July 25 Birthday






July 25 Birthday interpretation .

Born on this July 25 Leo birth date, you can at one level of existence seem to live only for the enjoyment of the moment.

Having said that however, you do have an inherent deep level of understanding that will assist you as you work your way through the intricacies of human relationships.

The July 25 pattern in life is one of facing up to continual thresholds that you are required to cross over, and of new horizons of conquest that become offered up to you.

As example, imagine yourself poised on the edge of a precipice and pursued by a dangerous creature. You are faced with the situation whereby you can either put up a fight or, take a leap off the precipice. Either way you cannot remain on the edge, so that whatever choice you make, it will change you forever and extend your sense of who you are.

The danger of this path in life is one of charging ahead without thinking, or giving due thought to the consequences resulting in your jumping off a cliff unnecessarily.

As a July 25, your outlook to life is based upon you expressing your own unique personality. This might be exampled by you consciously acquiring certain traits, quirks, modes of dress, conduct, and manners that will project your personal image in such way, that it will set you apart from others.

While there will be those times when you will feel that you would just like to blend into your surroundings, and find peace in some anonymity, you will find that generally, any such mood will 1ast only a short time, and then you will once again be up and running, to project your own special image into life.

As a July 25 you can often feel very restless and be unsure about your work, career or profession. You can take comfort however, and be rest assured, that you are one who has abilities and talents, and that seeking how to best apply those abilities and talents will be a worthwhile endeavor.

At your best, you can excel and stand out when it comes to a time of crisis.

The element of air holds a strong influence on this July 25 birth date and when linked with other influences, it can result in giving you something of a dreamy personality at times.

This might indicate that when it comes to the purely practical side of life you may find that you have some difficulty in keeping organized.

Other aspects associated with this July 25 birth date indicate a strong link to the ideas of creativity. There is a strong likelihood therefore, that you will express this aspect of your nature through some sort of visual art.

Painting in watercolors might be your forte or sculpting, pottery, or weaving etc.

Dress wise, you will always favor quality over that of the trashy, and your fashion selections and dress combinations are more than likely to stand out compared to others.

When you might be feeling a little low and need to boost up your out look, then consider wearing something that includes a pattern with the colors of red and yellow. This should influence and inspire you into a more joyful mood.

When it comes to jewellery and accessories, then gold is certainly the metal for those of the July 25 birth date.

Jewellery pieces for the girls and items such as tie clips, cuff links, necklace or pens for the boys. If you want to brighten your life by attracting a sunlight influence into daily existence during those midwinter blue periods, then try wearing some gold jewellery.

Colors that resonate well with the July 25 birth date are, red, yellowish-brown, bright yellow, lemon yellow and china blue.

Gemstones for you are those of howlite, lapis and amber.

On the home front, the July 25 will enjoy incorporating some unusual, if not unique, hard to get fabrics within their home. Colors of particular appeal are likely to be those gold, orange, and bright pastels.

The July 25 will feel comfortable in a home that projects a light and airy atmosphere, so that an open plan construction with large ranch slider doors rather than hinged door should fit the bill nicely

Your should have plenty of mirrors within your home both for their light quality and their availability to reflect your own royal Leo image

Leo’s can be great readers so that a book cabinet or library wall could prove to be restful place for you within your home.

The sun is your ruling sign, and some representation of the sun within your home can prove beneficial. This could take the form of a wall plaque, a clock with a sundial feature, or a picture or painting that predominantly features and image of the sun and its rays.

A picture with both a lion (your sign) and the sun would be perfect for you.

Most Leo’s love good food, and many will be quite skilled in the kitchen. To enhance both your personal efficiency and your culinary skills you should consider acquiring a really good set of quality kitchen knives to hang in your kitchen cooking area.

On the out doors front the July 25 will enjoy both the sunshine and water environments so that the beach and the oceans will have a great appeal for you.

You are likely to enjoy a wide range of physical outdoor activities, sporting or otherwise. You will love any challenge that will test your senses for active ruggedness.

To meet the needs of this aspect of your personality to stretch your limits, you might like to consider activities such as parachuting, mountain or rock climbing, sailing, or snorkeling and sea exploration.

In your garden consider incorporating some features that portray the sun and lion aspects of your Leo sign. This could take the form of a sundial and/or a statue of a sitting lion or a lion head for example.

Some form of impressive entryway into your garden will be in keeping with the royal aspects of your personality.

The July 25 birth date can involve a special relationship with trees, and in particular old or ancient trees.

Olive trees in particular, can be very supportive to your energies and you might like to consider growing these if it is at all possible in your climate conditions. Where this is not possible, then you might like to consider growing a citrus or walnut tree.

You are likely to enjoy both the visual and sound activities of small birds, so that a bird feeder, safely positioned away from potential predators, could be a great source of personal enjoyment for you.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 9.

The twenty-fifth day of the seventh month reduces to five, and the number five signifies that of change, adaptation, and uncertainty.

This is a path in life of being pushed to ones limits in order to be able develop and change oneself into an ever better person.

The 207th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the elements of attainment, completion, and goal achievement. These are powerful influences to help keep you motivated.