June 28 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

June 28 – Birthday Interpretation.

Those of the June 28 Cancer birth date are, like many of those of the Cancer sign highly emotional folk. As result, they can be far more susceptible than most folks to bouts of sadness, anxiety, down-heartedness and depression.

As a June 28 you will generally always be drawn toward the emotional side of life.

In order to ward off those adverse feelings you should endeavor to try to surround yourself with items, colors and interesting things that you personally find to be bright, cheerful and inspiring.

The utilization of some colors of strong vibrant tones or shades could well be the answer as one method to counteract those down time occasions. As example, incorporating such colors in your dress ware could well give that boost to outlook that you might need.

Irrespective of however active or committed you are to the external daily affairs of life, you are, as a June 28 literally flooded internally with powerful feelings, emotions and mental activity.

You should endeavor to identify external applications and activities that will allow you to release and utilize your powerful resources within.

The fields of music or art could well provide the perfect outlet for the June 28. Experimenting with various combinations of music and art could be an interesting and fulfilling way in which to explore your emotions.

The theatre could be yet another arena for the June 28 to express those “extra” emotions as well as a place where you can mix and communicate with other creative people.

You are likely to enjoy singing, if so then consider becoming involved with a local singing group, charitable or otherwise.

The qualities of wisdom and understanding hold association with this birth date and, in a manner that indicates ultimate victory irrespective of how far off the ultimate objective or goal may appear to be.

These qualities also identify with a path of fearless romanticism and ideally perfect dreams. Of projecting ones imagination to the highest of spiritual possibilities that one can envision.

As example, the ability to conjure up or present children’s stories in a manner that inspires those young minds to enter the exciting wonders of “wonderland”

Midnight blue, silver, white, gray, black and white combinations, and aquamarine are all important colors for those of the June 28 birth date.

Green in particular, is a color that can help to inspire your imaginations and, bright yellows, the color representation of the element of air, can help to inspire your overall thought patterns.

Pearls and moonstone are the highly supportive jewellery items to include in your dress ware, as are the gemstones of green quartz and amethyst that can help you to open up your mind to other realms of thought.

On the home front, the June 28 will favor a home environment that provides for a snugly and comfortable effect. Your principal living areas will be a place, where family and friends can sit and lounge about in a totally relaxed manner.

Your interior décor should feature predominately relatively neutral color schemes and light greens and grays could appeal to you.

Visually the June 28 holds a preference for shapes over that of square clean cut lines and this preference is likely to be expressed in your choice of interior fittings and furnishings.

As a June 28 there will certainly be times when you will like to take a little time away from those around you. To satisfy this need, you should designate some cozy point in the home to which you can quietly go to read, catch and do your own thing.

Since memories and personal mementos are important to those of this birth date your designated room or area should be a place in which to store or display such records or items. It can form a personal place where you can call upon them in order to reflect upon times long past.

The ideal outdoor environment for those of the June 28 birth date will be in a setting that features both water and plenty of shade. As example, try sitting beneath some willow trees that line a river, stream or lakefront and you will realize that the simple actions of water movement can help to enhance your thoughts.

As a June 28 you are likely to derive great enjoyment from the cultivation and nurturing of plant growth. Consider including a small green house for such purposes since this can form a perfect setting to which you can retire, potter about and ponder on your thoughts

Memories are important to you in that they can provide a strong resource to call upon at times for inspiration and comfort. As example, an old tree, fruit tree or otherwise, in your garden on which you attach a simple swing could provide you with an image to remind of pleasant childhood memories.

A water feature in the form of a fishpond with water lilies or, some other form of moving water feature will certainly assist you at those times of relaxation and contemplation.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 9.

The twenty-eighth day of the sixth month reduces to seven, and the number seven signifies that of success and victory over opposition.

The 180th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the confidence of successful completion and results to your path. As example, you have that inherent ability to be able to know that wherever path you may venture into in life, you will triumph.