July 9 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Mars.

July 9 – Birthday Interpretation.

This July 9 Cancer birth date is an exciting combination of, and in equal measures, the elements of fire and air energy.

It is these influences that make the July 9 Cancer a very inspiring person to know and have around. They are, by nature, always full of drive and enthusiasm in relation to their latest concepts, ideas or undertakings.

Earth energy is also a quality that you need in order to ensure that your ideas or undertakings have a chance of resulting in a desired reality. In order attract this earth energy input consider giving time to taking some regular long walks in a rural or nature related environment.

As a July 9 you are one who will give time to help with the development of others, and as result you are likely to be a very popular person within your working environment,

This July 9 birth date holds a strong connection with family and children in the form of being a mother figure. As result, you will find that, irrespective of your gender, you have an inherent urge and desire to provide a nurturing presence in your daily life, in the form of the giving to and taking care of others.

This may take the form of being a protective and concerned parent to your family, or if family or children are not concerned, you will find that you will treat your partners, friends, and loved ones with the same genuine interest, concern and active involvement in their welfare

This quality of your personality identifies that you are likely to enjoy any vocation or profession that involves the caring for and helping others. As example, a working environment of a counselor, teacher or something in the medical arena could be ideal for the July 9.

For the July 9, there are times when creative energy can become nervous energy, with result that it can hard for you to know what to do with yourself. On such occasions, resort to some deep-breathing exercises as this can be your best way to maintain a smooth flow.

The July 9 can be particularly sensitive to the smell of scents such as overly strong perfumes, and certain detergent type products.

You have great energy and determination when it comes to exploring self-knowledge, and there are associations with this birth date to indicate that you could have a strong fascination for matters related to ancient and prehistory. This might lead you to investigate and study archaeological matters, or spend time in visiting such places as natural history museums.

Blue, mauve, emerald green, silvery gray and the reddish-brown color of burnt sienna are colors compatible to the July 9 birth date.

The mineral gems of opal and moonstone are the gemstones for you.

To the July 9, their home constitutes their retreat or sanctuary away from the more outward activities of life. It will be a place of great warmth and comfort away from those more mundane daily activities of work or whatever.

Water, and the imagery of water can be a comforting influences for you so that, in-home water features or images should be a part of your home décor.

These could take the form of an aquarium with fish, or some paintings, pictures or photographs of scenic views that include water.

To accommodate a moon influence within your home décor you could consider incorporating some designs or shapes that express the moon and its various phases. As example, some crescent, half, or full shapes in relation furniture pieces, items, or in designs on fabrics.

The colors of blue and mauve can hold a relationship to that of the nurturing aspect of your nature, so consider owning some attractive glassware, ornaments or otherwise in these colors and keep them in place where they are regularly visible to you. This might be your bathroom, bedroom or a dining room display cabinet.

As a July 9 birth date you are one who will like to hold on to items that form mementos from that of your past and, that of your family members.

On the outdoors front, the July 9 will enjoy any rural setting that features a shady water environment. As example, consider the setting of quietly fishing on a quite riverbank or lakeside beneath the shade of some lush green willow trees.

In the garden, the July 9 is likely to be a relatively keen gardener when it comes to the cultivation of plants, and will love nothing more than just simply pottering around.

As a July 9 Cancer you will derive great enjoyment from any water features you may have in the garden. A fishpond for example, or any other form of artificial water recalculating garden piece and, if at all possible, a swimming pool would be perfect for you.

A greenhouse is definitely a plus for the July 9 and could be a place in which you could cultivate some prized plantings such as roses for example. White roses in particular should appeal to you, and water based plants such as water lilies sit comfortably to your eye with their association to your ruling element of water.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 2.

The ninth day of the seventh month reduces to seven, and the number seven represents that of victory. It contains within the promise of the ultimate mastery at the end of the cycle

The 191st day of the year reduces to two, and the number two contributes the influence of reflection and replication. These are qualities that can assist you to compare, contrast, and evaluate the worth of that with which you surround yourself.