June 30 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

June 30 – Birthday Interpretation.

Those of the June 30 Cancer birth date enjoy an inherent quality of visualization in that they have the ability to see or visualize the finished result of an activity or undertaking prior to its commencement.

As exampled in that of a marble sculpture, you have that insight in order to be able visualize the finished product prior to the actual work commencing, and then to process the stone through to the final sculptured result.

In other words you have the ability not only to be able to assess potential outcomes but also to be able to apply your skills in order to bring matters to a successful conclusion.

The June 30 holds that inherent desire to burst into life but can have that tendency at times to hold back through a fear of the unknown.

You can become fixed in your ways and your immediate environmental situation due to your personal attachments being very strong.

You must endeavor to do what is best for you while at the same time maintain your “loving attachments” within reasonable boundaries.

As a June 30 Cancer you are far from being selfish or uncaring and whatever you may have, be it money, knowledge or whatever, you will willingly share with those around you. Remember however, while it is for them to accept your gifts or offerings you have a responsibility to yourself.

Yours is an extremely sensitive nature and you can feel very deeply for those who may come to you for help. As a result, at times you might find yourself subject to experiencing fits of depression or down heartedness. When you do so, break off and take a walk in the fresh air in the garden or a country walk and depressions should lift.

While by nature you are not one who likes to show off or overpower others with your personality, you do have a great deal of natural wisdom and you are always quite willing to give your advice to others when you need to.

Some June 30 birthdays will fall in the proximity of the fixed star Alhena. This is a brilliant white star that is said to be the wound in Achilles’ heel.

People have personality traits that can make them vulnerable in one way or another. For those of the June 30 birth date it is that of an excessive sentimentality and a tendency to blame.

To calm these tendencies consider the color of gray in your dress ware. Grey is a calming color and its black compo entry can inspire protection of your boundaries.

Crimson, fiery orange and burnt sienna (a warm reddish brown color) are colors compatible with the June 30 birth date and, if you really want to boost energies then wear something in red.

To further fire up your senses of enthusiasm and inspiration look to acquire some gemstones of agate, preferably some Apache flame agate, or a garnet stone.

On the home front, a water feature within the home would be in keeping with that of the moon influences upon your Cancer sign. You might like to consider keeping a fish tank of tropical fish or some other form of circulating water feature such as an fountain or small in door pool.

Consider light blue drapes and moon-shaped pillows in muted colors within the bedroom since both the color, and a moon design influence can help to inspire the effect of a retreat in which you can help to settle your mind and racing thoughts.

Consider keeping some dried flowers, seashells, and crystals about your home, as these are some of the decorative items that will appeal to your June 30 nature.

The kitchen and cooking area can be of a particular focus for the June 30 as both a family gathering center and practical activity area.

As a June 30 it is likely that you will enjoy cooking and meal presentations.

In the event that cooking has not been your thing to date, then you might like to consider taking some lessons because you might become quite surprised at your abilities to utilize ingredients in order to conjure up attractive and tasty dishes.

Some June 30’s could well be involved in the teaching of cooking techniques to others.

On the outdoors front, the June 30 will enjoy outdoor settings that include water features in the form of rivers, lakes, ponds and even the ocean.

Qualities associated with this birth date suggest that you are one who is likely to enjoy a certain amount of seclusion in your life.

A water related pleasure for you could be that of fishing and the activity and motion fly casting in the peaceful environment of a lake or flowing stream could prove highly relaxing and meditative for you.

With your tremendous imagination quality you may well look to create a garden that projects an out of this world type of landscape. In other words, a garden that is very different from the norm and could feature some unusual, but useable constructions.

This might take the form of a tree house or a Wendy house for the children and some other unique features.

You will certainly enjoy a water feature within your garden, a fishpond for example, some well designed out door furniture and, a green house in particular could be the perfect place for you to potter around.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 2.

The thirtieth day of the sixth month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of completion, as exampled in that of the successful accomplished of something that you have set out to achieve.

The 182nd day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds that important quality of reflection and replication. This will help you to reproduce or repeat your successes in life.

Some Famous People, born on this June 30 birth date.

Michael Phelps – Olympic Swimmer

Ralf Schumacher – Formula One Racing Driver

Mike Tyson – Heavy Weight Boxer

Harry Blackstone Jnr – Famous Stage Magician

Susan Hayward – Hollywood Actress

Lena Horne – African American Singer