January 28 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Saturn

Astrological Birthday Features

The January 28 Aquarius can at times, completely surprise those around them through their unpredictable behavior and, they are more than likely to do something completely spontaneously purely in order to just to turn people’s heads in surprise.

As soon as someone begins to think that they really know you, you can suddenly crop up with an entirely new side to your personality that can cause them to start wondering and to think again.

As a January 28 you are inventive about how to create opportunities for social interaction and, you are one who takes great enjoyment from being in the company of more unusual types of people. You have a great interest in the humanitarian interconnection between people.

It is far simpler for you as a January 28 birth date to have a wide variety of associates and numerous social engagements than it is to be closeted or somewhat restricted within a close relationship that will necessitate a real and serious commitment of emotional intimacy.

Although you are one who loves to express your artistic side, you are in reality, a very wise and astute person when it comes to human interaction.

On the vocation front therefore, working within the field of human interaction could be ideal for you. As example, you should be well suited to, and likely to be very successful, in any of the fields of professional communication. In addition, you might also enjoy a natural talent for a vocation within the fields of computer technology.

You might like to consider, as a little boost to your self-confidence when it comes to the management arena, to endeavor to make sure that your office or working environment has some touches of red and green within it.

On a more personal side, the wearing of a silver ring on your little finger will provide you with that extra edge or advantage at those times when you are communicating with your staff or colleagues.

One aspect of the January 28 birthday is that it highlights the resourceful and far-reaching vision characteristics of the Aquarian sign and nature.

Included among your many gifts in life can be those for very sudden impulses and insights and, since all this electrical powered energy can be of tough effect upon the nervous system you could look to try out the calming effect that the herb valerian can have.

The January 28 may also be fond of very cold water so why not consider keeping some sparkling mineral water in the fridge to drink now and then. If you sip your water from a multicolored or striped type of glass you will find both the tasting and visual effects somewhat pleasing to the artistic values of your personality.

An image for those of the January 28 birth date is that of a magnifying glass. On the one hand, the magnifying glass tends to distort objects at a long distance, but on the other it will clarify and enlarge them on close inspection.

As a January 28 you are one who will value the best in every facet of life, whether they are thoroughbred racehorses on the one side or commercial contractors on the other. You are one who will strive to be a perfect ten.

You should not pay undue attention to outer forms and impressions. While an old cliché affirms that “clothes don’t make the man.” You should go ahead and dress up. Put on that fabulous evening dress or suit and go out to enjoy a candlelight dinner and to sip the finest wines in an elegant restaurant.

In your home environment, the January 28 may well appreciate and derive enjoyment from the collection of old communication devices such as old radios, telephones or other such devices for communication.

Objects of art will also appeal to the artistic side of your character so you should enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful things such as paintings, sculptured statues, ornaments and figurines.

The colors of purple, blues, and sunset orange are colors that will tend to both soothe and inspire you. To help to strengthen yourself, try acquiring and owning some pieces of the minerals, celestite or azurite..

In your outdoors scenario, the January 28 has a natural affinity with the night sky and, in particular a real appreciation and interest in the wonders and activities of the stars and heavenly bodies.

Astrology, meteors and comets are likely to hold a particular appeal for you and you are very likely to hold a particular interest in reading about the historical background and development of all aspects of astrology.

Your special magic numbers are: 2 and 10

The twenty-eighth day of the first month reduces to two, and the number two represents receptivity and duplication.

Intrinsic in this day is the necessity to purify and clarify values. What is worth copying to perfection? Sometimes the figure in a wax museum can evoke the emotions about the character portrayed.

The twenty-eighth day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the sense of a perfected process to this path.