January 26 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer



Astrological Birthday Features

Many of those born on this birth date of January 26th Aquarius can find themselves very strongly attracted to the creation and accumulation of personal wealth. Also, inherent in the person born this day is a powerful need and desire to establish a position within society.

What must be appreciated by the January 26 is that in order to achieve such goals they will need to involve and align themselves with friends and associates who are in themselves actively involved in the helping of each other to reach a particular goal.

As a January 26 you have an inherent drive that keeps on dreaming up and creating new and innovative ways to be enterprising. Your aim therefore is to learn and acquire the skills on how to transform the ideal into the reality. Once you have accomplished this ability then you can become an extremely successful individual indeed.

The January 26 Aquarius has a somewhat elusive and mysterious quality about them that, together with a particularly subtle mind, enables them to not only actually think but also to analyze their thoughts at the same time.

Another aspect of this day is that it infers a great deal of force and as result you are very likely to be attracted to images and objects that represent dynamism and action.

The January 26 can be a very highly sensitive type of person and one that can very readily feel the pain of otherís.

Sleep can be an important factor in your over-all well-being. Your most important and effective growth work can occur during your sleep and dream periods.

Music, and in particular classical music, can be a powerful attraction for you and something that provides real enjoyment. Any form of mechanical devices such as toys, working models or other types of machinery will be of particular appeal to your personality.

Dress wise, you might wish to offset your natural forceful energy traits through the utilization of quieter colors. When you do so however, you should emphasize them with a few carefully chosen accessories. Any such accessories can have an added impact where they incorporate either a wheel designs or bird like images.

On the home front you are one who likes to have a busy and active lifestyle and, unlike a lot of people, you are not one who needs much space in which to sit, relax and fully unwind.

The materials of amethyst, chrysocolla and malachite are gemstones that will help to balance your energies and the symbols of eight-pointed stars can help calm you and to draw you inward.

One of the best ways to relax and calm your mind is to sink back in a comfortable blue sofa and watch an item such as a mobile made of interesting shapes that will dangle and weave about in the breeze.

In your home dťcor feel free to make liberal use of color, oranges, all shades of red, crimson, and any bright tones of green are all suited too, and will tend, to highlight your vivacious personality.

You might like to decorate your walls with prints from various popular artists in order to create an atmosphere of vigor and movement to your living space. Alternatively, you might like to decorate with charcoal and line drawings

You will need a lot of shelves to display your collection of numerous gadgets, trinkets and collectibles. Consider acquiring some items made from brass or lead as these metal can help to add some stability and grounding to your life.

On the outdoors scene, the January 26 derives pleasure from a hilly terrain with plenty of space to wander. In your garden you might like to consider utilizing a minimalist approach. As example, a Japanese garden concept, that incorporates a base of white gravel and various types of individualistic plants.

Add some attractive outdoor lighting in order that your creations are well displayed. Some recessed garden lights, Japanese lanterns or something you that you have designed and created yourself will not only highlight your outdoor living area but will also be of great and satisfying appeal to you.

Your special magic numbers are: 9 and 8.

The twenty-sixth day of the first month reduces to nine and the number nine is the number that signifies that of completion and the close of a cycle.

This is a path of interpreting the drama of life for the sake of others. You can have a tendency to overreact to events and to create artificial high drama. Turn that quality to storytelling. Entertain others, you can he a great mimic as your ear detects subtleties of expression in others.

The twenty-sixth day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the sense of the continual rise and fall of the curtain on the stage of life.

The show is never really over. Sleep in a four-poster bed with down comforters and purple-and-lime-green print sheets. Donít be ashamed to sleep with stuffed animals and teddy bears. Listen to lullabies as you drift off to sleep.