June 22 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

June 22 Birthday Interpretation.

Qualities associated with this June 22 Cancer birth date, indicate that you are a person who has a very passionate nature.

Once a June 22 has established a committed relationship with someone then they are more than willing to give their utmost in support to that person.

The June 22 is endowed with an internal power resource of intensity comparable to that of their passion. As result of this quality, they can be extremely strong in mind and very self-will.

This aspect of your make-up will no doubt be applicable in all matters related to that of your business environment and throughout your working.

As a June 22 birthday you are endowed with quite a theoretical and conceptual type of mind that allows you to be particularly effective in applying thoughts in terms of concepts and logic. This could result in your leaning toward a vocation or profession that involves the fields of mathematics or the sciences.

In relation to that passionate side to your nature, you can have a strong need to be surrounded by that which is familiar and secure. As example, to be in an atmosphere that provides for intimacy, warmth, assurance and trust.

As a June 22 you will tend to suffer from a sense of being unsure when it relates to the final out-comes of events.

As example, you would much prefer to be able to know the outcome of an event prior to your planning its commencement. Because, in the main, this is not possible, then it will be necessary for you to boost your levels of personal courage and boldness in order to progress forward in your life.

Your June 22 birthday falls on what astrologers describe as a “critical degree” and this indicates that experiences in one’s life are hardly ever neutral.

Your June 22 birth date identifies with a person who is both sympathetic and ambitious.

You are likely to value strong connections with your family members and enjoy the qualities of being an excellent observer of human nature.

A vocational arena that involves the helping and assisting of others could also be a rewarding activity for you. As example, teaching, nursing or specialized counseling.

As a June 22 birth date you have the ability to take a step back and to view the life road ahead as if you were doing so from an aerial perspective.

You should endeavor to refrain from compulsive or addictive behaviors and to unemotionally evaluate and choose your own actions and responses in life.

Dress wise, shades of blue, violet and orange will tend to appeal to those of the June 22 birth date. Where you might want to best communicate and express your emotional fire, then opt to include some touches of brilliant emerald green in dress.

Grey. Opaque colors, and indigo are other colors in keeping with your birth date.

The mineral stones of onyx and quartz crystal can help you with your personal balance, your sense of objectivity and vision.

On the home front, in keeping with that mathematical aspect of your personality, you are likely to derive comfort from a home that incorporates geometric designs and shapes in respect of furniture and wall décor.

Clocks can appeal to your nature, so that a family heirloom clock or alternatively, a large chiming clock feature piece could be an item of great personal pleasure for you.

Family history is important for you so that items that represent that history are likely to be major feature displays throughout your home.

These could take the form of framed photographs of past family members, family antique objects, scrapbooks, photo albums or paintings.

On the out doors front, the June 22 Cancer birth date immediately follows that of Gemini and as result you will have an equal love of the water and the breezes of the wind.

Sailing can be of particular appeal for you and if you don’t actually engage in such activity then consider having some sailboat pictures in your home as they can form an excellent meditation image for the June 22.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 3.

The twenty-second day of the sixth month reduces to ten, and the number ten represents that of perfected expression. The number ten represents the end of a process, followed by a pause before a new cycle of manifestation commences.

The 174th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three contributes the quality of boundless creative self-expression to support your path in life.