June 2 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

Astrological Birthday Features

Those of the June 2 Gemini birth date will probably find that many of the more important changes in their life will result not so much from pre-planning, but more so from experiencing some form of good luck or good fortune.

This influence can arise because the element of chance features quite strongly in the June 2 birth date.

The June 2 will tend to have a very restless temperament. As example, numerous ideas and concepts, people, and potential adventures can be presented to you all at the same time.

You can face the problem, that you can find yourself endeavoring to accomplish too many things at a time, with little in the way of committed motivation.

While your life will tend to be very busy, and you will not be adverse to that, you will experience a definite high where you have a certain level of pressure within your daily life. Remember however, that you are only human, and there will be times when you will need to draw back, let thing go and relax.

As a June 2 birth date you do need cultivate those qualities for discipline and judgment.

One way to enhance these qualities can be through music, so you might like to consider the taking up, and playing of an instrument. The playing of a musical instrument will involve the activity whereby your mind can direct your hands in a creative activity.

Where the actual playing of an instrument doesn’t appeal to you then seek to discover a type of musical expression that does appeal, jazz or classical for example. Study its structure because you will discover that music is very logical and ordered, and these are two qualities that can be good for you to develop upon.

Those of the June 2 birth date generally have a natural sense of rhythm, so that dancing can be an activity that you will enjoy, whether it be either traditional or the more modern forms.

There are influences within this day that identify with one who needs to push the boundaries of your individuality to a point beyond that of the limits of your capabilities. This further necessitates that you assert yourself and express your views in order to build up a sense of character.

Such quality does not necessarily relate to that of rebellion, but is more so, that of your experimenting with thought and behavior, in order to grow and to expand the horizons of that which you believe you are capable of accomplishing.

In appearance, the June 2 Gemini is generally quite an attractive person and it’s unlikely that they would ever be looked upon as a “plain Jane”.

Psychologically, the June 2 should always strive to make every effort when it comes to their appearance, because when you feel that you are looking good, then you will feel even better.

There can be times where you need to express yourself but may hold back, and be somewhat indecisive due to a self-conscious awareness of how others’ might react.

The answer is to speak out honestly from your heart rather than fall back and resorting to any form of sarcasm or unnecessary complaining.

The June 2 has strong communication skills and, as result, is likely to have various forms of written or other relevant material from around the world, about the home.

Dress wise the June 2 should consider two-toned materials and reversible jackets as these can appeal to your duplicity of nature. Where possible colors of the sea and ocean as these can provide an influence that will keep your spirits active and thoughts flowing.

Magenta, teal and a lusterless gray are further colors compatible with the June 2 birth date.

The minerals of serpentine and amazonite are gemstones that will help to strengthen your sense of well-being.

On the home front, you’re in home Décor should be designed and set out in order to projects a light breezy atmosphere.

This might be in part accomplished by utilizing some light and portable wicker ware type furniture. Furniture of this nature might be used within and without the home

As a June 2 birth date you should consider a special room within your house where you can retire, be alone and let off steam. You have a relatively high-strung nature so you could find that the very act of talking out your problems could be perfect for you.

Chinese or Japanese calligraphy might be of particular appeal to some of the June 2 birth date, so you might like to consider incorporating some aspects of calligraphy written in different languages and alphabets, as decoration pieces within the home.

On the outdoors front, the June 2 may find that the inter-relationship and communication of a café environment very acceptable and comfortable to be in.

In the garden, where you turn your hand to such activities you are likely to find that you will enjoy excellent results with any plants that you wish to cultivate.

Consider including a birdbath or some bird feeders within the garden as the simple action of watching the birds can help to provide to your active mind.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 10.

The second day of the sixth month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of being involved and unfolding, i.e. the back and forth movement of the tides of the universe. Creation itself moves in cycles and this awareness is inherent to your path in life.

The 154th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the sense of overcoming and satisfaction to your achievements.