July 1 Cancer Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Cancer



YOUR RULERS – Moon, Jupiter.

July 1 – Birthday Interpretation.

The July1 Cancer birth date is definitely a day for lovers.

As a July 1, you can be very physical when it comes to your relationships. You are the type of person who will enjoy the act of embracing your friends and family and of hugging, cuddling and touching. This will certainly apply to romantic relationships where you will tend be very deeply intimate with your partner.

In your personal life you are driven by attraction.

Born on this July 1 birth date, you are under the influence of emphasizing individuality and uniqueness. Not only do you like a sense of being be one of a kind, but also your tastes in life, favor that you possess things that are of an original nature, and not copies.

This quality inspires and projects you to make the most of inventiveness and originality and drives you toward creating a style that cannot be copied.

As a July 1 birth date, you can tend to become very immersed within your own emotions. It is important for you therefore, to endeavor to remain objective toward the bigger world in which you live.

You bring into your environment all beneficial benefits of your inner personality but you must work at structuring your mind in order that your emotional feelings have a balance in clear logic.

The ingenious quality of this July 1 birth date allows you to be one who is both versatile and bold. As result, your powerful enthusiasm can outweigh your outlook with result that any potential consequences that might arise from your actions, just do not occur to you. This represents a child like part of your nature that you will retain throughout your lifetime.

As a July 1 birth date you can be very strongly affected when you experience any form of emotional loss, and more so than others around might be. Where you are experiencing such a situation, and in particular where it involves the emotional upheaval of a personal relationship, consider wearing some clothing or jewellery that incorporates a pattern of yellow and azure blue.

In your personal dress ware you should emphasize darker colors. In particular, the color of blue favors strongly with your July 1 birth date, and black can be a very flattering color that will help to keep your sensitivities under control.

Where you want to inspire and brighten up your sense for creativity look to orange and teal.  Russet, light greens, silver and opalescent white are additional colors that hold a compatibility with your birth date.

You should consider owning something of pearl. For females this can take the form of a dress ware accessory of a string of pearls or, for the male, a product or jewellery piece such as cuff links that incorporate some pearl shell.

In order to express that sensual side of your nature to others, but in a positive way, consider wearing a finger ring of lapis lazuli. lapis lazuli is an opaque to translucent blue, violet-blue, or greenish-blue semiprecious gemstone.

In addition, the gemstones of blue topaz and aquamarine are likely to be of strong appeal to those of the July 1 birth date.

On the home front, the July 1 holds a preference for curved or rounded-off designs rather than squared of angular shapes. As result, a home design, furniture, décor and, in home objects and items featuring these qualities will be of appeal.

A simple fish tank of goldfish could be a prized and fascinating object for you.

Your family and family history is important to you and you will like to keep reminders of them around you. As example, photographs, albums, films, videos or computerized material.

Family heirlooms in particular will be items of great personal value to you, but more so for their intrinsic value, rather than for any monetary value.

In numerous cultures around the world the dragon is associated with such qualities as good luck, great dignity and power. As result, you might like to consider placing a dragon sculpture at your door front or within your main home entrance hallway in order to attract such qualities into your life.

Outdoors, the July 1 will appreciate environmental settings that include waterways, lakes ponds, rivers and the seashore.

You should consider encouraging that water influence through having a fishpond or some other small water pool feature within your garden. Some night-blooming water lilies would be a great addition to the garden setting.

As a July 1, you like the visual effects of curved or rounded shapes within your garden area. You like grass, so that well manicure lawns and tidy organized flowerbeds will provide a picture to suit your senses.

Moonlight can inspire a restorative influence for you, so that when you might be feeling over stressed, a little time outside in the garden on a beautiful moon lighted night should do the trick.

If you are a city dweller, living in an apartment, then you can still maintain your nearness to water through some form of inside water feature. Your balcony, if you have one, will be a suitable place to sit at night.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 3.

The first day of the seventh month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of vibration and rhythm.

Eight expresses the truth that opposite and varied forms of expressions always stem from a single originating source.

The 183rd day of the year reduces to three, and the number three supports an active creativity to your search for individuality.