June 23 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

June 23 – Birthday Interpretation.

The June 23 Cancer birth date identifies with an individual who can be very thoughtful and idealistic.

Your home and your family are very important in your life and you will feel very protective of their interests.

The June 23 birth date points to those experiences in life that tend to take you out of your concern for yourself and for your personal welfare.

It is important for you to appreciate that numerous people around you, and within your daily environment, can be just as sensitive as yourself. Therefore, the more that you accept and give respect to the feelings of others then the more respect will you in turn will receive.

As a June 23, you should consider opening yourself up to the larger community that surrounds you, and as result you will discover how many kind and generous people will enter into your life.

As example, consider joining some form of organization that will involve you in a charitable or humanitarian activity.

There is a quality of friendliness inherent in this June 23 birth date that results in helping to make life flow easily; and while arguments and disagreements can arise at times in your life, you can generally come up with ways to comfortably counteract them.

There is a somewhat uncontrollable aspect to the June 23 personality that can inspire you to blaze new trails irrespective of whatever circumstances you find yourself.

You can find that the ordinary limitations and boundaries of city life are difficult to accept and, as result, you can yearn for an arena that provides for a more open space and with far fewer restrictions being placed upon you.

In earlier times you would have been the typical pioneer forging out new trails across a continent.

As a June 23 you have a strong Moon energy influence in your life, and this can, at times make you slightly absentminded.

You will need some time alone on occasions to deal with those moods, thoughts, and feelings that can arise in your life.

If you wear colors that relate to the nature of the Moon’s then you will feel much more in tune with your own feelings and emotions.

The perfect color combination for those of the June 23 birth date is that of a rich midnight blue and silver. Sea blue favors this day and, violet, in its varying shade, can help you to settle your inner restlessness.

To inspire both your imagination and courage consider acquiring a piece of flame colored agate, and to help to improve your powers of concentration, wear a piece of topaz incorporated into a jewellery such as a ring or neck chain.

On the home front, you are likely to appreciate plenty of space about the home and you should look to neutral colors for your home decor. The colors of light green or gray should be appropriate for you.

As a June 23 you are unlikely to favor designs that are too sharp or angular and as result will appreciate curved shapes within your home construction.

As example, curved corner designs at the meeting of walls and ceilings. A circular table with a circular vase in which you can float blooms can encourage harmony and conversation during meal times.

Your kitchen and dining room is likely to be the main focal family area of your home. Consider providing for plenty of working space for meal preparation with an ample amount of storage facilities such a cabinets.

Consider incorporating a quality circular wooden dining table positioned centrally within your dining room or dining area. You might like to consider including some form of lounging chair as well, as a place to which you can retire while still remaining involved in any social activities taking place around the dining table.

On the outdoors front, the June 23 can derive great pleasure from peace full walks in natural environments that include water. This might take the form of visiting lake land areas or just a simple walk in a park with ponds.

Small animals can be of particular appeal to you so a visit to a zoo could be very pleasurable activity.

When it comes to your garden, then the more practical side of your June 23 personality can emerge.

The energy influence of the Moon upon this day will almost definitely endow you with a green thumb when it comes to the cultivation of plants. As result, you have the determination and ability to create a garden that will look really wonderful.

You should consider incorporating a water influence by way of a fishpond with water lilies or, some other attractive water feature that can sustain water plant life.

As a June 23 you can have a tendency to gain peace when in cool dark areas so, you might like to consider some form of garden shed sited in a shady area or even a cellar sited beneath the home.

White flowers and any form of the more delicate types of plants will make particularly good additions to your garden. Tulips, freesia and zinnias will prove of please once in bloom.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 4

The twenty-third day of the sixth month reduces to two, and the number two is the number that represents the life force in action.

This is a path of establishing your own individuality out of circumstances that are different from the normal.

The 175th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the influence of ordering, measuring, and classification.