July 13 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter, Neptune.

July 13 – Birthday Interpretation.

Those of the July 13 Cancer birth date, will generally feel very reluctant to become heavily involved in issues that are of a highly complex and emotional nature.

The July 13, really, really would like a life that flows on an even course of plain sailing. Obviously, life just does not operate that way, and there are times when you will become drawn into delicate and unwelcome situations that you would prefer to have avoided.

On such occasions, irrespective of your own preferences for plain sailing, you will have no option but to take up the burden of responsibility and, whether you like it or not, act accordingly.

Once the July 13 can accept that the realities, that your life involves cycles of ups and downs, negatives and positives and swinging from the care free periods to periods of responsibility, then you should be able to successfully incorporate these two aspects of your nature, with the result that you will find greater success in life.

An image for July 13 is that of someone standing on a wharf and waiting for his or her ship to come in.

The path of this July 13 date necessitates that you learn to understand, and to develop, the positive and constructive aspects of criticism as a means for improvement in your life. As example, avoid the use of criticism for the purpose of disregarding the performance or opinion of others.

There are qualities associated with this July 13 birth date to suggest that you can have a strong interest in the world of religion and spirituality. Alternatively, other qualities identify that you can be highly skeptical and the element of chance can determine many factors and events in your life.

Yours life pattern is one of thorough examination of your efforts in order that your results may reach exacting levels of performance.

Your birth date can indicate a person who enjoys being involved in group activities, as result you are likely to take an active role within some form of organization. This for example, could take the form of a sports club, a local community interest group, and a photographic club or consider joining a literary society or book discussion club.

While the element of wealth holds an association to this day, this may not necessarily indicate vast riches. If you would like to try to attract more wealth into your like then consider growing some leafy green potted plants in your home.

Dress wise, the July 13 will favor colors representative of the nighttimes. The colors of midnight blue or black meet this criteria, however, you should desist from continually wearing black all the time

To encourage success in your social activities, consider acquiring and wearing a finger ring made from the metal of bronze.

The colors of Bluish-green, rust, moss green, midnight blue, black and purple are compatible with the July 13 birth date, and those of yellows and orange can help you to temper down any potential you may have toward sarcasm

The mineral Sodalite is a gemstone that can assist with your mental processes.

On the home front, the July 13, will want their home environment to be a place of great warmth and comfort and, a retreat and sanctuary away from the their general everyday work activities.

Water, and water imagery can be of beneficial influence for the July 13. To cater for such influence you should consider incorporating some water features or images within your home and/or in your home décor.

These could be in the form of an aquarium with fish, or paintings, pictures, or photographs that show water views.

In the kitchen or dining areas, nominate some special comfortable nook or retreat area for yourself and perhaps informal coffee times with friends You might like to have some special chinaware in order to indulge yourself for a few minutes during a busy day.

Candlelight tends to associate with evenings, nighttimes and the moon, and since its influence can have a peaceful effect for you, consider utilizing candles for candlelight dinners and on those evening occasions when you feel the desire to relax.

Books are important to you, so that appropriate book storage facilities such as a secure bookcase cabinet is likely to be a furniture feature item within the July 13 household.

On the outdoors front, the July 13 enjoys an environment of shade and comfort with some form of water feature within eye view. A walk in a shady forest alongside a small river, stream or creek can be a perfect relaxing outdoor activity.

Walking is a perfect activity and way for the July 13 to both solve their problems and to burn of their excess energy.

In the garden, a screened-in porch is probably the ideal environment with an out view to a fishpond containing gold fish and water lilies.

Small birds can be of particular appeal to the July 13 so that a small birdhouse could well form a feature in some protected area of your garden or yard.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 6.

The thirteenth day of the seventh month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of duplication and polarization. This is a path of comparing and contrasting the events of your life in search of an ever-widening horizon.

The 195th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six contributes the essential ingredient of beauty and the harmony of opposites to this path. Strive for fusion, not just analysis.