June 17 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Uranus.

Astrological Birthday Features

Aspects associated with this June 17 Gemini birth date indicate that it is a decidedly lucky day. As result you are someone who can often encounter, and quite out of the blue, opportunities that can result in life-changing events.

The quality of justice features strongly in this June 17 day, and this indicates that you can be an extremely fair minded and reasonable type of person.

In particular, you are gifted with that ability to be extremely fair and even-handed when it comes to dealing with matters involving emotional conflict.

As a June 17, your outlook on life reflects the approach of one who has an inherent optimistic outlook and frame of mind.

Your natural happy and cheerful experience of life is supported by the benefit of your having fate on your side.

To enhance your chances of attracting good fortune into your life, consider acquiring a pair of ornaments or figurines made from the metal lead, and position them prominently within your home.

As a Gemini you are inherent of two sides to your nature (Gemini-The Twins)

The more positive aspect of your nature provides you with the ability to understand how to circulate energy correctly. As result you will, as a very generous and supportive type of person, be able to do this well enough when it comes to your personal relationships.

It is in the commercial world where you are likely to need that further education and understanding, and as result you should well consider giving attention to improving your skills when it come to finance and the handling of money.

As a June 17 birth date you can have that tendency to spend to freely, and without giving due thought to the final out comes or consequences of such spending. As result of this aspect of your personality, you can at times, find that it leads to indebtedness that in turn, will restrict your inherent natural flexibility.

It is essential therefore, that you to learn how to structure your resources in such manner, that you can proceed and enjoy a solid foundation in life while at the same time maintain that sense of natural freedom.

As a June 17 you will like the freedom to explore and/or to pursue the numerous ideas that continually circulate within your highly active mind. To cater for this need in life you will need faith in your own talents and potential.

Where you strive for impulsiveness in your responses, it is this that will direct you toward new experiences.

Colors relating to this June 17 birth date are jade green, yellow, pale blue, blue gray and, where you wish to stir up the wilder side of your personality wear something in purple.

Clear quartz crystals can help to enhance your communication with other dimensions

On the home front, with their refined, artistic and stylish nature, the June 17 should consider decorating with furniture, objects and items that are not only stylish but also unusual, or exclusive to your personal tastes.

Because you are one who will take great pleasure in the splendor of your personal surroundings, be bold and different.

Design is an important factor to June 17 senses. Unique and intriguing designed items and objects should be strong feature pieces within your home. As result, you might take particular interest and pleasure in furniture and mirrors that incorporate unique angular shapes.

Crystal glassware, or jewellery whether of crystal or clear glass, manufactured into unusual or unique design could well appeal to your personal sense of style.

For your wall dressings, paintings, prints or photographs depicting highly active scenarios are likely to cater to that adventures side of your nature.

Other home items in keeping with that adventurous aspect of your nature could well be a telescope or, even some short wave radio equipment to communicate with others far and wide.

On the outdoors front, the June 17 will enjoy the scenic views when positioned on a tree lined hill or high land area where there are plenty of pleasant fresh breezes.

In the garden, in order to reflect back upon you your own joy of living, you should consider surrounding your world with a profusion of nature.

You could achieve this by creating a garden that projects a blaze of color through its flowers and shrubbery.

Some white outdoor furniture will be of appeal for you’re out door areas, and a small screened-in gazebo will form good setting for you. Alternately, you might like to consider a tree house or other such structure to which you or smaller family members can hang out.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 7.

The seventeenth day of the sixth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of adaptability, change, and resourcefulness.

The path of this day is one of gaining a self-realization through venturing out beyond that of one’s normally accepted comfort zone or place of security.

Consider how you may be applying your energy resources? Are you continuously repeating the same old patterns of behaviors, or are you boldly venturing out into new horizons?

The 169th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven adds an influence of rest or a momentary stop after each cycle of expression.

This indicates that you should allow good preparation time when putting together any new projects or adventures.