June 11 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

Astrological Birthday Features

There are aspects associated with this June 11 Gemini birth date, that indicate a person who can be of great courage, who can look after themselves well, and who is prepared to come to grips with the most complex of social issues.

This June 11 birth date is endowed with the potential for the development of genuine intuition. This is a gift that will allow one to progress beyond that of logic and reason, and into a deeper harmonization with life.

As a June 11, you are endowed with a mind that thinks rapidly, and as result there are times when it operates so fast, that you tend to know before hand, how a particular situation is going develop and work out.

As example, you will find that you often know exactly what another party is going to say, prior to them actually coming out with their words.

Your gift of Intuition provides you with a sense of being somewhat universal. As example, it allows you to feel like you are inter-connected to everyone and not just to those of your immediate family or particular social group.

The red plant Mars holds some positive influence for you, and especially in relationship to your working environment and career ambitions.

This June 11 birthday can bring out talents, and it can also bring out impatience when it comes to dealing with others who my lack such talent and intelligence. Your objective is to remain centered, and to concentrate upon your own abilities and not to be overly preoccupied about others.

As a June 11, when considering a vocation or career, your gifts and talents could be well utilized within any organization that is involved in the fields of the environment, world health or hunger relief for example.

Alternatively, the June 11 can find a comfortable vocational home within the artistic professions such as, music, the theatre or film industry for example. Should you not be involved in any such areas of activity then you might like to consider doing so, in order to develop that artistic aspect of your nature.

There is some potential to indicate that those of the June 11 birth date could have an inclination to over indulge when it come to food. However, counter influence associated with this day, can indicate that that your food interest is more likely to be in the form of the quality of the food rather than in the quantity.

So, by all means enjoy your restaurant meals but give due consideration to taste, flavor and quality over the size of your meal. In addition, water can be an important element for you, so keep a glass of water handy as it can have a settling effect on your feelings.

On the health front, the June 11 could gain great benefit from the mental and physical disciplines involved in the sport of the martial arts. You might like to consider taking up karate or tae-kwan-do for example.

The colors of dark blue, turquoise, slate gray and champagne relate well for you and in particular, the color shades of blue and green can be extremely harmonious for those of the June 11 birth date.

To strengthen your senses of courage and vision, consider acquiring some specimens of green quartz and tanzanite.

On the home front, The June 11 enjoys light and a home with window outlets that provide for a variety of exposures, that face out to all of the four points of the compass would be ideal.

As a June 11 birth date, you will appreciate a clean cut, open and airy environment within your home, and should decorate accordingly. This can take the form of light wood furnishings, pastel wall coloring and soft translucent type inner curtains.

Consider incorporating some hanging prisms or other colored glass type items about your home as the can help to catch and bring the sunlight into your home.

The planet Mars also holds a certain influence in your life, and in order to derive the most from that planetís energy, you should consider keeping some form of iron ornaments or pieces within your home. These might take the form of a pair of iron candlesticks for example, incorporating some red candles.

On the out doors front, the June 11 will tend to feel quite comfortable when sitting high up on a hilly country side, positioned under the shade of a tree, and being able to look down upon the arena of views below.

While as a Gemini, you will take enjoyment from a garden environment, you are likely to hold a greater interest and appreciation in attractive views, and in particular, landscape settings.

It would not be unusual therefore, to find that you have an interest in the painting such settings, as the colors and sounds of the surrounding insect life can provide you with additional inspiration.

A gazebo or other such similar little hide away situation in your garden would form the perfect place for you to retire, to contemplate and to meditate.

If at all possible, you should also consider some form of moving water system in the garden. The sound of a water fountain or even a natural small stream flow can help you to relax.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 10.

The eleventh day of the sixth month reduces to eight, and the number eight is the number that represents evolution.

As we continually learn throughout lives, applying that which we learn in one cycle, into a benefit within that of the next cycle of life, and so on. Our consciousness develops from one cycle of expression to the next.

The 163rd day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten contributes the influence of the completion of a process and that of being fully prepared to begin again.