge is to find a person who shares your vision of optimism and free self-expression, and after you are gifted with recognition, remain faithful to your beloved.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He sets himself goals and achieves them with minimal effort. He is sociable, loves life, makes many friends and acquaintances, always ready to offer him their help. Works successfully in large organizations, groups and clubs. Prudence goes well with developed intuition. Has a large family and shows great devotion to her. Travel is of great benefit to him. The defeat of the planet inclines to parasitism and exploitation of friends. It achieves its goals through friendship and group support. Nice with friends, often thinks about the welfare of mankind. Friends are loving, generous and always ready to help. When a planet is defeated, their advice is not applicable in practice. Friendship promotes teamwork and the successful implementation of major plans with mutual respect. Group activities often serve charitable and humane goals, serving religious, educational, and fraternal needs. Such a person is successful in invention, science and organizational activities. In the worst case, there is a tendency to let friends down, consider their love a natural thing, and make friends for your own benefit. Friends are loyal and noble, among them there are many outstanding people. Profit is achieved thanks to acquaintances in good standing. Such people are usually popular and have a good reputation. Their marriage partner is fertile and child-loving. Thanks to the protection and support of those around them, all their desires and hopes are fulfilled. They prefer to be friends with strong and influential acquaintances. When the planet is defeated, a person is not inclined to follow the rules of the game, and the interaction mechanisms he creates are quickly upset. Then the expansion of personal contacts does not bring success, and the plans fail. There are always many well-wishers, sponsors and patrons around such a person. They are guarded by high-ranking state, political and clergymen who involuntarily direct this person to the path drawn by fate. The main success comes in collaboration and co-authorship. Early marriage and premature study of the specifics of sexual relations are possible. Such a person can be a successful diplomat, a reliable administrator, an ambitious leader, a gifted researcher, and a popular politician.


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