June 16 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Uranus.

Astrological Birthday Features

As a June 16 Gemini you are the type of person who has a fantastic sense of humor, and will generally be the life and soul of any party.

Influences associated with this June 16 day indicate that you can be a great practical joke, and it would be somewhat difficult for anyone around you, not to have a great time when involved in your company.

The June 16 is by nature, a very kind and friendly, helpful and open type of individual.

You have a very strong mind with that ability to study and think abstractly. Concentration is one of your greatest talents and, as result your communication with people, you can often offer up sudden insights and depths.

As a June 16, you will have been strongly influenced by your earlier education, and also possibly through your relationships with any siblings.

Much in the way of your ideas and concepts arise out of the conditioning of your formative years. Your aim in life therefore, is to look forward in order to expand upon your horizons and outlook to life

In order to expand upon those horizons in life you will need to do so through personal education. You can aim for increased knowledge through such medias as reading, film documentaries, travel and specific educational courses for example.

Education will always be your greatest asset in life. You should prepare your intellect with knowledge, and then follow up by testing that which you have learned by its application to the practical experiences of life. As you do this in life, you will discover that you will regularly come into contact with others who will want to assist and support you in your efforts.

The aspect of travel features quite strongly for those of the June 16 birth date. Where you do travel then consider going to, or taking holidays, in the more exotic off the beaten track locations where you can give time to observing the local customs, local fauna and historical backgrounds.

If you donít currently hold any particular interest in the subject of the geography of our world then consider investing in some books, journals or film documentaries that deal with the various locations and cultures of other countries

The travel industry, publishing, and other forms of the travel media are natural outlets that should easily open up to your interest. As a June 16 you may find yourself interested in ancient learning, and as result, find that research with old texts can be a fascinating subject for you.

As a June 16 birth date you are one who not only wants a place for everything, but also that everything is in its place. The influences in this day however, requires that you action a shift in perspective from that of the individual to that of the universal.

This influence necessitates learning to distinguish the larger and more long term needs of this world over that of the fleeting needs of the individual.

As examples, display a poster of the planet earth viewed from outer space on your wall or utilize solar energy. Study the effects of global warming and the potential impact of the hole in the ozone layer.

Lime green, translucent blue, red and yellow are colors related to the June 16 birth date.

Consider acquiring some smoky quartz crystals as these can help to will intensify the levels of your energy.

On the home front, ideally the June 16 would really enjoy living by the sea and preferably within an organized sun-drenched resort environment.

Where you donít live by the sea then you should consider endeavoring to visit such a location as often as possible. Should your resources allow, then, you might like to consider a seaside hide away second home retreat.

If circumstances prevent any of the aforementioned, you can always import the influence of the sun into your home through the use of a substantial decorative print or painting of a sun featured scene or landscape.

To help to stir your imagination, include some forms of old fashioned images within your home. These might take the form of old hurricane lamps or candleholders for example.

Consider hanging pictures or photographs of hot air balloons on your walls as such images can make for inspiring impressions upon your mind.

As a June 16 you are very likely to be one who will surround yourself with books, and quite possibly could also maintain a cherished collection of original documents or manuscripts. As result, you might enjoy having some appropriate book storage areas and a variety of desks to house such material.

On the outdoors front, the June 16, with their inherent affinity with fresh air will enjoy a ramble through hilly type country with a fresh breeze blowing into their face. If you live in a city then a visit to the top of some high building to savor the views and fresh air flow is likely to appeal just as well.

In the garden, a screened-in porch area for privacy with slate flagstone bordering your walkways, plus some antique sculpture pieces appropriately place about the garden will appeal to your sense of order.

As a June 16, an easy maintenance garden layout will be essential and one that included plants and shrubs that will require little or no regular maintenance.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 6.

The sixteenth day of the sixth month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of the organizing principle of the universe.

The 168th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds the quality of seeking for beauty and harmony to all that you experience.