January 31 Birthday


ВАШ ЗНАК – Водолей



ВАШИ ПРАВИТЕЛИ – Уран, Меркурий

Астрологические особенности дня рождения

Родившиеся в этот день 31 января Водолей подвержены внезапным вспышкам вдохновения. Именно эти вспышки вдохновения и осознания вызывают в вас мгновенное понимание и немедленное решение проблем, над которыми вы, возможно, размышляли в течение некоторого времени.

Irrespective of how unclear or uncertain things may be at times, you know that in due course and at some appropriate moment you will receive the answer for which you have been looking for. You may however not have the abilities to hand to allow you to implement that which you know into the arena of the practical daily world in which you exist.

You are left then with the realization of your own responsibility and the fact that you must acquire the practical knowledge that will enable you to bring forth and convert your inspirations into down –to- earth practical realities.

The January 31 is person who is idealistic by nature, and is very conscious of making a real contribution to that of social welfare and the common good. You are one who will derive great satisfaction and joy when the community derives benefits your efforts.

Take up some worthwhile volunteer activity within your community. Smile and laugh often and, enjoy intimate conversations with your close friends.

The January 31 is one who likes a little bit of everything in their life and this characteristic goes to make them particularly interesting people to both know and to be in company with.

Dress wise the colors of tangerine and sunshine yellow are conducive with those of your particular birth date. Wear a copper bracelet and utilize the minerals calcite and zircon to help ground your energies.

When you entertain ensure that you endeavor to make the occasion a veritable feast for the senses. Look to incorporating a mix of spices and flavors drawn from a variety of cultures and cuisines into your food presentations.

As a January 31 you can often suffer considerably from static electricity and where you experience this you should try the effect of brushing your hair with good hairbrush. The brushing effect will not only feel good but it will also have a calming effect upon you.

Uranus, the ancient Greek sky god is your first ruling planet therefore it is not particularly surprising that your thoughts are fore ever directed upward.

On the home front, you should decorate your home with unusual shapes and, in particular, you might like to consider some unusual lamps that can emit and reflect a variety of colors.

The color purple represents the balance of the two major creative forces of fire and water and as such it is an ideal color for you. You might like to consider a décor of white walls with a royal purple border, or you might like to favor purple in your glassware or crystal vases.

Other colors that are conducive to you your particular birth date are those of red and orange and you should try to incorporate some essence of such colors within your environment.

In the outdoor arena, those born on this date generally have a strong desire for physical exercise.

Your body is quite forceful physically so that, together with all the mental activity you are capable of generating, the actions and activities of exercise will provide good balance for you.

As example the actions of running or fast walking will fit your needs and, in particular, you may well prefer and enjoy conducting your running activities during colder weather.

A perfect retreat area for you at home could be an attic that has a skylight or a high window.

Should you live in a city then a high-rise building will be more favorable for your comfort and outlook.

From such high positions you can watch weather systems roll by and, as a January 31you may find that your moods are affected by different weather patterns.

Your special magic numbers are: 5 and 4

The thirty-first day of the first month reduces to five and, the number five is the number representing mediation. Five is in continual motion and yours is a path of understanding what really inspires you, and then endeavoring to become intimate with that realization. .

Твой путь рождения колеблющегося огня поддерживается прочным основанием четырех, чтобы обеспечить постоянство. Погрузитесь глубоко в ваше духовное понимание связности, потому что, если оно становится эгоистичным, тогда ваша природа может привести к самообману.

Тридцать первый день года сокращается до четырех, а число четыре вносит вклад в качество постоянных изменений, которые вы испытываете в своей жизни.