July 10 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter, Mars.

July 10 – Birthday Interpretation.

As a July 10 Cancer birth date, you have the inherent strength and ability to be able to not only believe in yourself, but also the romanticism to go forth, in order to pursue your dreams and ambitions.

While you certainly possess all the energy you need to achieve your dreams, you tend to lack some of the more grounding influences of the earth energy. This can be an important factor when you need to attend to the more organizational matters of your life.

As a July 10 you are possessed of deep and strong feelings that when ignited and shared with others, can inspire the thoughts and emotions of all those around you.

You have an exceptionally fast thinking mind with that ability to think on your feet, so that on the employment front, you are likely to enjoy particular favor from your employers when it comes to advancement.

By your nature you are a natural-born peacemaker, and who will find it difficult stand back and watch conflict among others.

As a July 10, you have an inherent ability to be able to see and understand each person’s point of view, with result that, you will endeavor to come up with helpful and successful conclusions for the benefit of all parties.

You hold deep consideration for the people that you care about, and in your dealings with them, you will inherently understand any manner or time frame in which to confront with them.

These are talents that could be of great value where applied professionally. As example, you could make for an excellent diplomat, professional mediator or counselor.

Outside of your time committed to relationships you are the type of person who will prefer to enjoy as much time as possible alone with yourself.

You are definitely one who needs to be able to give some part of your day to your own devices in order to explore and investigate that which is of interest to you. As example, films, art, cultural events, dance, and music are all activities that relate well with you.

The colors of bluish green, shimmering silver, midnight blue, salmon and iridescent hues are in keeping with the July 10 birth date.

In order to help to keep your mind active and working at top performance, consider wearing a ruby finger ring.

For the July 10, the home is a retreat and a sanctuary, a cool and orderly environment away from the hustle and bustle of the world in general.

You can be particularly irritated and distracted by too much noise, so that a home in a quite neighborhood would be preferable, if not a necessity for you.

By your nature, you have strong protective feelings and are likely to prefer a home space that provides a cozy and encompassing feeling.

Your kitchen should be a place in which people can gather, and a small breakfast area, where people can feel tucked away and intimate, could be a nice feature.

Where you select home décor tones in keeping with the color shades associated with the autumn season you will find that you will attract some of that stability associated with the earth into your life.

The nighttimes influence of midnight blue could be a good color to include within your bedroom décor perhaps in the form of lush curtaining.

Family memorabilia can be of items that are of particular importance for you. Items such as a record or tape collection, instruments, toys and photograph albums for example are things your are likely to cherish.

A quite wood paneled basement hide-way would be a perfect setting for the July 10 as a place for intimate entertaining or, just to be able to sit back and ponder on your ideas and problems of the day.

On the outdoors front, the July 10 will always find pleasure in any environments that provide for water and shady settings. Rivers, lakes, meandering streams with shady tree lined environments.

In the garden, well maintained lush green lawns with some form of water source such as a fish pond, stream of brook because again, water is an element of importance to those of this birth date.

To cater for your feelings for protection and exclusivity a screened-in porch area would be perfect for you as a highly comfortable and pleasurable location.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 3.

The tenth day of the seventh month reduces to eight, and the number eight holds the meanings of involvement and development.

You have the innate capacity to understand the interplay and exquisite possibilities that each individual can offer to the music of life.

The 192nd day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds a cheerful energy for creative self-expression to this path.

This indicates that you should not hold back, but step forward to share your resources in order to inspire others.