July 8 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter, Mars.

July 8 – Birthday Interpretation.

Those of the July 8 Cancer birth date, can at times have that tendency to allow their life to be overruled by their work or career ambitions. When one follows this pattern of life you can end up simply existing for work rather than working in order to live your life.

This type of existence is not the healthiest approach to life, and you should consider endeavoring to establish a better balance between your working commitments, and your personal life responsibilities and activities.

The July 8 is a person of considerable inner depths, and that which appears outwardly in your life does not in any way really reveal your real potentials.

Where you have that feeling that your creative potentials within, are far greater than those revealed in the current events in your life reveal, then it is for you to work to find the ways and methods in order to develop and advance yourself.

While we all need to receive support and encouragement from others at times, there can be that tendency at times, for you to rely to much on the support from others, rather than first giving yourself the opportunity to really show what you can do.

As a July 8, you should take up the challenge and give yourself that opportunity, because once you have conjured up your willpower, set your sights on your ambitions, and can step outside of your normal comfort zone, you will discover that all the support and advice that you need will be readily forthcoming.

As a July 8, you have that flair or talent for the process of being able to continually consider the ideal potentials of practical realities in life. You have an inherent understanding of the principles related to money with result that you are adept when it comes to the subjects of figures and finance.

While this quality may not necessarily indicate that you will be exceptionally wealthy, you could find that the career choices of finance, banking, real estate, advertising or creative marketing could be very fruitful and satisfying for you.

As a July 8, you inherently understand that there is no such thing as something for nothing. However, you must endeavor to improve this understanding to the point of being able to identify which incentive or motivation generates which response.

In other words, the effort you put in will result in a balancing result and reward. As example, if sow lettuce seeds, you will certainly not end up reaping cabbages.

Health-wise, those of the July 8 birth date can be quite athletic individuals. As result, you might like to consider engaging in some form of regular active exercise. A gymnasium membership could be ideal for you with the variety of physical activities available, and in particular, swimming is certainly a pleasurable activity for the July 8.

The colors of white, lime green, cardinal red are compatible with your birth date, and in particular, the color of light/pale green is a color that can help you to clear your mind of distractions.

Ruby is the gemstone for the July 8, so consider one incorporated into a piece of your jewellery. It is a stone that can help to inspire and activate your energies.

On the home front, the July 8 will like an environment that provides a snugly and comfortable effect. It is a place where you can both explore and indulge your feelings.

You will want your main living areas to be places, where family and friends are able to sit and lounge about in a totally relaxed manner.

An essential piece of furniture for the July is a comfortable sofa on which you can lounge.

In keeping with the influence of your ruling element of water, the bathroom or, if can afford one, a Jacuzzi, are perfect relaxation places for you to ponder on your dreams and ambitions. Don’t forget to add some bath salts of lavender and jasmine to help your relaxation and boost your thoughts.

With your inherent interest in family and family history, keep some personal photos in your home or, on your desk at work.

On the outdoors front, those of the July 8 birth date are always at their happiest when they are close to nature, and in particular, where the environment involves some form of natural water element such as a river, lake, pond or, even the ocean.

In the garden, a swimming pool would be the perfect addition for the July 8 to cater for their relatively strong athletic needs and their birth date association with the element of water.

There are influences related to this day to indicate that you can have a strong relationship with earth. As result, gardening is a perfect leisure activity for those of the July 8 birth date, and you will love nothing more than pottering around in the garden.

You are likely to have a strong interest in the cultivation of plants and derive great joy from the growing of colorful flowers. A greenhouse could be a prized possession for you.

Water plants such as water lilies are flowers that you might particularly enjoy growing whether in water planters or in a pond.

There is every possibility of your having a “Green Thumb” when it comes to your cultivation activities so that you plantings of vegetables could provide some very satisfying results.

For your garden relaxation you will favor shaded areas with a nice hammock positioned beneath. This will be a perfect place for you to lie back, and to contemplate after a day of gardening activity.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 1.

The eighth day of the seventh month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of beauty and the harmonization of opposites.

The number six acts as a balance between opposites and defuses antagonism.

The 190th day of the year reduces to one, and the number one drives you to instigate new efforts in order that you can generate ever-greater rewards in life.