July 2 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

July 2 – Birthday Interpretation.

Influences associated with the July 2 Cancer birthday, indicate an individual who has a strong concern for justice, and as result they will have a tendency to favor the underdog in life.

The July 2 has a very caring and sensitive nature, holds strong life principals and is unlikely to be able to suffer or five much consideration to egotistical attitudes

As a July 2, you have a well-developed imagination and as a result your greatest pleasure in life can come from artistic activities. It is most likely that any such activities you engage in will be for the reason of personal pleasure and not for praise of financial reward.

Qualities associated with this day identify with one who needs to complete and express them self on a universal level. You have the ability to put together the achievements of all the cultures of humanity within your own field of endeavor.

Consider traveling and visiting foreign lands and engross yourself in the beliefs and cultural traditions of the entire human family. Collect, and fillyour home with artifacts and art pieces and from around the world. 

Alternatively, you can offer your wide-ranging span of vision within your own local community, and broaden the provincial view of your local area.

Being a July 2 birth date you are endowed with an exceptional memory and it will be very rare for you to forget anything.

You can easily recall events from throughout your past from childhood through to present. The hurts set back, injustices, and the joys, successes, happy events and laughter’s.

To support your love and appreciation of the past you should surround yourself with mementos and objects from your childhood, especially those photographs and small items that are of pure, sentimental value.

You will certainly like to keep mementos of your youth These might take the form music tracks by way of old long playing vinyl records or tapes plus other specific remembrance items from those times, a pocket knife, a favorite doll etc.

Moonstone and pearls are complement well for those of the July 2 birth date. In addition, the gemstones of green quartz and howlite are gems that can help you broaden your outlook and horizons.

The colors of a yellowish tinged white and azure (a delicate faint blue) favor your birth date and shades of the cooler violet and mauve will inspire relaxation.

As a July 2 birth date your home forms a very important and centralizing place, and irrespective of whatever type of work you may do, it is the retreat and activity center in your life.

Your interest in shape and design should be reflected in your home design, furniture and décor, where you will prefer curved shapes to that of straight line, angular shapes. As example, these could take the form of archway type entryways or inter room connections and circular or rounded corner items, objects within your home.

While you are certainly happy to engage in social activities, you are also one who will, at times, prefer to retire in order to spend some time alone with yourself. To cater for this little aspect of your character you should look to establish some place within your home to which you can get away. This could be a study, in the bedroom, or even in the privacy of your bathroom.

The bathroom with its powerful relationship with your ruling sign of water can be the perfect place for you to lay back and dream up your ideas and projects. Don’t forget to add some bath salts of lavender and jasmine to help your relaxation and boost your thoughts.

Cooking may be of particular for you and the kitchen a place in which to create some imaginative dishes. Owning some high quality professional cooking ware could appeal to your culinary senses.

Dairy dishes, soufflés and soups could rank among your favorite cooking recipes.

The energies that come with the season of spring are most vital for boosting up your inspiration and optimism. You can look to creating a year-round feeling of spring in your home by keeping a vase of corn lowers or some form of brightly painted spring scene in your home. You might like to consider a print or picture of the cherry blossom season in Japan for example.

Outdoors, the July 2 will have a particular appreciation for outdoor environments that involves access to water. As example, lakes, rivers or the sea shore.

The actions of water are complimentary to the moon influence upon your birth date. As result are likely to find great enjoyment from engaging in most forms of water-based activities such as swimming, boating, or water-skiing for example.

You are likely to enjoy watching the growth of plant life so that a greenhouse could be a valuable place for you to find peace and relaxation in just pottering around.

If you have a suitable area and structure then consider growing a vine in your garden, a grapevine for example, as the vine reverberates well with your fruitful nature.

If you cannot have a greenhouse, then your local plant nurseries will be a place in which to wander and rest your thoughts.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 4.

The second day of the seventh month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of attainment and fulfillment.

The 184th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the influence of that of arrangement and classification to your over-all view of reality. As example, this enables you to easily gain the lay of the land when you venture far from home.