January 27 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer



Astrological Birthday Features

The January 27 Aquarius birth date identifies with an individual who is explorative by nature and one who is very keen to uncover the mysterious and hidden aspect of life.

You are very curious by nature and will tend to have a wide variety of friends with whom you can explore and investigate the numerous things that tend to attract your attention and interest Having said that however, you will find that in reality you will only become very close to only just a few of that wide range of friends.

As a January 27 Aquarius it is particularly essential for you to establish a very firm sense of your own individuality because you are one who can suffer some difficulty at the thought of being just another name and/or number that exists within the communal computer of society.

When considering a partner the January 27 will need to find one who is not only an independent person but also one who is considerably supportive of your desire to explore life on your terms.

That person has to be involved with his or her own path because, as soon as you begin to feel that you are becoming limited or restricted in any way by the emotional demands and needs of another, then you are most likely to call it day and to take-off to pursue your own ideas and avenues.

As a January 27 you should endeavor to cultivate compassion and sympathy for needs of other people, and even so when it is the case that you are not necessarily the person who is able to fulfill anotherís particular personal needs.

The January 27 does have a somewhat childlike and self-centered approach to life and this is a quality that can be looked upon as both charming and attractive. As result the January 27 is very likely to be an extremely passionate person but also, one who will not express their emotions in the public arena.

As a January 27 birth date you are gifted with both a great intuition and an excellent memory and while you may not outwardly choose to develop these particular abilities, you will find that over time they will guide you well throughout life.

People born on this day love the sense of serenity and this is a quality that you should indulge in to the maximum. The result of such indulgence can be that a wonderful atmosphere of peace and tranquility will tend to emanate throughout your home life and household in general.

An aquarium with blue-violet colored fish will enhance your serenity, as will the rhythmic sounds of a string quartet.

Learn to cultivate your skills for resourcefulness and create yourself in your own image. The path of this day requires an absolute understanding of how our choices and decisions in life craft our reality. Take care not to over excite and be sensible time wise in the usage of electronic equipment and devices as they can have an affect upon your energy field.

Consider acquiring some pieces of fluorite or clear quartz, as these are gemstones that can provide an influence that will help to stimulate you.

Precision type instruments can be of particular interest to the January 27 and these might take the form of items such as compass, antique clock, barometer or other such precision mechanical items.  It is very likely that that you will favor using some such items as decorate feature pieces within your home.

The reality is that any thing that is unusual or unique can be of great fascination to those of the January 27 birth date and, as example, you will generally favor an item such as a crafted rattan mat for your home in preference to some form of more conventional type of mat or rug.

On the outdoors scenario, a garden featuring interesting design in the form of shapes will be of more interest to your nature and that interest in design and shapes should be carried throughout in flowerbed lay outs and garden furniture and pieces such as planter boxes of unique shape and design.

Water should become a feature within your garden setting and this could take the form of a small pond or some other water feature piece. Ensure there is some form of water movement and add some interesting lighting because the hypnotic reflective effects that can arise at night can prove to be of particular pleasure to you eye

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 9.

The twenty-seventh day of the first month reduces to ten and the number ten is the number of dominion and perfection. The number ten also represents the closing of cycle prior to anew beginning.

The twenty-seventh day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the sense of satisfied completion to the closing of the cycles in your life.