June 12 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Uranus.

Astrological Birthday Features

Aspects associated with this day. indicate that those of the June 12 Gemini birth date are individuals of high morals and, in particular, in relation to that of their personal emotional relationships.

As a June 12 birth date, you have a highly romantic side and also, a very sensitive side in your nature. The quality of honesty is of paramount importance for you, and you will value any partnerís personal honesty far above that of any other quality that they may have.

The June 12 is a very optimistic, cheerful, and fun type of individual who is always quick with a happy smile, some comical words or gestures, and the sort of person who is always full of good ideas to conjure up a good time for those around them.

As result of such qualities, you will enjoy the company of others, and are likely to have a very wide network of personal friends and acquaintances.

As a June 12, your personal sense of satisfaction arises through your most excellent participation within your community.

As example, throwing a big party, organizing a dance, or taking up dancing lessons etc.

You enjoy having a good social life, and meeting with new people. You will love those more intimate dinner parties, and will take great enjoyment in making life as pleasant as possible for both yourself and those around.

As a June 12, you can become bored quite easily and, as result, you will enjoy frequent leaving for short trips and journeys, or that of visiting your extended family and friends, concerts, theatre shows, and the latest in films.

Even if you are not traveling out of town, you will tend to spend many of your free evenings and afternoons away from your home environment.

There is every possibility, that as a person born on this day, you will have a relatively strong interest in music, even to the extent of playing an instrument yourself.

Where this is a reality for you, then you should consider looking to learning to play a percussion type of musical instrument. The drums would be an interesting instrument for those of the June 12 birth date.

The June 12 has supercharged mind, a mind that is mentally operating extremely fast all the time. As result of this quality, they can often tend to think more than they feel.

This can result in, that at times, they can become too involved in their own imaginative web, with result that at times they tend to exaggerate minor problems and end up, blowing them up into full-blown windstorms.

The colors of azure and light violet relate well for the June 12, and the minerals of rose quartz and rhodonite are gemstones that can lighten your heart and outlook to life.

On the home front, the June 12 is more than likely than most people to take an active involvement in the structural design of their home. This is because of your inherent interest in design and shapes.

Alternatively, you would very likely derive great enjoyment in undertaking an extensive renovation project of an existing property that was of particular appeal to you.

Furniture that incorporates chintz patterning can appeal to your senses, as will lighting equipment that projects out a soft light effect within your home environment.

The weather, and the changes in weather conditions, is something that can be of intrigue to the June 12 because your own moods and swings may well be influenced by any changes in air pressure. Consider owning a barometer therefore, as it can form an interesting personal guide for you.

In keeping with the fun aspect of your nature, and as an expression of your own individuality, consider placing a few specific and unusual signs or items of particular appeal to you about your home.

On the out doors front, the June 12 tends to like high country from hilly landscapes through to mountain scenes. Fresh air is an important quality for you so that light breezes and air flows help to invigorate you.

Running can be a good form of exercise for the June 12 whether in the form of general jogging or pacing yourself on a local running track.

In respect of the garden, you should certainly endeavor to have your garden area walled in. This might be in the form of wooden fencing or, where possible walling constructed from stone or brick.

Butterflies can be of particular appeal to those of the June 12 birth date so you might like to consider some plants or flowers in the garden that will attract these beautiful little creatures.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 2.

The twelfth day of the sixth month reduces to nine, and the number nine signifies that of accomplishment, and the finalization of the seed of an idea.

The path of this day represents the energy of joy in that of community. The pattern develops the desire and need to be involved with others, and that you enter into the shared experiences of life without conditions.

The 164th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the quality of accessibility and calm with that of mutual dependence.