July 14 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Neptune.

July 14 – Birthday Interpretation.

Certain influences associated with the July 14 Cancer birth date identify with an individual who has the ability to be able to persuade and manipulate others to great effect.

Together with those persuasive abilities you also have the capacity to take on heavy responsibility. As result, you are likely to experience little in the way of difficulties or obstacles in order to achieve a senior position in your chosen profession, or working life undertakings.

As a July 14 birth date, you are one who will tend to be extremely ethical in your dealings, and would never consider advancing yourself beyond your intrinsic worth.

Beneath the external face of the July 14 lies a layer of personal sensitivity that is not just limited to sensory stimuli, because as a July 14, you are also very conscious of the emotional and psychological factors involved in your surroundings.

Give consideration to the fact that where you are unable to focus and control this sensitivity, it can result in making you react in an overly skittish and thin-skinned manner, and even to the point, where you only feel comfortable when in an atmosphere or environment of very controlled circumstances.

This aspect of your July 14 nature however, can in fact become your greatest gift and asset in life where you are able combine the right education with that of the right training.

As example, this gift together with the appropriate education and training could well form the basis for highly skilled work in the professions of that of a teacher, a counselor, or a psychologist.

As a July 14 birth date you are one who is endowed with the qualities of both good bearing and patience. The element of chance events in your life will provide you with indications of the ups and downs and swings of your life. An image for you is of one who waits for their ship to come home.

The July 14 objective in life therefore, is to utilize chance for the purposes of pursuing your goals and dreams, rather than holding back and relying upon incidents of fortune to just steer your course in life.

On the hobby front, the artistic field of photography can be of particular interest to those of the July 14 birth date. As result, you are likely to keep a camera within reach in order to capture those visual effects of particular appeal for you.

You are also likely to derive considerable enjoyment from the art of the written word in the form of, prose and poetry. Books are important to you and books of this nature are likely to be found in your home for regular referral and readings.

The colors of silver, bright yellows, deep blue and the silvery yellow moonbeam effect are related to this birth date and, on those particular occasions when you might want to feel, or project a more regal effect, consider wearing something in the color of purple.

The gemstone of Beryl, and in particular, that of golden beryl, is a stone that can help to inspire the noble quality of your personality. Other stones for you forming part of the beryl family are the aquamarine, morganite and heliodor.

On the home front, the July 14 will gain comfort when they can achieve a balance of nature’s elements within the home. This can be achieved literally through the utilization of natures elements within your home décor, or representatively, with color such as blue for water, yellow for air, red for fire, and green for earth.

The element of water is something that should be emphasized within the home of the July 14. This could take the form of a water fountain, fish tank or just some attractive containers containing colored waters.

Your bathroom provides for a strong association you’re your element of water and will be a place in which you can relax and reinvigorate.

Mirrors can be important to you when related to their reflective quality. In your bedroom you should include some, preferably circular mirrors. As example, an old-fashioned vanity with a round mirror top would be a perfect furniture piece for those of the July 14 birth date.

Those of the July 14 birth date also hold a close affinity in relation to both animals and plant life. Consider including some lush green pot plants within your home and a pet is likely to be a well-loved member of your family.

On the outdoors front, the July 14 will take pleasure from any outdoors setting that involves water – lakes, ponds, rivers streams etc. Fishing could well be a favorite past time for you.

With your affinity with plant life, the act of gardening can be a very restful activity for you, and you will take great pleasure in pottering around in a peaceful atmosphere.

To the July 14, the activities of weeding, mowing the lawns and tending the flower or vegetable beds, is an act of creating order in nature.

A water feature in the garden such as a pond, or fountain, is definitely a bonus for you and a Jacuzzi if at all possible, would be a total delight.

While you will like flowers, you could take a particular interest in the growing of vegetables, such as the cucumber, the zucchini, and watermelon.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and7.

The fourteenth day of the seventh month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of multiplication and development. This is the number of growth and expression.

The 196th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven adds the influence of the ancient significance of a sworn oath to your path in life.