January 7 Birthday


January 7 Zodiac is Capricorn – Full Horoscope Personality

  • YOUR SIGN – Capricorn
  • YOUR SYMBOL: The Goat
  • YOUR ELEMENT – Earth
  • YOUR RULERS – Saturn/Venus/Mars
  • Astrological Birthday Features

This birth date of January 7 carries with it a deep awareness and understanding of what is right, proper, correct and acceptable in relation to the terms of what is expected by society. As a January 7 you may have the feeling at times that your personal desires have to be restricted in favor of those that are expected of you.

If you find that you are experiencing such feelings then now is the time to incorporate into your life the joy and pleasure of doing that which makes you the happiest. Set out to discover what it is you really love and then work to creating a space within your life for it.

You will discover that you will feel far less restricted once you have created your own boundaries and, that you have opened yourself to the recognition that you have agreed, whether it be either consciously or unconsciously, to the situations in your life. You should agree to the exploration of your own inner wealth of resources and, to open yourself to new experiences. In other words go and climb your own mountain in life.

The birthday of 7 January identifies one who is interested in the unraveling of what is essential from that which is trivial. This does not infer that you should continually show a serious face because your own funniness, humor and intelligence can always see the humor of humanity’s motivation.

Under the influence of Venus your personal style is that of the  understated and classic and, you are one who enjoys being in a well-appointed environment that doesn’t feel overcrowded. As a January 7 you will place great value on your privacy. In addition sounds are a quality in life that hold importance for you.

As example, consider a collection of nature music sounds as a soothing relaxation medium. Aim to be a participant rather than an observer. Delve deep and draw from the well of experience. Utilize your hands to create; try gardening, carpentry, needlework or pottery for example.

Objects of particular pleasure for the January 7 you may include; carved ivory, archaeological pieces and classical style sculptures. On the outdoor scene, your January 7 birth date derives particular comfort from gardening, nature and trees. Both the Cypress and Pine tree hold a strong association with those of your birth date.

Since those of your birth date like to get back to the basic in life you should look to the wonders of nature. Wandering along a secluded lake front or the sea shore for example. Immerse yourself in life, sit quietly, watch and enjoy the ebb and flow of the ocean tide or, you might even like to indulge in an adventures moonlight skinny dip.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 7

The seventh day of the first month reduces to eight and, the number eight signifies the ups-and-downs in the cycles of life.

The seventh day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven supports your path by imposing upon you periods of rest between creations. Understand that nothing is fixed or finite. Whether you relate to the annual cycles of agriculture, from seed planting to the harvesting of crops, or, the production cycle of a manufactured product, know that nothing is fixed.

January 7 – Zodiac Sign

Born 7 january are sociable, friendly, easily gain the respect and admiration of others, without sacrificing their independence or personal life for this. You have a sensitivity and a noticeable vulnerability, which undoubtedly attracts people to you. Your subtle spiritual essence responds to all the suffering and injustice of the world. You are logical and intuitive, embodying an interesting combination of scientific thinking and artistic temperament.

Sensitive to their surroundings, those born on January 7 may become overly nervous, which can lead to allergies or fatigue. A balanced diet with an emphasis on grains, roots, breads, nuts and vegetables is recommended to keep fit. Exercise is also important, so daily outdoor exercise will be beneficial. If there is no way to do them, yoga will help. Especially with age, the need for additional loads increases, since those born on January 7 are prone to various rheumatic diseases and arthritis. Adequate sleep is extremely important for these people, since they need to satisfy their need for fantasies and dreams, however, sleep should not be viewed as a way of disconnecting from reality and everyday worries.

Born 7 january often show quite a conscious interest in unusual events. Obviously, this is due to the fact that they themselves, as a rule, are very extraordinary personalities. Much more than others, these people are characterized by an idiosyncratic approach to everyday life. Whether because of their inherent irony, or thanks to a deep insight into the essence of objects and human characters, or simply with the help of their ability to objectively observe the world around them, those born on January 7 can see many things that are inaccessible to the views of others.

Zodiac sign January 7 – Capricorn

Sign Release : Earth . Your zodiac sign is ranked among the signs of the Earth, which are characterized by the following qualities: purposefulness, organization, responsibility, restraint, scrupulousness, independence, devotion.

Planet Ruler : Saturn . Capricorn receives from her a desire to streamline everything. Saturn is a patron of professions in the agricultural sector, as well as for prosecutors. The planet in exile is the Moon. Responsible for the severity, as well as the lack of emotion.

People born on January 7 are very often addicted to mysticism, esotericism, paranormal phenomena, or become deeply religious. These people are often haunted by mysterious and incomprehensible events, they see what is inaccessible to others – this is largely due to their belief in the unknown. Those born on January 7 are philosophers in their own way, they are not at all surprised by meetings with magicians and psychics, and such meetings also happen in their lives. This is due to the fact that these people constantly learn from the world around them, perceive even unusual things as lessons and therefore sometimes react with restraint. They listen.

Born on January 7, as a rule, they are not at all surprised by the outstanding abilities of the people with whom they have to communicate, nor anyone’s unique experience, nor mysterious natural phenomena that have not yet been explained. Sometimes it seems that they meet with this every day and therefore are already fed up with such impressions. In fact, those born on January 7 never stop learning from life and appreciate all the opportunities it provides. As for their relationships with others, they usually realize that even the most ordinary, unremarkable people, in fact, are an integral part of the huge diversity of nature and have the same “access” to the riches of the miracle of life, like others (for example , through their fantasies or unconscious dreams and aspirations).

Born 7 january often understand well how powerful the influence of the subconscious mind can be on a person’s life, behavior and habits. As for inexplicable natural phenomena, those born on this day, as a rule, are able to see and understand the connection between the most seemingly “incongruous” events taking place in the world, and therefore it is much easier for them to accept all kinds of incidents and cataclysms with which they collide without surprise, taking them for granted.

Those born on this day are often nervous and very sensitive to the environment. They quickly perceive the energetic influences around them, especially negative ones. Sometimes they can even be called too susceptible. That is why it is very important for them to reliably protect themselves from annoying elements of the environment. The most acceptable conditions for them in this respect are stability, moderation and harmony in both public and private life.

Born 7 january often tend to see something unusual in the most ordinary, in the opinion of others, things, and therefore it is unusual for them to perceive abnormal or vicious phenomena as something isolated or requiring condemnation. They consider them an integral part of life, human nature, a kind of reverse side of the “normal” world. However, they should, at least for practical reasons, adhere to socially accepted patterns of behavior and refrain from excessively harsh expression of ideas that can cause negative resonance. Moreover, they should not forget that, although every person is a part of the great miracle of life, not everyone is able to appreciate it, and even more so not everyone has the desire to live the same rich life as they do. For this reason, it is better for those born on January 7 to leave the manifestations of their unusualness for truly close people, and as friends or colleagues, it is better, if possible, to choose those who share their interests and, like themselves, have an increased curiosity about life.

Capricorn Man – born on January 7

Men born on January 7 possess the following distinctive features: such a gentleman is shy, restrained, with a sense of humor, hardworking. Representatives of the strong half of humanity – by nature have logical thinking, demonstrate a combination of a pronounced temperament and critical thinking at the same time.

Irony is inherent in these people, they always try to penetrate deeply into the essence of things, strive to closely observe the events taking place in the world, follow the trends in the development of fashion, technology and other innovations. This person cannot be called an optimist, as well as a pessimist; rather, he is a realist, who knows his own worth and understands much of what is happening around him, is happening in this world.

Capricorn woman – born on January 7

Women born on January 7 are characterized by the following facets of temperament: such a lady is solid, loyal, realistic. Women of this sign have more developed intuition. For these people, it is not difficult to gain admiration for themselves and the respect of others, while they practically do not sacrifice anything for this, completely preserving not only their independence, but also the secret of their personal life.

Earth sign Capricorn women born on January 7 are easygoing, friendly and consistent. These people from the outside may seem insecure, which is not fully consistent with reality. Their character, nevertheless, is quite firm and decisive, they are self-confident people with a certain level of ambition in life.

Birthday 7 January

January 7 – how does your personality shape your date of birth? Mysticism and paranormal phenomena are of particular interest to people with the date of birth on January 7, the zodiac sign Capricorn. Everything unusual and inexplicable resonates deeply in their souls. They see the world around them through the haze of the supernatural, and they explain the events that are taking place not by prosaic reasons. Nothing extraordinary can surprise them, since they are sure that in this world there is a lot of unknown, about which people are still unknown. Therefore, they perceive all mystical and anomalous events as a natural state of affairs.

Life gives people born on January 7 the zodiac sign Capricorn a lot of food for thought. And, since a person is part of the universe, supernatural forces can also manifest in him. They believe in the power of self-hypnosis, and in the fact that it is possible to cure all diseases by the power of thought alone. They explain all the actions and actions of people by external manifestations of the inner movements of the soul. Our body shell is a reflection of our inner self. A beautiful soul cannot hide in an ugly body.

Everything that happens in the world around is reflected, as in a mirror, in the minds of people born on January 7, the zodiac sign Capricorn. They let all the events happening around them pass through themselves, and negative incidents leave a black mark on their souls. They need to learn to close themselves off from negative information, perceiving it detachedly. If these are people with negative energy, it is necessary to keep them at a distance and refrain from close contact with them. In order to achieve harmony in personal life and in professional activity, you need to keep part of your soul closed from everyone and make available only the outer surface aspects of your nature.

Even in the most terrible or mundane things, people born on January 7 zodiac sign Capricorn see manifestations of the destiny intended for each person, which cannot be changed, but can only be lived. And inadequate, asocial personalities represent only the lowest stage of spiritual development, after the improvement of which they will move to a new level. But this will happen not in this life, and not very soon.

Such non-standard models of the existing world for people born on January 7, the Capricorn zodiac sign should not be put on public display, but when communicating with people, at least pretend that their views are fully consistent with generally accepted norms. And in the immediate environment, it is better for them to choose like-minded people who share their views and think in a similar direction. We must not forget that most people are organically incapable of accepting such theories, and will consider them a sign of insanity.

What should be taken into account for people born on January 7th zodiac sign Capricorn? Do not forget to take part in ordinary events that do not have a mystical background. You can entrust your thoughts only to your closest and most trusted friends. The supernatural shouldn’t stop you from adapting to your everyday life. In your pursuit of spiritual perfection, do not miss your earthly happiness.

Love and Compatibility

They love company, moreover, they are terrified of loneliness, so they try to almost always have a partner. However, they often realize that the person next to them is not at all what they need, but, who are difficult to break up, they live for many years with a partner, with whom the relationship ended long ago.

This person will easily find a common language with Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio, in these combinations there is good mutual understanding, since they have the same interests, vision of life, and they are on the same plane. The average level of the relationship, as well as the opportunity to live in a happy marriage for women and men of the sign of Capricorn, born on January 7 – with Capricorn, Taurus and Aquarius. Quite even couples – should, if desired, find a compromise and mutual understanding. Due to the fact that the representative of the elements of the earth does not like changing the scenery, preferring constancy, nothing shines for him with the signs of fire – Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are not the people with whom you can build relationships, as well as with Libra and Cancer, who are not understand this person.

Work and Career

These people are ready to fully devote themselves to the cause when it comes to permanent work from which they cannot be fired. They work with great dedication if they have stable and calm love behind them.

Health and Disease

Very often these sensitive natures feel an excessive load on the nervous system and suffer from nervous diseases. As a result, they may develop gastritis or chronic fatigue syndrome. To avoid this, they need a sufficient amount of time to rest, play sports, learn to relax (by the way, this is the problem of all Capricorns, namely this zodiac sign for those born on January 7), and eat well.

It will be useful to master the techniques that allow you to pull yourself together, meditation, the technique of special breathing, which will help you protect yourself from stress and its destructive effects on the body. Joint problems can develop with age, so pay attention to yoga as well. Be sure to leave yourself free time for fantasies and relaxation to music, by the way, this can be combined with meditation.

Fate and Luck

On this day, dual natures are born, their life will depend on which direction they go. If they choose the path of evil, then their life will be bleak and they will end their life path alone, without a family, relatives, because everyone will turn away from them. And if they follow the path of evolution, developing their spirituality, then through humility, good deeds, helping other people, mercy, they can create a happy life for themselves, where they will be comfortable.

Tips for Capricorns Born 7 January

As for the advice that can be given to these subtle natures, first of all they need to protect themselves from stress and worries, not get upset over trifles and carefully guard their inner harmony. It’s so easy to destroy it. January 7 zodiac sign Capricorn, and a lot of time these people will spend at work, like any Capricorn. You should not shock colleagues with your mystical hobbies or shock them with something extraordinary, even with your deep knowledge in this area.

It is better to leave your hobbies for friends and relatives, as well as for those who share them. Remember that although every day brings you a lot of events, often incomprehensible and mysterious, not all people would like to live a similar life. Try not to express too unusual ideas, protect yourself from stress, and others from shock, or, alternatively, look for a team with similar aspirations and hobbies.

7 January Birthday