July 11 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Mars.

July 11 – Birthday Interpretation.

As a person born on this July 11 Cancer birth date, you are one who will aim for excellence, and will strive to excel in whatever field or activity you pursue.

In the main therefore, it is extremely likely that as a July 11 you will, at some time in your life, find yourself in a position of seniority within your work place environment.

Qualities associated with this birth date, indicate that as a July 11, you are one who is likely to have very high moral standards. At times these standards can result in some real moral crisis for you.

Personality wise, the July 11 will enjoy excellent inter-relationships with co-workers, and the benefits of this quality of you nature can certainly come to the fore where you might be called to act in the capacity of an arbitrator in a dispute.

The July 11 has an inherent ability to see the best in others, and to be able to identify the potentials the individuals can derive from working amicably within a group environment.

As result, you will derive great personal satisfaction when you are able to successfully organize a group of people around your own creative inspirations.

The July 11 skills for organization are not limited to just the business or commercial spectrum, and you are one who will like to generate a festive mood within your environment whenever and wherever possible.

Catering could be a particular forte for you, as you will tend to gain great pleasure and appreciation from an attractive presentation of foods and delicacies set out for the benefit any enjoyment of others.

While your home constitutes an extremely strong grounding base for you, this does not restrict from the enjoyment of traveling. You will derive great interest and pleasure from visiting new, exciting, and interesting place in the company of others such as friends, and of course where applicable, that someone special in your life.

Under the Mars influence over your July 11 birth date, there is also an interest in military matters, service, and military associated music This might lead, or inspire you, to consider including a display of military insignias, family military medals or honors, or coats of arms within your home.

On those times when you may be feeling down consider playing some military music. You will find that the resounding sound of a military marching band particularly inspiring.

Dress wise, this military aspect of your character might be expressed through the wearing of a blazer type coat with military pocket insignia for men or, a shoulder cross sash design in a dress for a woman for example.

As a July 11 you have a voice that can be potentially a very powerful tool when it comes to expressing and inspiring a healing effect upon others. To cultivate this quality you might like to take up speech lessons or join a group like Toastmasters for the purpose of public speaking

The colors of peach and pearl are compatible with this birth date, and in particular, shades of blue can help you to concentrate your intentions and draw out your nobility of purpose.

Minerals with properties of support for those of this July 11 birth date are those of amber, blue zircon and yellow garnet gemstones.

On the home front, any form of water feature would be in keeping with the moon influences upon your Cancer sign. This could take the form of fish tank, or a small in door garden that incorporates a water reticulating system for example.

You will also take pleasure from the water influences of the bathroom and enjoy a good long soak in your bathtub. To encourage and inspire your imagination add some fine aromatherapy scents into your bath time atmosphere

For the July 11, the kitchen and dining room areas are likely form a main more intimate focal area for the family. With an interest in culinary matters try to ensure that you have plenty of working space for you meal preparations with plenty of storage facilities.

Labor saving devices tend to be of particular appeal to those of the July 11 birth date, so that your kitchen and cooking areas are likely to include many such handy devices and, probably more than you actually make use of.

On the outdoors front, the July 11 will appreciate outdoor country views that involve waterways. As example, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes or ocean can be places where the movement influence of water will assist you to relax and meditate.

Due to that water influence over the July 11 birth date you are one who is likely to enjoy most forms of water sport activities such as swimming, boating, and water-skiing etc.

In the garden you can tend to favor cool shady areas so that a garden shed sited in a shady area or, even a cellar sited beneath the home could be a perfect hangout place for you.

The July 11 birth date comes under a receptive sign and provides for the capability for in-depth research for spiritual concerns. Consider giving some time each month, sitting in your garden, and gazing at the moon. You can find that your lunar ruler will provide influence to your dreams.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 4.

The eleventh day of the seventh month reduces to nine, and the number nine identifies with the principle of achievement and successful completion of an undertaking.

The 193rd day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the quality of planning and ordered measurement to your path. As example, this influence will aid you in the mapping out your strategies in order to arrive at a successful achievement.