July 7 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Mars, Jupiter.

July 7 – Birthday Interpretation.

As a July 7 Cancer birth date, you have been endowed with an excellent quick thinking mind, and you are certainly the person to have around when fast and creative solutions are needed to settle any issues or problems.

You are the ideal person to have around when people need a reliable pair of hands to insure that a job gets fully completed.

With this personality characteristic, you could well find that a career or vocation involving some form of consultancy activity could suit you very well.

In addition, you are, as a July 7, one who is versatile and with talents in the arenas of business, music, writing, fine arts, and mathematics.

On the more personal relationship front, you can be very supportive as a partner and one who will do whatever you can in order to help those close to you to achieve their own aims and goals.

Psychologically, as a July 7 you have the tendency to effectively reinvent yourself within, in order to meet with your changing circumstances, feelings or emotions.

This quality can also become apparent in your dealings with more material matters. As example, you can quite often find that you will change your furniture and other household possessions in accordance with that of your feelings or moods of the time. This can even extend to that of moving to another house when you are undergoing some deep emotional set back or changes.

As a July 7 you can be somewhat emotionally retentive by nature, and will tend to hold on to things, feelings and habits, purely for the sake of sentimental reasons. In this respect you will be wise to conduct some regular clean outs by carefully assessing that which you really need, and that of excess baggage that you do not need in life.

There are aspects associated with this July 7 birth date to suggest that you can have the ability to react quite aggressively in the event that

you are aroused to the point of anger. Give due consideration however, to the fact that standing by what you believe in is one thing, but there can be times when that little extra control over temper can be far more prudent.

As a July 7 birth date you will generally find yourself good with your hands and are likely to gain considerable enjoyment from such activities as the making of things, and decorating.

You are likely to enjoy the act of giving away your some of your creations to friends or relatives and, with your interest in cooking, these might take the form of home made cakes, sweets or other such culinary goodies.

Dress wise, the July 7 can often favor black and white combinations or, in keeping with your feelings of the time and all black or all white phase of dress.

Yellow, mushroom and opalescent colors are compatible with this birth date and that of blue is likely to be a favorite color for you.

Blue agate and labradorite are gemstones in keeping with the July 7 birth date, and that of the amethyst gemstone can help to inspire you with a calming influence.

On the home front, the July 7 will like design features of a curved nature above those of angular or sharp square effect.

Space is something that you will appreciate within your home with plenty of window areas and “Ranch Slider” doors opening out onto you’re patio area.

You should consider neutral colors for your décor and possibly a light yellow in your bedroom could prove inspirational.

As a July 7 birth date you do need a place of your own to which you can retire. Consider having a room or area as a place of special retreat to which you can sit in comfort.

A basement space would be ideal for you where you could keep some old but comfortable furniture, and some music or video equipment on which to play your favorite music pieces.

On the outdoors front, you will, in keeping with the influence of water over your birth date, enjoy any environment involving that element.

If at all possible, a swimming pool in the garden would be an ideal environment in which to float and laze away any emotional build-ups.

Alternatively, a simple fishpond area that includes a hammock positioned under some form of shady area such as a tree will suffice to meet your relaxation needs.

As a July 7, those times of comfortable relaxation can allow your mind to turn-over, and to wander with result that at times, it can generate some surprising concepts and ideas.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 9.

The seventh day of the seventh month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of adaptability, changeability, and organization.

Your path in life is one of that of an on-going refinement of your inner thoughts. As result, you should pursue every possible avenue where you can express your gifts and talents in order that you can ultimately perfect them

The 189th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes that of the promise of achievement and, that in turn, inspires your confidence and ambition to go forth to attain that which you desire.