July 28 Birthday






July 28 Birthday interpretation.

Born on the July 28 Leo birth date, you have been endowed with a considerable worth of creativity qualities to support you in your ambitions for success in life.

As a July 28 however, you do have a particular vulnerability in that you can quickly feel a rejection from somebody, even though when in the long run, that person may really mean of little importance to you.

You must learn to develop the quality of being more impersonal in relation to your outlook to others, and therefore avoid those risks for highly charged emotional reactions.

You must learn that you cannot always be accepted, admired, or appreciated by everyone you encounter in life.

Once you can project that more impersonal outlook to life, you will appreciate that any of those up and down times that you had formerly experienced, were just not worth it.

In addition, that the time that you might have wasted on such events can now be applied toward you achieving a greater success in life.

You have a natural taste for the finer things and would do well helping to create beautiful environments both for your self and others.

As a July 28 birth date, you will have a deep respect for that of learning and education, plus you have a particular talent for research work.

There are certain associations related with this day that identify with that of magic and the occult. As result, it is possible that you may already have some interest in that of the mysterious, and the unknown.

You might like to consider acquiring a pack of tarot cards, or some written works on practical occultism, as you may well find that you are a natural when it comes to this subject arena.

Other aspects associated with this July 28 day can indicate an interest in that of the exotic. As result of this influence you could find that you have an imaginative interest in some of the more unusual pets such as, lizard, tortoises, terrapins, snakes or exotic fish

Born on this July 28 day, you have a path in life of connecting to the rhythmic ebb and flow of events that surround you, and that of understanding the meaning of dramatic change and the resultant natural evolution.

Historically the wheels of life revolve in wide cycles, and at the commencement of each new initial turning point, new ideas can be seen as revolutionary.

In reality, such new ideas form both the lubricant, and the motivation for, the ongoing turning of those wheels.

As example, consider the various revolutionary movements in history. What may start out to be considered as radical thoughts and ideas, can ultimately become the forces to inspire the transformation and re-architecture of an entire society.

On the wardrobe front, the July 28 should select clothing that will project a dramatic flair in keeping with their royal Leo image. As example, long flowing dresses, capes, sashes and topcoats.

Gold resonates well with your birth date, and this metal should form part of your jewellery where you are a woman, or in accessories for a man.

This birthday has a strong affinity with that of the sense of smell. Oils and essences such as orange, neroli and lemon grass are particularly reminiscent for the July 28.

The colors of reds, yellow, orange and turquoise resonate well with the July 28 birth date.

The minerals of yellow jasper and chrysocolla (hydrated copper silicate) are gemstones that can help to refine your mental processes.

On the home front, the July 28 is someone who tends to prefer a fairly private life. For you, your home is your castle and a place that is totally your own private domain, and free from the intrusion by others.

You will like a living environment that has space areas that provide for a circular atmosphere.

You should have a centrally placed chair as both a representation of your royal Leo standing, and as a good place for your thinking, contemplation and research

As a July 28, you should frequently vary your in-home décor, and alternate or change any paintings or photographs that you have mounted on your walls.

You should including some image of the sun, your ruling sign, in your home, and this could take the form of a painting, a photograph or a wall ornament.

A representation of the Lion by way of a statue, picture or painting should be included somewhere within your home environment.

On the outdoor front, the July 28 will favor an out door environment where there is a combination of hot dry sunny weather and the sea.

Sailing should be a great outdoor activity for you, and for many, long distance blue water sailing can be very attractive. A sailing vacation, where you are actively involved in the operation of the boat would be perfect for you.

To a lesser degree, sailing on inland lakes or a trip along a river will also satisfy your interest.

In your garden or yard you should consider building, or growing a substantial hedgerow around your garden, or home property area, in order to provide for your sense for privacy and seclusion.

A sundeck would be an excellent addition to your home and garden area.

Consider growing vines around your home and incorporating flowers that provide for large and brilliant blooms such as, sunflowers, dahlias, asters, orange gladiolas and bougainvillea for example.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 3.

The twenty-eighth day of the seventh month reduces to eight, and the number eight identifies with that of the rhythmic ebb and flow of all the events and manifestations of the universe.

The 210th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds to this path an inherent understanding of how the creative process unfolds.

Each cycle in life should build on the foundations of the one before and thus benefit from the lessons and experiences learned.