Jupiter in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

High position in the profession, especially over the years. They settle their affairs on the basis of religious and moral principles. Good deeds lead to an influential position, but for the casual person these deeds may not be noticed. Great professional ambition, but also honesty, reliability in the performance of professional duty, public affairs. Good reputation, these are the pillars of society. Your career or your contribution to the world – by and large – probably affects the lives of many people – and it is a positive influence that helps them. Your goal is high, and you have inner confidence and trust – both in your own abilities and in life in general, which allows you to achieve a lot. You want to do something BIG in life, and you get the support you need to do it, because you are trying not only for your own personal gain. You want to somehow thank the world or improve the lives of others, not just your own.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– have “pillars of society”, coordinators of social processes who can succeed in politics, occupy administrative positions. The vocation is to give direction to social development, to set a goal. If Jupiter is not struck – easy growth, fast gaining authority, good reputation. This is the position of Jupiter in the chart for many directors, major writers, and cultural figures.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The worthwhile goal will take care of its achievement. Jupiter in the X house in a symbolic fall. This person will set himself and others numerous and extensive goals and objectives, and it is not easy to stop him, in particular, because the sense of responsibility for his choice is reduced here: “Not one thing, so another,” the person thinks, “if something is not it will turn out – it doesn’t matter. ” This position, if Jupiter is not severely affected, gives a supportive immediate superior. With subordinates, this person will not waste time on trifles and will give many small indulgences, but the number of tasks that he will distribute can significantly exceed their capabilities; true, he will not be too strict; unless, of course, the subordinates do not think to criticize him; the latter, especially when Jupiter is struck, can cause a storm of overbearing anger. The strong defeat of Jupiter gives frequent breakdowns in relations with the authorities due to excessive ambition and self-conceit; him and his own; the same with subordinates. In this case, the choice is varied, but difficult, and not one option is completely satisfactory; it always seems to a person that he deserves better. Working out, as with the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, requires solving the question: “Who is for whom: the world for me or me for the world?” At a high level, this person, with his practical actions, can greatly smooth out karma and open new ways for the development of society.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is a person who is engaged in some kind of charitable or pious work. These people receive support from some influential or famous person. They are successful in business related to teaching, religion, law or banking.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Over the years – high office, good reputation; these are the pillars of society. If X is the house in the sign of the Earth – wealth. With bad aspects – hypocrisy, bragging, fortune will turn its back.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. Undoubtedly, you will be repeatedly presented with the opportunity to occupy a high position, but power itself is not so important to you. What is important is the execution of the tasks assigned to you, with a clear awareness of the creation of maximum benefit. Doing what seems to you to be the most correct is not only morally correct, it is also the most practical strategy for you as it opens the door to your aspirations. However, beware of the complacency trap. Humility is the best antidote. The challenge is to use every opportunity to do just things. No one will tell you what this means, because every situation requires a different approach. Responsible action is less costly ”and is more rewarding than any other style of behavior. Professional ambition. You are interested in a profession that allows you to contact a group, and not with individuals, unless other factors in the horoscope change the symbolism of this position. Perhaps you travel frequently on business; however, if travel on business is rather rare, then in this case you enter into agreements with people scattered across all countries and continents, both physically and in a philosophical sense. Your natural task is to organize and adjust the work of a network that connects individuals together, to develop procedures for testing its performance. It is natural for you to haste, the desire to step up, as well as presenting yourself in the best possible way. These factors are more important to you than hard work. Work hard to look light and at ease. Missions and messages. You seem very happy to us. Whether you are rich or not, we see that fate favors you at every appropriate moment. We recall the importance of social contacts as a product of the work of an extensive network of interactions between people, the importance of philanthropy or participation in groups. And finally, we learn from your example of universal generosity. If you can even have what you may not deserve, then apparently life is on our side. A parent who is “outwardly connected” with the person. The evolution of society, culture, principles, and not the specifics of situations – this is what interested your father. You also remember him as a person who loved to be in a social setting, as a person who very easily treated and commanded strangers. Your father probably wasn’t as close to the family as you wanted. This is not to say that he did not care, but perhaps you felt that he was more interested in the outside world than his child; he was more interested in teaching moral lessons than simply showing love. On the other hand, you learned a lot of useful things from him – how to live in peace, in a social space. As you get older, the imprint of optimistic conservatism will gradually manifest itself in your philosophy of life. You form relationships with authority figures because they help you grow as individuals and contribute to your professional prestige. You can indeed benefit from having someone in high position as your teacher. Your own style of rule has a natural, royal beauty, as if you were born to rule. And if you do not drown in the trap of pomp, then you can really become an extraordinary powerful boss. You give orders good-naturedly, hoping that wisdom, nobility and decency will bring your instructions to the consciousness of people. The challenge is to instill faith in your leadership qualities.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Success in work and politics comes to such a person thanks to his pronounced organizational skills, enviable self-confidence and solid reliability. He has many opportunities for development, is extremely socially active and acutely feels justice, therefore, success in the field of justice is possible. He is characterized by high moral standards and achieves recognition early. When the planet is defeated, it becomes overly proud, extremely ambitious, power-hungry, arrogant and narrowly materialistic. Usually this aspect is found in the cards of outstanding personalities who, over the years, reach high professional status. Such a person is able to settle his social affairs on the basis of religious and moral principles. Good deeds lead him to an influential position, although casual people may not notice these deeds. Great professional ambition is combined with honesty and reliability in performing professional duties and organizing public affairs. These are the pillars of society with an excellent reputation. Their organizational talent and the ability to get things done make them great politicians. They need higher education in order to acquire great trust, high responsibility and deserve great recognition. Over the years, their appearance becomes more dignified, the bank account gets richer, and the range of managed cases grows wider. It is not excluded that household chores are forgotten in favor of satisfying professional ambition. The imbalance between family and work can lead to serious life dissatisfaction. The defeat of the planet is fraught with the development of hypocrisy and bragging, which lead to parting with fortune and loss of honor. Such people are well aware of their main life tasks, and therefore remain invariably purposeful. It is impossible to impose on such a person what is not characteristic of him. Career success is combined with deep religious faith. Continuous broadening of horizons through self-education and travel helps to strengthen the position. The defeat of Jupiter is expressed in frequent failures, hypocrisy, in the inability to find the cause of defeat and assess the true state of affairs. In professional life, a person achieves respect and honor, rising above the social environment in which he was born. He acquires many excellent financial opportunities, shows considerable vitality and becomes very sociable. He is a very independent and independent person, only in rare cases he loses the trust of others, encounters troubles in the family and comes across gossip and slander. Shrewd, sophisticated, loves luxury and has breadth in everything he does, feels and knows. The path of life is quite easy and simple, the financial situation is stable, he will certainly achieve popularity and celebrity, receiving not only honorary public positions, but also power over others. Optimism and altruism, humanism and mercy, high authority and philanthropic inclinations are clearly expressed. The prestige and reputation among colleagues and like-minded people help him to successfully cope with competitors or enemies. The public shows increased attention to him, the authorities speak of him approvingly and favorably. All his merits are well recognized by the society. There is a clear rise and transition from one social stratum to another. Such a person perfectly combines a sense of justice, idealism, generosity and large-scale ambitions. Can become a high-ranking statesman, very rich and authoritative. Successful as a minister, ambassador, prosecutor, philosopher, merchant, banker and intermediary. Enjoys the favor of friends and the patronage of officials. Every now and then he is faced with happy surprises and skillfully uses favorable chances. Shows foresight in solving financial problems. Only with a strong defeat does the planet face serious obstacles, losses and damages.



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