January 24 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer



Astrological Birthday Features

The January 24 Aquarius birth date is indicative of a person who seeks in life to create and establish a peaceful and harmonious understanding between both themselves and others.

You face the distinctive challenge in life of how to be yourself while at the same time still maintain harmonious relationships with those close to you.

You have an inherent desire to be different from others, however you do not want to alienate yourself from the very people who matter and mean the most to you.

You are one who has had to work hard to fight and combat the pressure that you undergo in order to conform to the established rules, regulations and accepted practices of society.

The January 24 Aquarius has distinct inherent humanitarian urge within, and you have a strong awareness of social oppressions.

As result you are one who will work hard to maintain, not only your own personal liberty, but also the personal liberty of others.

You face the challenge in life to establish a clear sense of your own personal individual responsibility to life and once you establish this it will allow you not only the freedom that you need, but will also allow you to contribute in a practical way to the welfare of society.

Your January 24 birth date may be located near the constellation Corona Borealis. This is a position that in distant times past the ancients believed bestowed the benefit of a clever and penetrating mind.

Unusual concepts, ideas and therapies that can be of benefit to both yourself as well as others will captivate you, and as result you might develop an alternative healing methodology that combines body therapies with that of mental imaging.

The colors of yellow-orange and blue-violet are colors that will help to harmonize your energies and the materials of Topaz and Halite can be calming to your senses.

On the home front, your home should be completely modern and spare and, with your interest in unusual concepts and if your climate is conducive, you might well like to consider the installation of either solar panels or a wind power system as an alternative source of energy.

It would be advisable to establish an area in your home that is definitely your own personal space, and you should consider doing so even if you are involved in a serious relationship.

You can establish this particular area or space by positioning an antique chair, or even a rocking chair might be more appealing perhaps. Some wind chimes can be objects of beauty and they can also form a particular inspiration for you.

One investment you could make to help enhance good family relationships is to place some large earthenware pots on the outside your home. These pots should preferably be filled with water rather than earth. If you do desire to have plants in the pots then choose water lilies’ or some other similar water based plant.

When you surround your home with water you are effectively establishing a dampening influence to the volatile element within your personality.

On the outdoors front, the January 24 might well enjoy a garden of medicinal herbs as well as some aromatic flowers for use in massage oils and aromatherapy. Foxglove, feverfew and lavender are scents and oils with which to experiment.

Your special magic numbers are: 7 and 6

The twenty-fourth day of the first month reduces to seven and the number seven represents victory and rest.

The term victory applies in the sense of successful accomplishment rather than to a win or lose situation. This path implies a satisfaction in accomplishment and the renewal of the spirit for on-going development. Rest is healing and ministers to the spirit.

The twenty-fourth day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds harmony of opposites and the reconciliation of polarities.

Discover the art of relaxation.  Try a lazy canoe trip along a slow flowing river. A weekend at a retreat or health spa or enjoy a relaxing massage with soft relaxing music playing in the background.