June 29 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

June 29 – Birthday Interpretation.

The June 29 Cancer birth date, identifies with an individual who is likely to be one who has a very strong character, along with a very strong sense of moral duty.

As a June 29, you are endowed with a considerable amount of positive energy and vitality, and you are more than happy to utilize those qualities for the purposes of giving help and assistance to others.

Those qualities as such, can be readily felt others to the extent that, it will in turn, provide inspiration too them.

Your energy is like a latent potential within you that only requires the right form of stimulation, in order for you to burst forth into fruitful activity.

To derive benefit from these qualities, it is necessary for the June 29 to first identify the best environment or course to take in life.

This might necessitate that you might have to move out of your comfort zone, change your routine or even location, in order to open yourself up to new challenges and experiences in life.

As a June 29, you could well feel hesitant, if not down right reluctant, to take any such actions and, very much so where they may interfere or cause adverse influences in respect of your relationship with your family or friends.

By nature you are not the sort of person who likes being an out outsider, however, in the interest of you becoming a more independent natured individual, you may well have to take the risk of upsetting others.

Your June 28 inherent ability to express yourself freely can be both an example, and an inspiration to others who might be of a more reserved and self-controlled nature.

You have a free-flowing imagination that is given to building castles in the air and, at your best you can have that innocent and powerful curiosity of a child.

As a June 28 your inner feelings are quite sophisticated, and there are times when would prefer a world that is less weighted down by earthly necessities. Your challenge in life is to project openness, but to do so with the feeling of being threatened.

Your immediate and extended family ties are important factors in your life and you will like to keep reminders of such ties around you. As example, photographs, albums, films, videos or computerized material.

The colors of green, cream and aquamarine relate well to your birth date, and you should consider incorporating plenty of blue in your dress ware as it can form a reminder of both the blue of the sky and that of the ocean.

The colors of gray and pink, especially when applied to a mottled effect, can actively help to encourage in you, a sense of unity

The minerals of moonstone and turquoise can help to cleanse your intentions and to focus your sense of curiosity.

On the home front, the June 29 is likely to favor dark colored wood furniture over that of lightwoods.

Consider incorporating a deep green color within either your furniture or other furnishings as this color, together with that of the dark woods, is likely to prove comforting and appeal to the strong moral aspects of your nature.

A water feature within or without the home would be in keeping with the moon influences upon your Cancer sign. This could take the form of fish tank, tropical or otherwise.

As a Cancer, the June 29 will appreciate the water influences of the bathroom and take pleasure in enjoying a good soak in the tub.

In order to encourage and inspire your imagination consider incorporating some fine aromatherapy scents into your bath time atmosphere.

Neroli oil, orange or rose may be particularly reminiscent. Neroli oil is a plant-oil similar in scent to bergamot and produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree.

As a June 29 Cancer there is a strong indication that you can have considerable cooking abilities, including those of being quite an expert when it comes to conjuring up excellent meals from leftovers and small food resources.

You are likely to favor dairy dishes, and souffl├ęs in particular, could be of great appeal for you personally.

On the outdoors front, The June 29 will appreciate outdoor country that incorporates water views. As example, a river, stream, ponds, lake or the sea will be places where the actions of water can help you to relax and meditate.

To accommodate the water influences in your birth date you are likely to enjoy most forms of water activities such as swimming, boating, water-skiing etc.

In your garden you are likely to derive enjoyment from water related features, object or items. As result, you might like to consider a fish pond with fish and water lilies, or a water fountain of bubbling water, or even an item such a an old fashioned water pump.

If you are able to connect the water pump to a suitable water supply then both its traditional and novelty factors will certainly appeal to your personal senses.

Consider growing sunflowers in you garden as these can reflect those qualities of warmth and enthusiasm that you yourself project.

When growing vegetables you are likely to take a particular interest and intrigue in the growth of pumpkin, squash, cucumbers, beans and gherkins. Strawberries are certainly likely to be found in your garden.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 10.

The twenty-ninth day of the sixth month reduces to eight, and the number eight signifies that of rhythm, vibration, and the rolling of matter in motion.

Under the influence of this day you will have an unrestrained curiosity with a penchant to go forth without reservation to experience events in life.

The 181st day of the year reduces to ten and one, and this adds an enjoyment of a process completed and the desire to start again. These are qualities that can provide that support of confidence to your path in life.