July 26 Birthday






July 26 Birthday interpretation .

For those born on this July 26 Leo birth date, the factor of success in life is of uppermost importance. For you, the desire for success in life is a driving force above all else.

While the “determination to succeed” quality that is associated with your July 26 birth date is extremely useful in today’s competitive society and, may well essential in respect of some careers, you do need to give due consideration to your emotional life as there is also an association with that of grief connected to this day.

Age, and that of growing old, does not seem to be a great feature for those of this birth date.

You have that inherent fire of eternal youth within you, and will find that, as you progress through your life to middle age and beyond, you will tend to attract the company of younger people, friends and admirers into your arenas of life.

As a July 26, you are one who will like to keep up to date with the latest trends, and in particular, that of dress, and the latest fashions and styles.

In fact, you can have the tendency to spend a more of your income than most other folk upon personal embellishments, beautifications, and adornments.

Take caution, and give due consideration to your spending in order to avoid spending beyond your financial means, because for you, watching the budget is definitely not one of your most favorite considerations in life

Friends and friendships are very important for the July 26, and at times you can tend to play favorites in that you will choose one person as your special friend, and then again at other times, reselect some other person.

For you, loyalty is an essential quality, and that will be the quality you will require in those few people whom you will allow to become close to you.

As a July 26 your energies dictate that you are always on the move, and an image for you is that of circus show wagon that is forever moving on from place to place.

Such wagons used to be associated with traveling road shows. Your abilities, flamboyance, and confidence enable you be your own road show.

As example, a circus ringmaster who will keep everything flowing along irrespective of whether or not any particular act goes awry.

Having been born on this day, you have a path of understanding, and respect the contributions of the past, while also being able to look ahead with great optimism as to the promise of the future.

This is a path of cooperating with forces and influences that, on the surface, appear to compete with one another, and involves a pattern of being able to examine contrasting values and of creating the worth that is inherent in each.

With the influence of a willingness to fight for ones objectives associated with this July 26 birth date you might well enjoy participation in active sporting activities that necessitate an accent upon mental strength above that of the physical.

This might lead you toward the martial arts for example, hunting or war games.

Colors that resonate well with the July 26 birth date are, bright red, emerald green, magenta, orange and violet blue.

Consider wearing emerald green on those more critical days and violet blue is a color that can help to cultivate your insights.

The mineral of “Adventurine” is a gemstone that can help to harmonize you both mentally and emotionally.

Gold is the metal for you, and you should wear plenty of gold during those cold winter months when there is less sunlight.

On the home front, the July 26 will appreciate furniture that portrays a distinct and interesting design -wing backed chairs for example.

Have at least one substantial favorite chair of your own as an expression of your Leo sign royal standing.

As a Leo you may well enjoy having a some form of special casual relaxation dress wear, and this might take the form of a pipe and slippers for a man, or the luxurious simplicity of a flowing “Kaftan” dress for a woman.

You should consider having some form of lion representation within your home, and this might take the form of small statue of a lion in the south of your home. This can enhance your qualities for ambition and drive, and help you to maximize your chances of staying the course and achieving your goals,

Consider also including some image of your ruling sign the sun within your home. For example, a painting, or photographic will suffice.

As a July 26 you may have an interest in mythology, so that images of the various sun gods could be perfect decorative objects within your home.

On the outdoors front, the July 26 likes to utilize nature as a background setting for schemes, ideas and plans.

Consider including a particular area within the garden as a family and friends entertainment place where you can hold court and demonstrate your entertaining skills.

You will like an orderly garden layout with clearly defined areas for flowers and vegetables. Vegetables and herbs are something that you might take a particular interest in growing.

Consider filling your garden with large and brilliant blooms such as, sunflowers, dahlias, asters, orange gladiolas and bougainvillea for example.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 10.

The twenty-sixth day of the seventh month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of the harmony of opposites and balanced polarities.

The 208th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the factor of ease of changeover from that of ending to that of beginning. This assists your awareness and understanding of the hidden connection between that of the old and the new.