January 29 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer



Astrological Birthday Features

Those born on this day of January 29 Aquarius tend to prove to be very solid and reliable people.

The full value of this day of January 29 corresponds to the energies of the negative aspects of Taurus. This influence might make such a person reticent, stubborn and on occasions, someone who is somewhat unenthusiastic. You can counter this energy influence by carrying a small iron object about with you and/or wearing a piece of jewellery that incorporates moonstone.

For the January 29 it is not enough for you to hold a vision in your mind or, to hold a dream in your heart, you are one who has to act upon that which you believe in and value.

As a January 29 you must devote any time necessary in order to obtain whatever training, education and qualification you may need in order to be able to achieve your aspirations. This will be necessary because unless you are very clear on what you wish and want to achieve, you will find that you will be unable to convince others of your convictions.

People born on this birth date are very often gifted with a very strong intuitive sense and, as result you can often know what other people are about to say before they even start to speak.

Although as a January 29 you can be pretty fixed in your own particular ideas, you are receptive to the views of others.

While you yourself, know that although you cannot be changed in your direction, you can generally discover something of value from just about everyone you meet and, as result you can incorporate anything that you perceive to be of value into your own life.

You should always make the most of things. You should always be able to take a stand, but to take care however that you choose your battles wisely because many victories can prove to be empty and, where broken hearts are concerned, they often cannot easily be mended.

Give due consideration to the fact that there is a major difference between the crossing swords and that of dueling to the death.  Contemplate on the difference between that of self-dedication and that of vindictive pride.

As a January 29 you are one who can excel at storytelling and the recreation of an event in a most dramatic and humorous way. The world is a stage, and you are one who has the gifted ability to transform images.

January 29 has many innovative ideas and concepts related to the nature of existence and, you have that particular talent for letting light into dark places

The January 29 is not one who is superstitious by nature, but you are however one who senses, and is aware that unseen forces can often have influence over and a guiding effect in our lives. The lion is your opposing signís symbol and a figure that you might like to think about.

Those born on this date often make for excellent craftspeople that tend to gain great enjoyment and satisfaction through working with their hands. By your nature your preferences will favor the creation of more elegant type objects that are of minimal decoration.

As a January 29 you should find that working with the materials clay or wood will be of appeal.

On the home front, because of this birth date connection with all things natural and, your innate ability to nurture and encourage growth in others, you could feel very comfortable living either on a farm or certainly within a rural environment.

In the event that you do not or cannot live in a rural setting, then you can still generate the comfort of the rural environment within your home through the utilization of some pictures or paintings that depict some traditional country scenes.

In keeping with your January 29 dramatic sense of life and enjoyment of the somewhat corny fun you should incorporate some fanciful or quirky touches within your home.

These could take the form of some way-out theatrical signs, pictures or posters for example and, a copy of your own astrology chart could well be an interesting decorative object to display in your home.

On the outdoors scenario, since the garden and the activity of gardening itself is not your best forte in every likely hood it will be far less organized than one would like. You might like to incorporate however; some eye catching and unusual ornaments within the flowerbeds, if only to cater to you own personal sense of humor.

Such ornaments, the more unusual the better, since they might distract others eyes away from your minimal gardening efforts.

Your special magic numbers are: 3 and 2

The twenty-ninth day of the first month reduces to three and the number three signifies creative self-expression.

Be different, consider flying a colored flag on in your garden or off the porch.

The twenty-ninth day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the sense of repetition to the creative expression of this path.