July 29 Birthday






July 29 Birthday interpretation .

Qualities associated with this July 29 Leo birth date identify with an individual who will not only like to shine in life, but also one who is likely to stand out, and thereby draw the attention of, and the noticed others.

The July 29’s desire to be noticed, and to be appreciated for their abilities, does not imply that they are in any way selfish or that they will go out of their way to deliberately seek to diminish the light of others in order stand out themselves.

As a July 29, you are an individual who is fashioned by the existing social trends within your environment.

As example, for you it is important that you fit in socially, and to act, and to do that which is expected of you. You take this outlook more for the purpose of securing your position in society rather than for any reason of being considered good or otherwise by others.

Influences associated with this birth date indicate that the July 29 is by nature, a very fair-minded person. Other tendencies connected to this date identify with adventure and licentiousness as well as that of great ability and leadership qualities.

You are the type of person who has very strong values in life, and you are unlikely to compromise those values irrespective of any forces or influences that may confront you.

Whether as a lover, friend or parent, you are very unwavering and determined in your support of those who are close to you, and it is of importance for you to know that you have made some sound contributions to their lives.

Furthermore, as a July 29 you will not be embarrassed should those you help provide you with reward for your kindnesses by way of gifts and compliments.

As a July 29 you have an inherent respect for that of tradition and the procedures of the past, however, you are one who will want to bring all activities and personal style to a more up-to-date level.

You are by nature an extremely energetic person, and this is mainly revealed in your ability to come up new ideas and concepts with enormous speed. This can prove to be a valuable talent to have in relation to your working environment, as well as providing for an interesting home life.

Those born on this day have a path in life of idealistic self-expression, and the pursuit of excellence as exampled through personal handicrafts and cultural artifacts of your own design.

This is a pattern of uniting with the principle of creative inspiration and of literally breathing life into one’s creations.

Consider the study of some form of unique craft such as glassblowing, or collect and display one of-a-kind artifact’s from cultures around the world – their diversity should interest and inspire you.

The colors of yellow, light brown (Butterscotch), greens, and light blue resonate well with this July 29 birth date, and you should utilize blues and greens where you want to stimulate your creativity.

The mineral of serpentine is a gemstone that lends itself well to carving, and therefore the designing of attractive forms and settings. This is a good material with which to apply your creative talents.

On the home front, the July 29 is one who will like to have some pretty regular changes about their home. This might involve the repositioning of furniture through to frequently varying the in-home décor, ornaments and hanging wall feature.

Whatever you do, or however you change things in the home, you have that ability to easily arrive at an interesting, if not exciting final effect.

In some respects you tend to generate an ongoing in-home carnival atmosphere that appeals to all around you.

In keeping with your creative style, you should concentrate on acquiring ornaments and home items that are both ornate and unusual. Consider endeavoring to apply these same principles in respect of your personal belongings.

In your kitchen, you should consider growing some sage and rosemary on the windowsill, and if you like to cook then consider saffron as a seasoning.

Some image representation of both the Lion and the sun within your home can provide you with sound influences.

On the outdoors front, you are likely to enjoy spending time by the sea on warm to hot sunny days.

Water sports will appeal to you and that of sailing should be a great outdoor activity for you. Where you do not live within easy reach of the sea then sailing or boating on lake or rivers will cater to the adventurous side of your nature.

The east is a direction for you, and when needing to think, contemplate and dream up new ideas and concepts, consider sitting quietly while facing the east.

A sundeck would be an excellent addition to your home, and a perfect place for you to entertain. Consider including some form of screening for privacy purposes.

You have an appreciation for wines, so why not consider growing some vines around your home.

In the garden you should consider growing plenty of flowers that produce large and brilliant blooms such as, sunflowers, dahlias, asters, orange gladiolas and bougainvillea. Large yellow and red flowers can be a particular inspiration for the artistic side of your nature.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 4.

The twenty-ninth day of the seventh month reduces to nine, and the number nine signifies that of attainment, fulfillment, the ultimate achievement of a goal.

The 211th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the valuable qualities of measuring, surveying, and the identification of your artistic endeavors.