June 25 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

June 25 – Birthday Interpretation.

The June 25 Cancer birth date identifies with a person who is both vigorous and energetic, and as result, they will tend to approach life with a considerable strength and passion.

There are qualities associated with this birth date that endow you with a somewhat striking-out aspect to your nature.

As a June 25 you can be somewhat impatient and certainly not one who likes to wait for results. You are certainly one who is prepared to take whatever measures are necessary in order to get a job done and, in the process, are more than happy to upset a few folks if necessary.

You are inherent of an extremely active mind and, as result, you are gifted with excellent problem-solving skills.

Aside from your external projection, you are within, quite a soft and somewhat vulnerable individual. As result, you are fully aware that those inner qualities can be reached if, and when, you allow others to enter.

You must endeavor to learn to develop that strength that comes about from trusting in yourself. It is important to learn to identify when you are creating an internal situation that draws you in to such an inner depth and involvement that others around you are unable to reach you.

It remains with you alone to reveal your true self to others in order that they can reciprocate their love and affection to you in the way that you might wish.

Your sensitivities mean that you face the challenge in life to be able to find a workable compromise with life as it is, and therefore, you should be brutally true to yourself in order to discover that compromise.

The sharing of your feelings through artistic expression is a positive use of your talents. This tends to indicate that you are an individualistic person who likes to set their own standards in life and are at their happiest when living a unique lifestyle.

As example, you could express this positive aspect of your nature by seeking out some unusual clothing or, some unusual ornaments or items with which to decorate your home.

To help you to relax in a manner that in no way imposes any adverse effects upon your natural vitality you might like to consider burning some jasmine incense or a few drops of jasmine oil about the home.

The colors of gray, blue, apricot, orange, white and yellowish white relate well to the June 25 birth date.

In order to strengthen your inner sense of well-being, consider acquiring a piece of the topaz gemstone. Carry it with you, or have it incorporated into a piece of personal jewellery.

On the home front you need to establish an atmosphere that appeals to your personal sensitivities.

As a June 25 you can gain great comfort from soft or fluffy materials because for you, they can provide a sense of both warmth and safety.

You should endeavor therefore, to include plenty of objects about your home to cater this particular quality of your personality. These could take the form of soft fluffy pillow’s, blankets or chair throws for example.

Since the colors of gray or blue hold a particular compatibility with the June 25 birth date you might like to consider some of the aforementioned items in such colors.

With your birth date association with water, a soak in the bath is likely to provide a wonderful luxurious feeling. Remember to add some jasmine bath salts to help to inspire that sensation of pure relaxation.

On the outdoors front, the June 25 will love the outdoor environments that provide for a river or lake with overhanging willow trees. This can form a perfect place for you to stroll, walk, dream, and to let your mind ponder on the events in your lifer.

In your garden you should have some form of water influence to accommodate the influence of the moon, your ruling planet. This could be for example, a small fishpond with attractive water lilies.

White flowers and any form of the more delicate types of plants will make for good plants to include in your garden. White roses and Lilies, tulips, and freesia are all plants and flowers that will prove pleasing to your senses.

As a June 25 you could hold a particular interest in water creatures. This might take the form of keeping fish in a garden pond, maintaining an in home fish tank or, keeping something a little more unusual such as a pet turtle at home for luck

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 6.

The twenty-fifth day of the sixth month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of the ordering, identification, and structuring principle of the universe.

This is a path of being able to identify and recognize the forces that are operating in any set of circumstances.

The 177th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six contributes the influence of beauty and perfect regularity, and of harmony and balance.