June 24 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

June 24 – Birthday Interpretation.

The June 24 Cancer birth date identifies with the two qualities of determination and vision. As result, it can be difficult to slow you down once you have become highly motivated to get a task completed and finalized.

As a June 24 birth date, you come under the influence of your ruling planet, the moon. As result, in the manner that the moon passes through its various changes and phases throughout the month, so too, in your emotional life, you can find that you can experience such changes, in the forms of your feeling and mood swings.

There will be periods in your life when you will prefer to withdraw into private isolation, and at other times you will desire to be among a lot people and friends.

Since your June 24 birth date holds a particular connection and relationship to the fluctuation of emotional rhythm, you must learn to go with play and to derive enjoyment from the event or activity of the time.

The June 24 is a very sensual type of person who will derive great pleasure from the sense of touch. As example, such item as delicate fabric, quality silk or fine linens can be of particular appeal for you.

In respect of relationship matters, the June 24 can suffer from the quality of indecision. However, as a June 24 birth date it is extremely likely that you are a very attractive type of person who is likely to receive more than your fair share of positive attention from others.

A potential negative aspect for you is that, you can, at times, find it extremely difficult to resist temptation. This can present a real potential problem when it involves matters related to a serious relationship.

As a June 24, you enjoy the qualities of imagination and creative self-expression, and these are qualities desirable in order to establish an appropriate frame of mind before moving of and entering into action.

As example, if you were building a home, you are likely to gain a greater pleasure and satisfaction from the initial stages of its designing and construction than you would from actually living in it.

Or, you would take a greater pleasure in the planning of a trip, acquiring maps, and scheduling itineraries than you would in the actual activity of traveling.

The objective for you will be to cultivate a little more spontaneity in your life and give a little less attention to the planning and more to the actual doing of things.

On the vocation front, the June 24 should find great satisfaction from any work area that involves pre-preparation, design work and planning. This could take the form from the designing of building constructions through to the organization of holidays, weddings or parties.

There are qualities associated with this June 24 birth date that indicate a person who is quite adventuress, and also one who can be subject to that of pride and over confidence.

Moving from what is known to that which is unknown can appeal to you so that at times, that quality of over confidence may arise from ill-conceived projects.

As a June 24 you are one who is forever seeking out new adventures in life.

To enhance those qualities of vision and determination you should consider wearing something that involves a mix of deep blue and green colors.

Ginger and pearl white are colors compatible to the June 24 birth date and, for that little more outrageous effect, you can consider those bright colors of yellow and orange.

As a June 24, moonstones, garnet, pearls and silver jewellery will appeal to you, and a sapphire mounted into a finger ring, can help you to focus on that which is important when it comes to your love life.

The mineral stone of jasper, and preferably rainbow jasper, will assist you to take an overview observation in order to identify your options in life.

On the home front, The June 24 will appreciate plenty of space and you should consider neutral colors when planning your home decor.

Your design interests are more likely to favor curved shapes within your home rather than sharp or angular features.

Nautical items and images can be of particular interest for those of the June 24 birth date therefore it would not be unusual to find items such as shipís bell, telescope, compass or nautical pictures or photographs within your home.

In keeping with your ruling planet, the moon, you should consider keeping some form of its representation about the home.

This might take the simple form of a calendar or some particularly attractive picture or image on the wall.

On the outdoors front, most environmental activities that involve some form of water setting can delight the June 24. Lakelandís, mountain streams or simple park ponds can provide a peaceful setting for you.

Your garden area is likely to be a delight in which to sit.

In keeping with your senses for design, a garden that incorporates interesting and exotic features in the manner of a Chinese or Japanese layout will provide an arena, that is not only intriguing to the eye, but also a wonderful place in which to sit, think and to contemplate.

A garden that incorporates arched shapes and pathways lined with white pebbles and low-lying shrubs. A small pond or water feature with water lilies would be the perfect place for you to conjure up your next adventure in life.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 5.

The twenty-fourth day of the sixth month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of imagination and creative self-expression.

The 176th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five contributes the quality of change. As example, you are one who is always willing to adopt change in life.