July 6 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Mars.

July 6 – Birthday Interpretation.

The July 6 Cancer is a good individual to have around during a crisis.

They are endowed with that ability to remain logical, practical and to keep their head about them, when all other’s around them may be suffering panic.

As a July 6 you have the ability to study and evaluate the events in your life in a sensible and logical manner, and then to quickly respond in order to readjust you’re your course in life to meet any changes in conditions.

You have a powerful imagination, and this is a quality that you should look to capitalize on in life. You might like to consider the possibility of taking up writing, as this is a talent you could well excel at.

As a July 6 you are an emotional person and very likely to have a strong religious sense.

You are likely to take pleasure and comfort in surrounding yourself with many material things. You will tend to accumulate numerous items some of which could be in the way of interesting collections – coins or stamps for example.

This collecting quality of your nature can also apply in respect the emotional aspects of your life. There are many emotional feelings that are just not worth hanging onto in life, and it is far better to take the attitude of “forgive and forget” to release them from your mind permanently.

Remember, there is a considerable difference between that of cluttering your home or mind with unnecessary items or thoughts and that of collecting or retaining that which you really need in life.

Consider conditioning yourself to conduct regular clean-outs and get rid of those excessive items or thought and feelings that you really do not need to hold onto.

There are associations with this birth date that indicate you are not the type of person who is too receptive to dramatic change. This need not

be of major concern for you however, since in the main, you will find that in respect of most of the inevitable upheavals that may occur in your life will inevitably result in a good outcome for you.

As a July 6 you have an inherent interest in the natural world, and as result, you could find history matters and in particular, the subjects of astronomy and botany a challenging fascination.

Books of a historical nature could well be prized possessions and form part of one of your valued collections. You might like to consider researching your own family’s history and bloodlines, as such research might well provide you with some interesting information in respect of your own character.

Time clocks can often prove of interest to those of this birth date, and you may well gain great enjoyment and relaxation from the activity of cleaning or repairing of them. Such an activity can provide a peaceful environment in which you can not only engage your mind but also relax it.

As a July 6 you should give due attention to your health and where possible give some regular time to some strong physical activity. Aerobics or some workouts in your local gymnasium should do the job.

On those occasions when you might feel the need to settle you’re your emotions then consider burning some cedar wood incense or cedar oil while relaxing in your favorite place.

Tangerine, turquoise and iridescent grays are colors compatible with the July 6 birth date, and the gemstone of black opal, perhaps incorporated within a nice jewellery piece, can help to intensify your sensitivities.

The home and the home environment are very important to those of the July 6 birth date. You are one who is likely to appreciate a spacey in-home atmosphere and a décor in shades of cream colors would be perfect for you.

You are unlikely to favor shapes or designs that are too sharp or angular so that curved shapes in relation to interior home décor and furniture’s will prove most appealing. As example, curved corners at the meeting of walls and ceilings and a circular table in the dining room with shaped rather than straight line chairs.

Your kitchen is likely to be a principal focal for your family so you will appreciate plenty of working space for meal preparations, plus plenty of storage facilities in the form of cabinets and drawers

Consider keeping a miniature palm or some other form of flexible plant in a place where you can regularly see it as it can help you to adjust in a positive way to the idea of adaptability.

On the Outdoors front, the July 6 can derive great pleasure from peaceful walks in natural environments that include waterways with shady areas. This might take the form of visiting lake land areas or just a simple walk in a park with ponds.

With those inherent abilities to swiftly evaluate and institute changes to meet the conditions of the time, the sport of sailing or yachting could be a good outdoors sporting activity for those of the July 6 birth date.

In the garden the July 6 will prefer a garden that incorporates some shady areas that look out over well defined and constructed curved style pathways, and tidy flower and/or vegetable planting beds.

A shady patio with garden furniture of character will appeal to your nature. As a July 6 your tastes may well stretch to aluminum or plastic style furniture.

A garden fish pond or other such water feature will appeal to your cancer sign characteristics and your garden can form the perfect place for you to meditate at night under the light of your ruling planet, the moon

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 8.

The sixth day of the seventh month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of order and theoretical reason.

This path of this day is one of becoming highly sensitive to everything and anything with your environment that can potentially cause you concern.

The 188th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight contributes the quality of rhythm and vibration, change and on-going change. These are qualities that will assist your abilities, for responsiveness.