June 13 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Uranus.

Astrological Birthday Features

The June 13 Gemini birth date identifies with an individual who in general, will tend to be ruled by their heart.

For the June 13, the new potentials and possibilities that arise with each new day are something that will be exciting to their mind.

While conflict in some form or other is something that everyone regularly faces within their lives, there is, in respect of those of the June 13 birth date, an inherent conflict between that of a genuine desire to generate change in the world, and the tendency to avoid the making of major decisions. You can suffer from the problem of being able to make those leaps of faith in life.

It can be difficult for those of the June 13 birth date to understand, or appreciate, as to why so many people become so involved and attached to the difficulties of life, to the extent that they end up finding themselves paralyzed.

As a June 13, you are the sort of person who prefers to have their freedom, to be free like the eagle bird souring above the landscapes.

Obviously, there will be times when you will find yourself forced into some forms or other of restrictive situations that you would have far preferred to avoided and, as result, you will have no option but to accept and take up the necessary responsibility.

As a June 13, it is necessary that you learn to accept those natural cycles of life whereby there will be times when you can act in that manner of freedom like child or a bird-on-the-wing, and then at other times you will have no option but to act in an adult manner. Once you have become able to combine these two aspects of your nature, you will then progress to greater success in life.

The fixed star Alnilan is sited in the belt of Orion and located on some of the June 13 birthdays. This position was believed to endow fleeting public honors according to certain beliefs of those of ancient times.

The June 13 is by nature an outgoing type of individual who has the talent for charging into experiences, and doing so without worry. An image for the June 13 is that of a barn dance where everyone participates with a sense of sincere human fellowship and fun.

There is every possibility that, as a June 13 birth date, you will have a love of language and, as result, you could be attracted to the more humorous aspects of literature. This could take the form of limericks or nonsense types of ditties.

Colors that fall in favor with the June 13 birth date are yellow, salmon, gray-violet and light purple

The mineral Aventurine comes in colors of red-brown, yellow, gray, and green. This and is a gemstone that can help the June 13 to achieve a focus of mind.

On the home front, you should consider utilizing a lot of the light mauve color around your home. This is a color that will help you to create the best in-home environment for the promotion of happy and successful relationships.

Light colored cane, or wicker type furniture should appeal to your June 13 personality, and you should look to utilize this type of furniture both within the home and in you’re out door entertaining areas.

Since reading is important to you, consider a suitable book storage display facility within the home.

There is a strong possibility that you will have a great interest in music, even to the extent of the playing of an instrument. You are likely to prefer fast beat music and as result, you may hold a particular liking for Irish jigs and folk music

As a June 13, you could well favor the art of painting. Where you do so, you might even like to consider painting a scenic, or some other motif type landscape on a wall as a feature wall in your home.

On the outdoors front, those of the June 13 birth date will take a particular interest in hilly type terrains with tree lines visions that change in the blowing winds.

Air is an important factor for you and as result you will appreciate most forms of air movement whether it’s by way of natures breezes or by man made equipment such as air fans.

Bird life will be of interest to you, so that walks in a wood or a park where there is an active bird life or water areas for ducks can be a considerable relaxing pleasure.

In your garden, consider erecting some form of bird feeder unit, but do so in a place and position that is safe from any predators.

Where at all possible, you should certainly consider having a gazebo or alternatively a latticework structure that cordons off an area to which you can sit and relax in a fresh air atmosphere.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 3.

The thirteenth day of the sixth month reduces to ten, and the number ten represents that of quintessence and perfect expression.

The path of this day is one of the selecting and separation of an aspect of your potential and then taking it to the final limit of its expression.

This is a pattern of specialization. You are asked to promote a possibility to its highest expression. But you should choose wisely, because you will go to the limit with whatever you select.

The 165th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three contributes the factor of creative self-expression to your inner mission for adventure, conquest, and self-mastery.