January 3 Birthday


January 3 Zodiac is Capricorn – Full Horoscope Personality

YOUR SIGN – Capricorn



YOUR RULERS – Venus/Mars

Astrological Birthday Features

This January 3 Capricorn birth date will provide you with an ability to probe deeply and, as result, you are one who will never be satisfied with the superficial aspects of life. As a January 3 birth date you are gifted with an ever active intelligence and you are ever seeking to expand upon your horizons. To you, knowledge is more than just a practical tool that may be used to accomplish your goals.

By nature you have a curious and open attitude together with that of a very philosophical turn of mind. As a January 3 there are times when you may find that you are too serious and as result you may at such times, have the desire, if not the need, to cut yourself off from both people and your environment. Be aware that this is a necessary factor of your nature however and that you should respect yourself for your own depth and desires to search for understanding and answers.

You are by nature developing many various communication skills that will prove to be of value in your profession. You must appreciate however, that a particularly important aspect of this attribute is that you learn to achieve good communication with yourself. Take the time therefore in order to make the space to cultivate your own inner self.

This birthday of 3 January, although an earth sign, is also  influenced by the element of fire. This influence can infer that of high aspirations and you may have to go and undertake many adventures in order to satisfy your wanderlust.

There is also shrewdness to the 3 January birth date whereby they may at times tend to lose sight of the purpose of all their efforts and, as result could become infatuated with power for its own sake. As a January 3 you are blessed with a natural understanding of the fiery magic of light that underlies three-dimensional reality.

This is the path of resource utilization. You will learn mastery through the expression of your aspirations. Become at one with Mother Nature, place your ear to the earth, and listen to her wisdom and try not to detach yourself from either nature or your fellow human beings. Fire opal stones will be of particular appeal to the January 3 and the gem stones of Red Jasper and Bloodstone will help to  strengthen your resolve.

One ancient text suggests that this particular birthday associates with cities of the East and, in particular the old city of Constantinople. A few reminders of that city and its historical past will help you maintain continuity. In your home, as a Saturn-ruled 3 January you will need a  softness in life. Furniture should be classical and plush with a center piece fireplace and perhaps some art pieces, rugs or furnishings from the East.

Add to this some rock/mineral items as reminders that whatever the heights you may achieve, you can always come back down to earth. As a January 3 you will enjoy elegance around you and this might take the form of some fine cut crystal, unique design cutlery or a particularly ornate fireplace center piece.

Your garden is a place in which you can work off your problems and to relax. So, incorporate some attractive and/or interesting focal point feature pieces such as BBQ, some art pieces cum sculptures for example.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 3.

The third day of the first month reduces to four, and the number four is a number that signifies solidity and the foursquare foundation of the physical plane. The third day of the year reduces to three, and the number three provides for a warm and creative streak to your personality.

The life of people born on January 3 is determined by one very important quality: having taken up something, from the very first minute to the end, they are one hundred percent immersed in their occupation. Their enthusiasm for almost any activity that they undertake is so great that it is impossible to imagine that they would be distracted even for a short time, or even more so give up their occupation. However, this dedication can create difficulties for them; for example, when something does not work out, those born on this day simply do not want to admit it – defeat for them is worse than death. In the same case, when everything is going as it should, they are the most reliable workers you can find – attentive, accurate, moderately proactive. They are not bored with even the simplest assignments, mainly due to their inherent sense of responsibility. Born 3 january will never try to take on as few responsibilities as possible, they know perfectly well that to do so is simply to shift some of their functions onto others, which is not compatible with their principles.

Zodiac sign January 3 – Capricorn

Sign Release: Earth. Your zodiac sign belongs to the group of Earth signs, which are distinguished by the following qualities: prudence, conscientiousness, clarity, discipline, professionalism, dedication, independence.

Planet Ruler: Saturn. Responsible for the desire to subordinate everything to the rules and regulations. Saturn is good for construction professions as well as judges. The planet in exile is the Moon. Is responsible for the lack of feelings, as well as the inability to emotionally empathize.

Capricorn is a zodiac sign for those born on January 3, and he gives his wards the willpower and the ability not to give up halfway through what they have begun and always, by all means, stubbornly go to the finish line. Born 3 january – natures are extremely addicted, the rest of the world ceases to exist for them when they are doing what they love. They always have a lot of unusual ideas that they try to translate into reality. Unfortunately, sometimes this approach causes a shallow knowledge of many areas of activity and subjects: that is, while these people are carried away by one idea, they master one area of knowledge, then another, a third, and so on ad infinitum. As we see, there won’t be any narrow specialists born on January 3.

In infatuation, they seem obsessed and completely lost to other areas of life. They are ready not to eat or sleep in order to continuously do what they love. Such obsession can be harmful. The fact is that these people do not like and do not know how to lose. They do not believe in lack of proper results or in failure, even when it is already obvious to everyone else. They can work on an already useless contract and a project with a rare stubbornness, just not to accept the fact that they need to back down, that they have lost.

Born 3 january are often very stubborn. At the same time, they are great at convincing others that they are right. For those who have agreed on something with them, as a rule, it is difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to refuse from the undertaken obligations. Those born on this day are able to take on the shoulders of others an unbearable burden, forcing them to fulfill their promise at all costs. To do this, they are able to use some hidden ways of “tightening the screws”, sometimes humor or even outright flattery, depending on what can seduce the object of attention. Despite this nuance, when it comes to work, they can rarely be accused of selfishly using others for their own personal gain, since the dedication of those born on January 3 to their organization or cause is out of reach. Born 3 january have nothing against being in the line of fire. They can be openly aggressive if provoked, but in all other respects they will avoid conflicts, behave politely and decently in all respects.

Those born on this day look wise with life experience, and this experience gives them some charm, since it is really based not only on the knowledge gained from books and the ability to use it, but also contains a certain amount of “streetness”, vitality. Despite the fact that they never mind talking on sublime topics, there is always a purely earthly practicality in their actions. They, as a rule, always provide others with a choice – to do something in good conditions or not, but this “something” must be done, it is impossible to refuse their request. Due to qualities such as strong will, perseverance and the ability to convince others, people born on January 3 can be simply unbearable in some situations. Their perseverance can cause understandable irritation in others, which will build up, interfere with communication and, over time, may even result in uncontrollable outbursts of anger on both sides. Although, it should be noted that the opposite side is usually the first to lose patience.

Born 3 january is characterized by a very high level of self-control, which is one of the reasons for their victories in most conflict situations. Very often they pretend to surrender, actually gathering forces for a decisive battle in more convenient conditions for them. It is unlikely that you will ever wait for them to admit the final defeat in the fact that they are very interested. Born 3 january should pay attention not to subordinate their individuality too much to collective interests. It is useful for them to choose a profession in which they would have the opportunity to put their personal stamp on everything they do, and harmoniously combine personal freedom with duty in reasonable proportions. Spiritual goals should also not be pushed out of this equation or sacrificed to get the job done at any cost.

Capricorn man – born on January 3

Men born on January 3 have the following properties: such a gentleman is ambitious, stubborn, prudent, and has a sense of humor. Men of this zodiac sign are not able to admit their mistakes and defeats, for them it is stress, severe moral suffering. On the one hand, they are too stubborn, but on the other hand, they perfectly know how to charge colleagues at work with their ideas, although they often use not entirely honest methods.

Men born under the sign of Capricorn often find themselves in the front line of fire, which does not frighten them at all, because their innate aggressiveness allows them to go on the attack and achieve success in life with their pressure. However, you should not think that this person always acts like this, at first he will try to come to an agreement, find a compromise solution, and if it is not possible to agree, he acts assertively and tough.

Capricorn woman – born on January 3

Women born on January 3 are characterized by such facets of temperament: such a lady is sincere, careful, economical. People born on January 3 under the constellation Capricorn tend to have a high level of self-control, which in certain situations helps them to win where it would seem impossible to get a positive result.

This person does not like to work individually, to a greater extent he loves collective work, which often occupies almost the main place in his life. Capricorn literally dissolves in his work, but in order for him to preserve his identity, it is necessary to choose those professions that could combine this person’s personal freedom and his sense of duty.

Birthday 3 January

January 3 – what will your date of birth tell us about? People born on january 3 zodiac sign Capricorn, concentrating on the matter, completely go into it, unable to be distracted even for a second. At this point, any interference causes them acute irritation. In the event of any failure, they prefer to ignore it, since they categorically do not accept defeat. That automatically excludes the acceptance of someone’s help. If the business goes well, they turn into amazingly efficient and attentive workers who care about its successful completion.

People born on january 3 zodiac sign Capricorn have an unyielding and stubborn character. At the same time, they are able to convince anyone of their own rightness. They know how to find an approach to each person, pressing on his weak points, turning everything into a joke or shamelessly extolling his best qualities, making him dance to his tune. Even if their interlocutor cannot do such a task, it does not stop them.

Engaging in conflicts and violent arguments cheers up people born on January 3 of the Capricorn zodiac sign and provides them with the right dose of adrenaline. They always respond to provocations with doubly intensified aggression, but they never start hostilities first. In normal communication, they are quite polite and helpful. Although their appearance speaks of their sophistication in everyday problems and rather rich experience, acquired not in higher educational institutions, but somewhere on the outskirts of society and in street showdowns.

People with a date of birth on January 3, the zodiac sign Capricorn, are quite capable of maintaining a conversation on lofty topics and showing their knowledge in art and literature, but in their actions they are always guided by purely pragmatic and material motives. Their interlocutors have a choice – to fulfill the task entrusted to them voluntarily and with the provided conveniences, or forcedly, without giving their consent. The result will still be the same, since their request cannot be ignored.

This character trait of people born on January 3 zodiac sign Capricorn, combined with their indisputable authority and strong unbending character, makes them sometimes quite unbearable subjects. Impenetrable self-confidence and perseverance, bordering on intrusiveness, can lead to a negative reaction of the interlocutor, which, accumulating, can cause an explosion of uncontrollable emotions and the outbreak of hostilities on both sides. Moreover, the opponent is the first to lose control over himself, since people with such a date of birth have an iron will, which allows them to control themselves in any situations. This quality, which helped them survive in their dark past, ensures their victory in the civilized world. Even in seemingly completely hopeless situations with a deliberately unsuccessful outcome, they will only pretend that they have retreated, in reality intending to continue the confrontation at a more convenient moment. They are organically incapable of finally admitting defeat.

People with a date of birth on January 3 zodiac sign Capricorn, it is undesirable to work in a team. They need freedom and independence in decision making. They need the ability to adjust their work schedule to suit their own interests and personal lives. At the same time, one should not forget about spiritual values, the absence of which can lead to the complete degradation of their personality.

Love and Compatibility

They tend to push love into the background, giving preference to work. Born on January 3, Capricorn will always cherish his soul mate, and is faithful to her, he will share the joys, sorrows and sorrows, as well as the views on the life of his partner. He is a man of high moral principles, stable and reliable.

Born on january 3 men and women of the zodiac sign Capricorn should focus on finding their destiny among those people who were born under the signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo. Capricorn has good options for building a happy family with Aquarius, Taurus and Capricorn – good chances for a successful marriage, although you will need to get used to it. Capricorn has practically no options with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, they live in different orbits, like Libra and Cancer, misunderstandings and disagreements will immediately arise, in a variety of issues.

Work and Career

These people are excellent at manipulating and subordinating others to their will. If you promise them something, you will have to keep your word, they will follow it personally with their characteristic stubbornness. All means of persuasion will be used: irony, flattery, pressure. At the same time, they do not care how the circumstances have changed and whether you can at the moment do what you are harnessed to. In other words, they are not flexible enough, do not know leniency and like to insist on their own. However, strict principles do not allow them to use this trait of their character for personal purposes, so there is no need to fear abuse of office by those born on January 3. The good of the company and business is the most important thing for these people. In general, these people are non-conflicting, but they will respond to provocations and stand up for themselves if necessary.

They are practical, they have a rich life experience, often quite interesting, but they also love philosophical conversations. Sometimes stubbornness and the desire to impose their will on everyone makes these people unpleasant. They can be too intrusive, knocking out the right promise to do something – sometimes it can end in a scandal. Nerves can fail in those born on January 3, but more often their “sacrifices” do not stand it. They almost always emerge victorious from conflicts due to the fact that they perfectly control themselves and calculate their every step. These people are experts in tactics, they can pretend to surrender, gather strength and go on the offensive again. Remember, they almost never give up for real.

Health and Disease

Allergies and skin diseases are the most likely illnesses for people born on January 3rd. In general, these people take care of their health, realizing that without it they will not be able to do their job or what they love, they visit doctors from time to time for preventive examinations.

If you have not forgotten what the zodiac sign is on January 3, then you understand that these people can also forget, carried away by work, and sacrifice their personal life and health to it. This can only be corrected by timely upbringing focused on the need for a healthy lifestyle: in a balanced diet, adherence to hygiene standards, daily regimen, sufficient hours of sleep and rest. Exercising and exercising in the morning will only help to improve health and give energy for labor exploits.

Fate and Luck

The vibrations of this day are such that they enhance all the negative properties of nature. On this day, aggressive, proud, ambitious people with a quarrelsome character are born. They are independent, always have their own opinion, love to argue, to prove their case, even if they themselves understand that they are wrong. They never admit they made a mistake. Despite the fact that nature has endowed with diverse talents, they cannot fully realize themselves, because they do not know how to get along with people. In any business, in any team, they always make enemies, envious people. There are constant intrigues, squabbles, gossip around them. People do not like to communicate with them and often avoid them, therefore, those born on this day cannot realize many of their plans.

Tips for Capricorns Born on January 3

What qualities should these people develop in themselves? First of all, they need to learn to value their personal interests, try not to infringe on them for the sake of the affairs of their company. One can choose to work with enough self-expression and creative freedom to allow their personality to leave a mark on everything that makes up their life.

Thus, debt and personal interests will not infringe on each other. Also, do not forget about spirituality and the highest aspirations of the human soul. Work and personal life should not completely supplant the spiritual. Don’t expect everyone to be as committed to the cause that you show. Recognize and respect the difference in people.

3 January Birthday